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Tales of a Broken Soul

Leah is plagued by her memories. Leaving La Push behind, she strives for a new life in New York. But when she returns for her brother’s graduation, her life gets irreversibly turned upside down.



7. Belief

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“You’re a werewolf.”


“And you expect me to believe that?”


I sat on the damp grass in the back of the school. It conveniently started to drizzle again just missing the ceremony. I looked down at my hands and studied the lines and shapes.

“Do you have any other…explanations?” Mike wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, all willingness to fight sucked out of me. There was too much on my mind to waste energy with heated words. Anyway, Leah Clearwater doesn’t get into an insane fury. So that was that.

“Are there any other explanations?” I responded. Mike opened his mouth to speak, but hesitated. I smiled back in triumph. My hands twirled around a blade of grass while Mike fumbled for something else to say.

“But-but it makes no sense,” he stressed. He motioned towards me. “You don’t look like a hairy werewolf. And you were exploding back before the graduation started. Don’t werewolves just…morph?”

It was hard not to roll my eyes, so I didn’t stop myself. Mike saw my gesture and sighed in exasperation.

“You shouldn’t believe everything you’re told,” I muttered. I glanced back at up him through my messy hair. He stared right back at me, something indefinable hiding in his eyes. I narrowed my eyes, puzzled.

To my surprise, Mike didn’t look afraid---unlike Mom and Seth after the ceremony. They ran towards the car…purposefully without me. My anger was deadly, both mom and Seth knew it. I couldn’t figure out how to make Mike understand that.

He stood there, studying me, until I almost snapped right then and there.

Calm Leah. This isn’t…too bad. I actually was surprisingly calm already, but that never stopped my hands from trembling. When I accidentally tore a blade of grass I dropped it and picked up another. I just had to keep my hands busy.

“And we don’t morph,” I said. “We just explode into giant wolves,” I mumbled. Mike snorted. I glared up at him, and he held his hands up in defense.

“Sorry,” he said quickly. “It’s a little hard to trust a story like that, even if it is coming from you,” he stated. One of my eyebrows shot up at that remark.

“I’m not a very trustworthy person,” I reminded him. He waved his hand, dismissing the matter. I twisted my short hair around my finger when the grass in the immediate area around me was suddenly gone. I looked at the pile of shredded blades of grass to my right. Whoops.

Mike swallowed deeply at the sight of me twisting my hair. I looked at him, curious.

“What’s with men and hair twisting?” I wondered out loud.

“What’s with women and being mean?” he shot back. We stared at each other for a few moments before I burst out laughing. I wasn’t sure why I did it, or where exactly it came from but I didn’t feel like holding it in. Some feelings like love sometimes never change, they never really go away. No matter how much you suppress them…they’re there to stay.

Even though the reminder of my love for Sam brought a lash of pain upon me, I brushed it off with a small smile. Life was too short for that; I already missed Seth growing up into a young man. I was done letting my life fly by.

Slowly, Mike started to chuckle along with me. He took a hesitant step towards me, but I shot him an instinctive glare the moment he made the gesture. I winced when I realized what I had done. Leah Clearwater wouldn’t have done that. But…I thought. It wasn’t as if I had actually seen her in the past five years.

“So, do you have any other…werewolf brethren? Or are you the only one?” he slowly asked. My mind went blank with the shock. And I think my heart might have stopped beating, too. My hands clutched the dirt---well, mud at that point---around me.

“You aren’t serious,” I chocked out. It was one thing to have Mike doubting my word, but if he actually started to believe me…and what if he wasn’t afraid? What the hell would I do then?

Mike just smiled back at me and took a step forward. I was going to glare at him, but I stopped myself. What was the point in trying to discourage him? That was freaking impossible. But then what could I do to get him to stop obsessing over me? My breath got caught in my throat at that thought. All along I was trying to get him to leave me alone, but never before had I really imagined life without him. He was the center of my stupid universe, despite how much I wished that it wasn’t so. I definitely didn’t love him, but there was suddenly a dull ache in my chest when I thought about leaving him. I cursed myself for thinking of backing out at the last minute.

“I don’t think I’m serious,” he responded. My shoulders relaxed, but my back tensed up. My mind boggled for answers. Was I struck unwillingly lusting after Mike for an eternity then? No…I didn’t want that. I wanted to be free, damn it.

“Then what are you?” I whispered back. Stupid tears started to line my eyes, but I brushed them away before Mike could see them. I hated myself more than ever in that moment for getting so emotional around him. I clenched my fists and stared at the ground.

“I’m just…observing, I suppose,” he said. “Trying to figure out if I should be taking this seriously or not. I really want to believe you, but…this is just so…weird.” I nodded my head in agreement. This whole situation was really, really weird. And painful. There are usually very many strange emotions involved when you are in love with a man that broke you’re heart, involuntarily wanting a man that kind of annoys you, and fighting the urge to explode into a gigantic dog. I sighed and covered my face with my hands.

This was so complicated. I didn’t know what I wanted or what I was supposed to do. I-well, Seth-told Mike my secret. My own family purposefully drove away without me so Mike and I could talk. I was in love with Sam…still. My heart was aching for some reason unknown to me. And Mike didn’t even believe me.

But I did know that Mike wasn’t going to give up. He would keep on questioning and questioning and questioning and wanting and wanting and wanting me until he found everything out. I wouldn’t get any peace until then. So at the moment, there was really only one course of action that I could think of taking.

I took a very deep breath before attempting to speak. “Mike…” I started out nervously. Mike’s clear blue eyes locked with mine almost immediately. My heart skipped a beat and almost choked on my tongue, but managed to sputter out a few more words. “I’ll make you believe me.”

Mike’s mouth dropped open a moment, but he shut it almost immediately. I saw that his hands were clenched at his side. I shakily stood up and prepared myself for what I was going to do.

I started to walk towards the forest and Mike shouted out in opposition.

“Don’t worry,” I yelled back. “I’m not going anywhere.”

When I was behind a bush and out of sight, I started to strip off my clothes. A blush crawled up my cheeks when I thought of Mike only feet away. Sure he couldn’t see me, but that didn’t stop myself from feeling like my body was on display.

I closed my eyes and clenched my fists. I felt the familiar tremor go down my spine and I ground my teeth together. The next moment, I was too tall and too big and covered in fur. I drove the little thing called common sense out of my brain and took in a few deep breaths to prepare for what I was about to do. I quickly whipped around and bounded out of the bushes and into the clearing. My stomach was full of butterflies. Mike wouldn’t be able to doubt me any longer.

And I was right. Mike stood in the center of the field, as white as death. Obviously he didn’t expect this. He stumbled backwards and I instinctively lunged forward to catch him. I stopped myself, though, when he reeled backwards at my sudden movement. He scrambled to his feet and stared at me dumbly. He even rubbed his eyes in disbelief. I smiled at him and let my tongue hang out in a goofy grin.

I wasn’t sure why I wanted to comfort him, but I didn’t like the frightened look on him one bit. He thankfully kind of smiled back, but his face was still bone white and he was shaking like he was dropped in ice cold water.

“I guess that I believe you now,” he choked. I nodded my head wearily. He was still shaking and he didn’t look too well. “But this is just so…” he started, but trailed off. He shook his head a few times.

I turned around quickly and ran back into the bushes. It was time for a conversation and I couldn’t really do that in wolf form.

When I was fully dressed I stepped out of the bushes and faced Mike with a grimace on my face. My heart was pounding in my chest and my legs were trembling. For once I wasn’t sure how he felt about me. I wasn’t sure if I had scared him away. And I wasn’t sure if I liked that idea or not.

We stood across from each other, unsure of what to say.