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I am not the PERSON i used to be

Bella is in the field when Laurent shows up. But before the pack showed up bella is raped and bitten by Laurent. Now Bella has to live with the knowlege of every thing that has happened.. But with the twist of living with werewolves.


4. MMMM yummy

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I looked at the food in Emily’s hand before bursting out in big gusts of laughter.

"You...have...to...be...kidding" in Emily’s hand was a can of Heinz tomato soup. "Well...at least...it is the ...right ...colour" I gasped out between laughs

"I’m not sharing"

"That’s a tiny can, I though you ate more than a house" I asked confused

"That’s just starters" Paul stated proudly

"Where is the rest" I asked looking around "It’s not the house is it" I joked causing him to huff. I looked over to Emily as she pulled a Styrofoam box out of another plastic bag.

"Mmmm" I groaned as my mouth began to water "Smells better then the soup"

"IM NOT SHARING" Paul growled again but more loudly this time.

Inside the box contained a huge cooked steak. "That thing must weigh over a kg” I looked over to Paul, who was looking quite pleased with himself again.

I really looked at the steak before turning to Emily "Why is it already cooked"

A small smile played on her lips "Paul here, doesn’t like the way I cook steak so he gets his mother too cook it for him and I pick it up"

I couldn’t hold back a grin nor could I hold back the chuckle that escaped :you have your mother cook for you and have Emily pick it up" I asked pronousing their names.

"Yes" he didn’t look fazed at all, I was going to presume that the rest of the pack has teased him about it before.

"Well if you are not going to share your delicious smelling piece of food, what am I going to eat"

"Well if you hadn’t thrown the lamb through the wall I would have cooked you that" Emily laughed

I played innocent "Oops" I paused "do you think it’s still edible if I go get it"

Everyone turned to look at the hole in the wall, but it was Jarred who spoke up "If it survived I think it would be minced by now"

Even looking at the wall, it was still scary to know that I had caused that damage.

"Paul" Sam smiled "Go and see if the meat survived"

"But...Oh fine" Paul stalked out the house without another complaint

"Hey.. I’m fine as long as you don’t eat me" Emily Laughed "There is no way in hell I am coming any where near you with my teeth" I laughed back. If I hadn’t been watching Emily closely I would have missed the amused gleam in her eyes.

"Wait" Jacob spoke up "I don’t understand anything of this, you should be all over Emily and shying away from the rest of us"

"I’m unique" I paused for as moment " I was weird in life why not in death"

"To be honest you don’t look any different then you did when you were human Bella"

"Gee, thanks Jacob" I said seriously "way to make a vampire feel better about her"

"What I mean is that you don’t have any of the characteristics of a vampire, you don’t deem to drift towards blood or raw meat"

"Maybe my power is to look normal" i announced "We should see if i sparkle in the sun light"

"Wait, What... Oh never mind" Jacob mumbled "But what if its more than that, what if you are just immortal, nothing about you screams vampire"

"But when I smelt the food before me fangs came through and my hearing, smell and sight became better"

"Well what ever you are you still seem to be Bella"

"Thanks Jake" I wanted to hug him but I was stressing already with all these males in the room, let alone having to hug one of them.

I saw Paul standing in the back of the room, I hadn’t noticed him enter the room, and I looked over my shoulder, to see Emily already starting dinner.

"So what happens now" I asked Sam

"I think we should discuss how to speak to your dad and what you are going to do"

"Is that all" I asked sarcastically, god this was going to be a long night.