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Tales of a Broken Soul

Leah is plagued by her memories. Leaving La Push behind, she strives for a new life in New York. But when she returns for her brother’s graduation, her life gets irreversibly turned upside down.



5. Fight

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Mike and I stood there for a few minutes, both of us sizing each other up. I racked my brains for a way to get away from him while my hands fumbled with the fabric of my skirt nervously. I was more high-strung than usual, especially because of my actions the day before. I wasn’t sure how long I could take talking to Mike without cracking under pressure.

“So, Leah,” Mike started. I looked at him, wondering if the anxiety was practically radiating from me. “I guess we’re going to be around each other a lot in the next few hours.” He seemed very pleased at that prospect.

“Not if I can help it,” I muttered before turning around and walking away from him. Mike is a hard person to discourage, though. I heard him tagging along behind me soon enough. I groaned and walked faster. There was a crowd of people ahead of me…maybe I could throw Mike off my trail in there.

“Hey,” he protested. He grabbed my elbow to slow me down and by instinct I turned to slap him. Somehow, he caught my hand before it could make contact with his face. Flushed, I yanked my hand away from him and glared at him unmercifully.

“Don’t you dare touch me ever again, Mike Newton,” I hissed at him. He stumbled for words, his face a little red. Even if his fast reflexes awed me, his actions made my blood boil. “I don’t know why I even talk to you,” I muttered. “It’s not as though I actually like you. I don’t know how anyone could.” I was shocked at what I said, but I couldn’t stop myself. My face was burning with anger and it was to hard to control my emotions. “You’re too stupid to know what it even means to love. Stupid and-”

“That’s not fair, Leah,” Mike interrupted. I looked him in the eye, daring him to continue. He probably wasn’t used to intense confrontations and it took him a few moments to respond. “You don’t even know me and you’re judging me.”

I rolled my eyes and stalked closer to him. “I know you well enough to realize that I want nothing to do with you. Someone as dimwitted as you should stick to their own kind,” I attacked. I was quickly loosing control of my actions; the wolf that I had let out accidentally was making it’s appearance. So much so that I wasn’t even sure what I was saying any longer. Whatever it was, a spark of fury went off in Mike’s eye.

“I’m not sure why you think I’m dimwitted, but you know I can say the same thing about you,” he muttered. I sneered at him, my hands balling into fists. He glared right back at me. That action sent my nerves and anger into over drive.

“Well, why don’t you then?” I mocked. “Oh yes, you’re too much of an weak idiot to do so!” My voice was reaching the edge of hysteria. We were face to face at that point and it was close to becoming dangerous since my control was slipping very rapidly. Mike seemed equally as enraged, but at least he couldn’t accidentally kill someone because of it.

“I’m doing it right now!” he yelled-his patience finally snapping. People started to stare at us, so I grabbed Mike’s arm and pulled him into a more secluded place. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to turn into a wolf and rip him to shreds. Even though I was the one that aggravated and pushed him into fury, I was too far gone to see any logic. All my senses were screaming at me to let the wolf out once again.

“Oh really? Because I don’t hear anything worthwhile coming out of that filthy mouth of yours!” I screamed. Hysterics were taking over and I could almost feel the wildness in my eyes. Mike surely saw it because he started to back away with his hands held up in a defensive position.

“Leah-” Mike gulped. I shook my rigid head, attempting to hold my shape together. Despite how much control I lost, some sanity was still left in me. If I transformed, I could undoubtedly attack Mike and that would kill him. Even if I did hate him, I didn’t want to murder him. And I was getting very close to exploding.

“Go, get away,” I gasped. I grabbed my hair, the pain of it bringing some of me back to reality. Mike’s eyes were wide and the instinctive alarm bells were probably going off in his head. I didn’t have the time to wonder why he wasn’t running away with fright.

“W-what’s wr-” he tried to ask. I cut him off quickly. I had to get him away from me. Not only for my sake, but also for his.

“Go!” I screamed again. He hesitated for a moment before finally taking my advice. He didn’t glance back as he ran away from me. I didn’t know why that hurt so much, but I was thankful for the emotional pain. It distracted the rage a little, just enough for me to calm down a little more.

When the pounding of my heart finally ceased into the rhythmic thumps that was normal, when the tremors stopped traveling down my spine and when anxiety started to take the place of fury sense started to return to me. I shakily striated myself back up and ran my trembling hands through my hair. I refused to admit to myself what I almost did. I couldn’t believe that I could come so close to killing someone.

“Leah!” someone called. I looked up and saw Seth running towards me, the traditional black gown getting in his way. He cautiously stopped in front of me. “Mike came running towards me---He said something about trembling and you and wildness-Are you okay?” he stuttered. I tried to smile, but it probably looked more like a grimace. “What happened?”

I didn’t know if I wanted to tell him. My mom already knew, but she would keep a secret. Seth would want to know, though. And it wouldn’t be too long before he figured everything out.

“You can’t tell anyone else,” I warned. “Seth…I imprinted on Mike.”


My heart stopped beating and all the color drained from me face. My muscles and nerves turned into ice. Because it wasn’t Seth that just talked. A twig snapped while Mike stepped out from behind Seth. His pale face looked utterly confused, and all the anger was gone from his eyes…

“Oh…” Seth muttered.

“Crap,” I gasped.

This was going to take some explaining.