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Bella has been a vampire for eleven years. Eleven years in which the Volturi has not visited. The Cullen family are just beginning to relax when Alice gets a vision of Edward's death, at the hands of the Volturi. They rush to the scene, in a desperate attempt to save Edward and Bella...

Please don't kill me, Edward fans!!! (T_T) I'm sooo sorry for starting like this, but it had to be done. Really. Just ask Jasper.

2. II ~ Explanation, of a Sort

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I burst through the door of our airy home in Pittsburgh.

We had chosen it because of its large amount of cloudy days – 203 out of 365, which was good, though not as good as Forks. However, we couldn’t go back to Forks for at least 100 years, until everyone who once knew us was dead.

Right now however, the ratio of overcast to sunny days in our new hometown was irrelevant – what mattered more was how far away we were from my brother and sister – in – law, my family.

Jasper appeared in front of me, taking my hand in his and leading me to the spacious living room, where the rest of my family waited patiently for my return.

As we entered, Esme leapt to her feet, and swept me into a hug. I clung to her, the closest thing to a mother I had ever known.

“What’s wrong dear?” She murmured softly in my ear, stroking my hair, as if I were a small child, and not a powerful vampire over one hundred years old. Or thereabouts.

“Sorry guys” I hiccupped, embarrassed at my reaction to my vision. I’d seen Edward’s death before, many times, yet it had never come with such intense emotions before. A stray thought, an idea, flickered through my head, tugging at my consciousness, willing me to acknowledge it.

I ignored it with as much willpower as I could muster. I had no time to theorise – I had to save Bella!

“I had a vision of Edward – being killed – by the Volturi.” Esme gasped, and her hand flew to her throat. Carlisle tensed, and wrapped his arms around Esme. Rosalie whimpered and Jasper and Emmet glanced at her, clenching their hands into fists.

“What do we need to do?” Asked Carlisle firmly, taking charge of the situation.

“We need to run to Canada and save Bella.” I said, resolute. I knew what we had to do.

“Save Bella? But I thought you said it was Edward’s death you saw?” Emmet was confused.

“It’s – it’s too late for Edward Emmet.” I whispered, clutching Jasper’s hand even tighter. There was silence as my family absorbed this information.

Then, Esme wailed again, and Carlisle pulled her tight against his chest. Rosalie clung to Emmet, as I did to Jasper, her eyes wide with fear and pain.

Jasper tried vainly to remove their pain, but to no avail. We had come close to losing Edward before of course, such as when he went to the Volturi all those years ago, because he thought Bella was dead, but we’d always managed to save him, to stop the events I saw in my vision.

This time, there was no way I could help him. Edward, my brother, my friend, my confidante, was dead.

Gone forever.

Lost to us.


The enormity of our situation finally sunk in, and Rosalie and I began to sob again.

I collapsed to the ground, before my body froze, and I was dragged forcibly into a vision I was sure I didn’t want to see…