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five people who couldn't help but fall for tanya

Bella/Tanya. Edward/Tanya. Jasper/Tanya. Rosalie/Tanya. Jacob/Tanya.

Written for supermars and the lovely shippers at livejournal. hehe.

1. five people who couldn't help but fall for tanya

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one | bella

Bella was a shy little vampire. She'd heard about Bella's insecurities as a human, of course, but for them to carry over into immortality?


Tanya played sweet with this one. The girl needed a bit of a confidence boost, having not even a speck of self-worth. But even when Tanya put her in charge, she had no clue what to do.

Her face was blank, her back was slouched, and get a life was the phrase on Tanya's lips.

They didn't last. Constant blushing was only cute for so long.

Tanya had more interesting people to do.

two | edward

He was so unsure of himself, that first time. Awkward motions made the flowing river nearby pause in surprise.

She was used to this, however. Too often did the inexperienced make their way into her arms.

She was patient, permanent, and lasting, a fixture on the horizon unmoved by wind and rain. To him, she was the perfect teacher.

Hold me here.

The first time she glanced at him, sizing him up, it was easy to see he was the sort of person to like instructional manuals. He would enjoy reading a step-by-step guide on life -- if he hadn't already tried to find one.

Her businesslike, impersonal tone resonated with his need for direction.

(She's good at giving people what they want, even when they don't quite know it themselves.)

He left, satisfied and a little guilty. He was too damn noble for his own good.

She knew he wouldn't come back.

three | jasper

The air in the room where they first fucked was filled with lust. That was the best part, she thought: his gift. He'd multiply any bit of feeling and send it rebounding into the atmosphere, where she'd receive. And then it would happen all over again and her skin would flush with the hint of her last meal.

(Too long, always too long, but she knew how to sate her thirst. It was harder for him.)

He was calmer, almost stoic, and she bit her tongue before she said something stupid (the strong silent type went out of style last century, hun, mind the times).

She didn't want to send him away, not while he was still willing.

He left of his own accord.

four | rosalie

Rosalie was almost as confident as Tanya was.

She knew what she was after, and she wouldn't stop until she got it. But the journey would be undertaken in the greatest of style and ease.

Tanya admired that, actually.

The kisses were deeper, and longer. This girl had more experience, and she was the first person in hundreds of years who could make Tanya moan.

(She knew the places that made her so vulnerable, and the exact angle to bring the greatest pleasure.)

When the other blonde walked away, Tanya didn't have time to get used to the sight of Rosalie's retreating back before she'd returned. Their passion was heated, nearly warm enough to melt the snow surrounding their bodies and they never stopped.

Rosalie made her feel, physically, better than any of the others.

That, and she was the most beautiful.

five | jacob

Jacob was anger and fire and hate, coiled up into a tight, warm ball bouncing off the ground and the sky.

She loved it.

He liked it rough, hands digging into sides and nails raking down skin. No names, not with him; he liked to pretend she was someone else and she didn't mind, really. Because he was so warm, so full of life, that it was hard not to get attached to him.

They were the same person in two bodies.

He stayed with her for days, weeks, months (it all blended together) but he did, eventually, leave. After a while he couldn't hold his grudge.

He went home to renew his anger, then came back to take it out on her.

Jacob was the only person who owned a piece of her heart.

She would never admit it.