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Bella has been a vampire for eleven years. Eleven years in which the Volturi has not visited. The Cullen family are just beginning to relax when Alice gets a vision of Edward's death, at the hands of the Volturi. They rush to the scene, in a desperate attempt to save Edward and Bella...

Please don't kill me, Edward fans!!! (T_T) I'm sooo sorry for starting like this, but it had to be done. Really. Just ask Jasper.

3. III ~ Closure?

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I was back in the forest, the clearing where I had just watched my brother murdered. Now, I was about to experience that all over again, but with my best friend, my sister.


In my vision, I was standing on the opposite side of the clearing. I saw Bella’s terrified form hazily through the acrid smoke from the large bonfire in the centre of the clearing.

I was puzzled for a moment, until realisation hit.

That bonfire was all that remained of my brother.

It was then that the idea I had suppressed earlier burst forth, and I understood my intense emotions in the previous vision – I was watching through Bella’s eyes, and watching your husband, your soul-mate, the love of your… existence, torn to pieces before your very eyes was bound to generate some powerful feelings.

But now, I was watching through my own eyes, and there was nothing I could do. Once again, I knew that this vision was impossible to prevent – I don’t know how, but of that, at least, I was certain.

I wrapped my arms tight around me, squeezed my eyes tight shut, and tried to block out my sister’s last earthly sound – the scream of one who knows she is going to die.

“Goodbye Alice” I heard them whisper, like a lone autumn leaf in a chilling breeze.

“Bella! Edward!” I screamed, forcing my eyes open.

All I saw was Aro and the rest of the Volturi, throwing white chunks onto the ferocious blaze.

White chunks – something I didn’t even want to think about. Aro shook his head sorrowfully, cradling something – no make that two somethings – in his arms, as gently as if they were newborn babies.

Though, I doubt Aro would be gentle with babies; he’d probably just drink them.

He turned, walking slowly towards the fire which still raged ferociously. Over the crackle of the make-shift (I winced) funeral pyre, I caught the tail end of his speech:

“…Such a waste…”

And as he reached the fire, I saw what he held, and I screamed once more.


The decapitated heads of Edward and Bella, seemingly peaceful, in death. And as he tossed those gruesome reminders of his hateful deeds into the inferno, I swear I heard one last, soft murmur; two musical voices, united, one, at peace, and trying to give me some semblance of that serenity which they now enjoyed.

“Be happy, Alice” A mournful wail cut through the suddenly silent forest, and a moment later, I realised it was me. I sniffed, and called one last question to the lingering presence of my adopted siblings.

“But how, without you?”

“Help them. Help Esme, and Carlisle, Rosalie and Emmet, and most of all Jasper, for he will bear the pain for everyone else.”

There was one last whisper of wind, and a cool hand caressed my cheek, and then all was still. I wiped my tearless eyes, and scrambled to my feet, and whispered one last word to the empty glade, before returning to reality, to my life, and my family, miles away from the final resting place of my favourite brother and sister.

And it was then I vowed to return here, not in a vision, but in reality, in person, to gather their remains, and pay my last respects, to give my family a sense of closure.

I smiled, through my pain.

A real smile, which lit up the forest around me in a brilliant beacon of hope; a promise, for the future. And I knew, this time, that when I felt the tears in my eyes spill over onto my bloodless cheeks, that I wasn’t hallucinating.

I had been given a gift – the gift of tears, so I could mourn my lost siblings, friends, in the way that they deserved. The echo of my near silent whisper hung in the air, a promise, a farewell.