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Cheerleader's Love

Lucy, a preppy cheerleader and new girl in Shavain's High School tries to capture Emmett's attention. One-Shot. Please Review!

I didn't have a Beta for this. So please excuse any grammar mistakes. :) thx. I do NOT mean to insult cheerleaders. Or anyone else. But it's a good story plot. So don't be offended!

1. Chapter 1

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Shavian – West Virginia

Lucy’s POV

PE Class

I watched a buff, gorgeous, beyond cute guy saunter up the field. “I’ll be right back girls” I said. I immediately left my group of cheerleading friends to check this guy out.

I watched as he leaned against the wall waiting for PE to start. I walked up to him, adding some bounce in my step.

“Hey” I said in my most seductive voice possible.

“Hey” He replied barely even looking at me.

How can he not look at me? I’m a beautiful, if I don’t say so myself. Blonde, blue-eyed, perfect height, expensive brand name (even for PE) clothes, cheerleader. I got a little annoyed. Maybe he didn’t see me properly.

“My name is Lucy. It’s so nice to meet you” I emphasized the so.

He just nodded. “Emmett.”

I played around with the name for a couple of seconds. I liked it. It was my type of guy name.

“I just moved from Texas. Emmett, where are you from?” I asked, hoping I sounded polite but interested at the same time. I flipped my golden fountain of hair.

He looked at me for a moment. He looked sort of annoyed. But not at me of course. My heart skipped a beat. I batted my eyelashes and smiled sweetly.

“Colorado” He doesn’t even sound like he cares.

“CLASS! Time to start! We’ll be doing some individual work!” Mr. Barr yelled.

I rolled my eyes.

“Bye Emmett, I’ll talk to you later” I waggled my fingers at him.

He didn’t even reply!

I WOULD get him. I wanted him. We would be the world’s cutest couple.

The whole PE class I watched Emmett and smiled whenever he glanced up, hoping to catch his eye. He never even looked at me once! This was going to have to change. Mr. Barr dismissed the class. I ran to the showers and washed my hair with my favorite shampoo.

“O-M-G! I totally got this guy hooked! Isn’t he a cutie?” I gushed.

A bunch of brunette and blonde heads bobbed up and down. I was new and still able to get what I wanted. A group of cheerleading friends, and soon a gorgeous boyfriend.

“Awww, you always get the cute guys” Hannah replied. I shot her a look that immediately shut her up.

I practically ran out into the hallway, just in time to see Emmett striding out of the locker room towards his locker. I was just about to call out his name when a stunning girl came up to him.

Oh no you don’t! I gasped.

She trailed her arms up him and put her hands around his neck. She kissed him. I looked away trying to steady my breathing.

NO NO NO NO! THIS is NOT happening. He is mine! I claimed him.

I turned around to see him whispering in her ear. She laughed.

I turned around again.

Before I could decide what to do, the girl with Emmett was next to me. She tapped me on the shoulder.

She was absolutely stunning. I hated to admit it. But she was. She looked even prettier than the Seventeen models. She had perfectly shaped eyebrows and eyes. Her nose was in perfect proportion to her face, and had cute pink lips. Her hair was just like mine, but she had curled it at the ends. I looked at her clothes. I judge people by clothes. It’s all that really matters. I almost gasped but stopped myself in time.

Abercrombie white jeans. I couldn’t see her shirt label but it looked expensive, and fit her body perfectly. Coach purse. Dior necklace. The cutest high heels I had ever seen. Wow. Even I couldn’t beat that.

“Lay your hands off Emmett. He is my boyfriend. I hope you know that. Consider yourself warned.” She had such venom in her voice I took a step back.

She stared me down. I looked away after two seconds. She smiled showing a row of perfect white pearly teeth.

“The name is Rosalie.” Then she turned and walked away, her heels clicking.

I watched her and Emmett hold hands. Emmett wrapped his arm around her waist. I looked away and heard Emmett roaring with laughter, and turned around to see Rosalie smiling smugly at me.

Rosalie. The perfect name for such a perfect girl.

With less than 22 words, she had completely dissed me.

The name of the one person I’ll hate forever.