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Holding Broken Glass

It's been years since Bella and Edward were married, and Bella has been a vampire for decades. They return to Forks after about 55 years. They've been there peacefully for a few months. The wolves - if there even are any left - don't seem to know of their return. But when a choice is presented to the Cullens, what will their decision be? A more important question; How will it affect them? What trouble could it bring? Rated Teen for safety only, as my language may get coarse. Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns. I don't. =(


4. have the most

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If I had the ability to go any paler, I would have. “Seth?” I asked her, “But that would mean you mother is…”

“Leah Clearwater." Edward finished.

Kalli blinked in surprise. “How-?”

Her phone rang again, and she glanced at the screen and frowned. “Now it’s my aunt calling.” She said, her impatience momentarily dissipating, “Should I answer?"

“See if whoever is calling leaves a message,” Edward said.

Sure enough, about a minute the phone stop ringing, it trilled, saying Kalli had a new message. She put it on speaker for us to listen.

“Kalli, if you’re listening to this now, then you’re probably with the Cullens.” Kalli started to speak, but we shushed her. “If that’s so, call me back. There are some things that need arranging.” Edward frowned, but said nothing. “Such as when this war is going to start.” Edward sighed, and Kalli scowled. “The Cullens broke a treaty, Kalli; they’ll tell you all about it.”

The message ended, and Kalli looked at each of us, hands on her hips, and eyebrows raised. “Well?” She asked.

I cringed slightly, then turned to Edward, who was rubbing his temples. “Kalli,” he said, “what you have to realize is that we did break a treaty, and your uncle does have a right to start a war-

““Could someone please explain to me the whole story, please?” Kalli asked, cutting him off.

Edward began again. “Your uncle –”

“How do you know him, and my mother for that matter, anyways?” Kalli asked, cutting him off for the second time.

Edward frowned. “I’ll answer that. Just be patient and let me tell you the whole story.” He said, before starting over. “Now, your uncle was a werewolf 50 or so years ago, possibly longer, but that’s all we know for sure. Your mother was one as well. Fifty years before that, we came here. The werewolves of the time wanted us to leave, but Carlisle convinced them we were different. And so, a treaty was formed between the two of us. A boundary line was made, and we were not allowed to bite a human.”

“But what if the human would prefer being changed to dying?” Kalli asked.

Edward shrugged. “That’s what the treaty says. And they do now have complete rights to start a war,” he said.

“So, because you saved my life, my family is going to try to start a war with you all?” Edward nodded. Kalli sighed. “Do you mind if…?”

“No. Just be careful.” Edward said.

“Thanks.” And with that, she left.

“What-?” My question was cut off by Edward’s explanation.

“She just needs space, and she doesn’t exactly get the best privacy here.” Edward said.

The door opened, and Jasper walked through, looking slightly pained. “What was Kalli so upset about?”

We explained to him everything that had taken place.

“So what should we do?” I asked, still wondering how we were going to get though this muddled mess.

“I wanted to ask Carlisle that, actually, because I’m not entirely sure myself.” Edward said.

“Ask Carlisle what?” Rosalie asked, walking in, Esme right behind her.

We explained again. At the end, Esme looked worried and upset, while Rosalie looked annoyed. “I knew that girl would bring nothing but trouble.” Esme threw her an astonished look. “Oh, Esme, don’t you remember the treaty made? Not only the one with the dogs, but the one with the Volturi?”

“Of course I do,” Esme said, “But it was the right thing to do.”

Rosalie only shrugged, as if she had lost interest in the whole matter. “So where did she go, anyway?” She asked.

“Hopefully somewhere away from town.” Edward replied.

“We are away from town.” I said, half-smiling.

His return smile was sad.

{Kalli’s Point of View}

Running as a vampire was nothing short of amazing. The trees whizzed past as I made my way to where my feet guided me. Home.

It hadn’t changed at all, even though I had changed forever. I remember Edward telling me about the boundary line, and the scent of humans, but I knew that this house was actually on the vampire side of the area. As for the scent of humans, I smelled it, I craved it, needed it, but something was holding me back. I couldn’t put my finger on it, though. Shrugging the feeling off, I climbed the tree and slipped into my bedroom.

Like the exterior, my room looked unchanged. My jacket still lay across the end of the bed, and my floor was as dusty as ever. I almost smiled. I sighed instead, glancing about the room for the things I wanted. The craving for blood was, surprisingly, gone. In fact, it reeked of something horrible smelling.

I knew I had always been something of a lazy slob, but my room had never smelled this bad. I shrugged it off, and pulled out the old duffel that someone had left behind in the house when we moved in, and stuffed it with my flash drive, my notebook, three books, some select items of clothing, and my photo album. I smiled at my guitar, and placed it in its case and next to the bag.

There was another photo downstairs that I wanted, but I worried about being seen or heard. Sighing, I set the duffel down, and ripped a sheet of paper out of my notebook. I scribbled a note on it, then set the duffel down. I opened the door, and ran down the stairs at a vampire speed. I grabbed the photo off the mantelpiece, put the note down on the kitchen table and zoomed back up the stairs, grabbing the duffel and my guitar, and out the window.

As soon as I was outside, the stench disappeared. I leaned against the wall of the house, taking deep, steadying breaths and trying to control the emotions inside me. There were a lot of them, confusion, guilt, and sadness amongst them. I realized there was another place I needed to go.

It was only a block away, and I covered the distance at a normal pace, trying to absorb every detail of the area that had been my home for so long. I sighed when I realized I had reached the place that had been my second home, the only other place I felt truly welcome.

Josh’s house. I sighed before scaling the wall and hopping into his room. Like mine, it looked as if we had just left for the restaurant three days ago. I swallowed painfully, trying to rid my head of the memory that pained me so. I wondered if Edward had heard it yet.

There were only one or two things I wanted. Stretching out as tall as I could, I grabbed a box of the top of his wardrobe, which almost touched the ceiling. I braced myself before opening his box. I lifted the wooden lid, and was surrpsied to feel it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. I sifted though it, pulling only the things I didn’t want out. By the time I was nearly finished, my pile was made up of notes we had exchanged in class, photos of numerous occasions, and a few other things, such as a story I had written especially for him. At the bottom was a piece of paper. Frowning as I pulled it out, I realized I had never seen this before.

I knew what it was the second I unfolded it. His will. I bit my lip, scanning past everything he had left to his parent and other family and straight to the part adressing Kalli Clearwater. He had left me his notebook, his guitar, the whole memory box, and finally, his heart.

I was torn between hysterical laughter and hysterical tears. He knew as well as I did that the literals that served our court system would have his heart removed and gives it to me. It was the metaphorical state of the statement that had me so choked up.

I ripped that section out of the will and put it with the other items. I placed them gently in the bag, and then made to find his notebook, which was located under his mattress. Full of the songs I had thought would make him so unbelievably famous one day. I sighed and slipped in the bag as well. Then, I turned to the corner of his room, where his guitar was. I resisted the urge to tune it like I wanted to, and put it in the soft leather case I had given him two years ago.

With a guitar case in each hand and my duffel slung across my back, I leaped from the window to the ground. I gave the house one last fleeting look, and then started running back to the Cullen home.

Away from my past and to my future. I smiled as I could almost hear Josh laughing at my melodramatics.