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Bella has been a vampire for eleven years. Eleven years in which the Volturi has not visited. The Cullen family are just beginning to relax when Alice gets a vision of Edward's death, at the hands of the Volturi. They rush to the scene, in a desperate attempt to save Edward and Bella...

Please don't kill me, Edward fans!!! (T_T) I'm sooo sorry for starting like this, but it had to be done. Really. Just ask Jasper.

4. IV ~ The Final Chapter...?

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“Alice?” asked Carlisle quietly.

“Yeah, I'm okay” I hiccupped, taking the proffered hand and pulling myself up, slowly. Esme looked at me, her eyes dark with pain, and gasped.

“Alice – your cheeks…”

“Tears…” Whispered Jasper, cupping my face in his hands. I locked eyes with Rosalie across the room, and saw that hers too, glistened with the impossible moisture.

“A gift…” sighed Esme, as the tears cut a shining track down her face. Emmet gaped at Jasper whilst reaching up to wipe his own wet face.

Jasper was smiling, even as he was battered with the emotions of everyone present. They all knew, without me telling them, what I had seen. However, I still had a vow to fulfil.

“Grab your coats people. We’re going to Canada.” Emmet looked up at me, hope evident in his eyes. I shook my head sadly, even as I considered the irony – the seer who couldn’t save her family.

I felt disgusted with myself, I just wanted to break down and cry, but I had to be strong. It’s what they wanted; and I would honour their wishes.

Two hours later and we were well on our way to Canada. Jasper, Rosalie and I were in my Porsche; Esme, Emmet and Carlisle were following in his Mercedes.

We had changed our cars in the past eleven years, of course, but we were driving our old cars for the sake of nostalgia.

I was driving, as I knew the way to Edward and Bella’s new home. It had only been a week since I had last been up there; Bella and I had gone shopping, Edward had been planning on surprising Bella by buying her a new car.

I was still finding it difficult, knowing that they were dead, but I… accepted it, for the sake of my family, and my sanity.

I’d already been in the asylum once, even if I didn’t remember it. No need to repeat the experience.

At a speed far above then limit, I spun the car around a corner, and screeched to a halt outside a spacious mansion; Edward and Bella’s home. I stepped out of the car, waiting for my family to join me before sprinting off into the trees behind the house.

I knew exactly where to go, my feet guiding me automatically through the dark forest until I reached the clearing where we’d had a ‘picnic’ last time I was here.

In the middle of the clearing, there was a heap of ashes, smouldering embers – the remnants of Aro’s bonfire.

I heard Esme’s sharp intake of breath, announcing my family’s arrival. I walked forward, paying them no heed, as I saw something glinting among the ashes.

My arm reached down of it’s own accord, brushing the dust away. I choked back more painful sobs as I realised what I was looking at.

Rings, identical rings.

White gold, one studded with delicate topaz and diamonds, the other, a plain band.

Their rings.

Edward and Bella’s beautiful wedding rings which he had spent hours choosing. She loved them, because of what they represented, and he loved them, because she did.

And they would never leave them behind.

Rosalie and Esme sobbed again, as Jasper comforted them, and Emmet looked on, bewildered, unsure as to whether there was anything he could do. I put the rings in my pocket, and turned, heading back towards my car.

There was nothing more to do here.


Behind a tree in the clearing, a lone shadow watched the weeping vampires, as they trailed after the small, dark-haired girl who had found the rings.

They seemed so lost, so confused, as if all the light had just disappeared from their world.

But they would recover.

It would be a long, long time before they were truly healed, but they had each other, and that was what mattered.

Pulling the hood of her dark cloak even further down over her face, she steeped back, blending into the shadows. Back in the clearing, a tall, thin blonde turned, swiftly scanning the tree line. Jasper was sure he had just felt a pang of remorse echo through from the silent woods.

He shook his head, and turned, leaving that terrible place forever.