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Last Chance

banner by me banner by me Edward hasn't returned after a year and Jacob's love towards Bella grows within everyday. This will be his chance, his last chance to win Bella's heart. Will he recieve it? Or will Bella stay waiting for Edward? **one-shot**

stephenie myer owns all

1. Chapter 1

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I ran my way up the driveway, water splashing under my feet. I screamed when the icy rain water got on my pants.

Jake laughed behind me enjoying the rain, taking it all in. He spread his hands wide apart and lifted his chin up high in the air. The sight made me smile.

"Jacob!" I called from underneath the dryness of the porch, "come in here, now!" I begged him. "You'll get sick!" I pouted. I knew my full lip was sticking out.

Jacob smiled, "okay, Bella, honey." He said with a sigh, "you always get me with that pout you know." He said while coming up the steps to the porch I was now drying under.

"I know." I said and shook my wet hair on him.

Jacob laughed, "nice one Bella, but who's the dog here?" He said shaking his hair professionally, "me." He said with a smile.

"Wolf." I corrected, "you're a werewolf not a weredog." I said.

He raised his eyebrow, "well yeah, but the dog is a cousin of the wolf, you know." He said brushing water away from his face.

I rolled my eyes and opened the front door, "Charlie?" I called my dad, "I'm home. Jake's here. I'm going to help him study." I said, Jacob needed help in his Trigonometry, and me being the good friend that I was happily offered to help.

"Hey Bells." Charlie said walking into the living room, he had a plate of left-over lasagna in his hands. "Hey Jake. You hungry?" Charlie asked Jake and me.

"No." We both answered at the same time. We laughed, Charlie watched us smiling. I knew he liked me and Jake being together. More than seeing me and...him together.

"No thanks Charlie. I'm stuffed, Bella and I got some pizza right now." Jacob said patting his stomach.

I giggled, "yeah, dad. You eat we'll be upstairs if you need us."

"Sure thing," Charlie said with another smile. "I'll be gone in an hour, though. Got called up to the station, one of our officers got sick and they want me to fill in."

"Okay." I said, "I'll make you dinner for when you return."

"Naw. It's okay Bella, I'll go grab something with one of the guys." Charlie said taking a sip of his juice. "You two go study I'm sure Jake needs help on something."

"Yeah." Jake sighed, "math." He said with a grimace.

I giggled. "Okay dad, see you later."

With that I made my way up the steps to my room, Jake following behind.

"Okay Jake." I said taking out his math book from his backpack. "Come on." I said patting my bed and sprawling out all his notes over my bed. "Study time."

He groaned. "Why?" He asked like a five year old who just got rejected to getting his favorite candy. "I don't wanna."

I laughed. "Gosh Jake, just sit. You have to study."

He twisted his face in many forms, I giggled at everyone of them, "okay." He finally said and sat down on my bed.

I crossed my legs, his math book open in front of him and his notes in my hands. "Let's begin." I said.

He rolled his eyes in disgust as I set him the first problem.


"Come on, Jake." I begged, "focus. We've been over this problem many times." I said pointing at the math equation in front of him. We had been working on the same one since Charlie had left, which was twenty minutes ago.

"I don't get it!" He said frustrated.

"Ok, look here." I stepped out the problem in front of him. "So now what do I do?" I asked him.

His eyes widened, "I get it, here give me the pencil." I handed him the pencil and he began scribbling over his paper. "Here's the answer." He pointed at a part of the paper.

"That's right Jacob!" I said giving him a hug. "You got it!"

"Heh, yeah. Only because I have an amazing tutor." He said giving me a soft look.

I blushed, of course, and turned away rapidly my hair covering my face.

Jacob pushed away the hair from my face, "I love it when you do that, you know." He whispered so low I could barely hear him.

"Do what?" I asked him putting away all the notes and scratchpaper.

"Blush." He whispered a little louder. "You look beautiful as the red tinge fills your pale cheeks."

I looked away.

"Just like that." He said pointing at my, once again, flushed skin.

"It's annoying." I grumbled, "blushing is a curse. But you and Edw--" I stopped short, I couldn't say him name. I felt the pain creep up in me again.

"Bella." Jacob sighed, "don't let him cause you this pain anymore. Rid him from your life, it's only causing you pain if you keep him near."

"I love him, Jacob." I said my eyes beginning to water. I sniffed.

"Bella." Jacob whispered.

I turned to him, wiping the tears off my face. "Yes?" I grumbled, the lump in my throat barely let me speak.

Jacob stared into my eyes for a long while, his dark eyes softening into a tame look. He sighed, "I love you."

My mouth fell slightly open. My head was a jumbled mess, what had he just said?

But before I could answer Jake had his lips pressed on mine in a second.

His hot 108 degree lips were moving so softly with my own. I didn't want to let go, I knew it was wrong to be kissing him but it felt so right. Jacob made me feel so whole again. He was here with me even when I was in my "zombie-stage", he had always been here for me. And now he loved me and I loved him back.

I gasped for air and continued kissing him, Jacob moved closer to me on the bed, leaning me down until his hot body was on top of me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pushing his face more towards me.

The kiss turned more passionate and intense, his lips moving furiously against my own. Until finally, our lips parted.

We stared deeply into each other's eyes both breathing heavily from the intensity of the kiss.

"Jacob Black," I said his name, "I love you, too."