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Pain of the Tempest

collection of reflections of pain in new moon. (nope im not emo... im way to perky for that X)


2. Darkness

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Darkness crawls cross the snow-white ground

Ragged gasps make no sound

Silver angels are kept at bay

Blazing stars are banished away.

Silver tears beset by thrashing streams,

Tossing their frothing white manes at the edges seams

Bleak gray clouds cloak the blue,

Like impending seraphs who judge the true.

Ethereal silver-gray eye glower-

Like razor glass smattered and showered.

Twisted hearts hiss masked lies-

With bitter mouths and forked tongues

From ragged gasps forced from lungs.

Luminous radiant dazzling bright

Conquered by shadows, the bleakness of night