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Cheerleader's Love

Lucy, a preppy cheerleader and new girl in Shavain's High School tries to capture Emmett's attention. One-Shot. Please Review!

I didn't have a Beta for this. So please excuse any grammar mistakes. :) thx. I do NOT mean to insult cheerleaders. Or anyone else. But it's a good story plot. So don't be offended!

2. Chapter 2

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Shavian, Virginia

Rosalie’s POV

I glanced at my watch. I desperately fought the urge to roll my eyes, but lost. I could NOTbelieve that the whole entire family was in the same PE class, at some lame rock-climbing wall, while Emmett was in another PE class across the stupid town. This would change. Soon. The stupid humans would never ever learn. Those rare occasions when I was jealous of their humanity, soon dissipated thereafter.

People wouldn’t believe how utterly stupid secretaries could be.

I stood nonchalantly at the side while the teacher did roll call.

He called my name and I nodded. He continued staring at me.

The feeble, horny, young, male PE teachers, all the same.

Rock climbing, you had to be kidding me. I could jump to the top faster than the gangly boy on the other side of the room could put his foot on a so-called rock.

That would be pretty entertaining, jumping to the top.

I heard Edward approaching behind me.

“Don’t do it Rosalie” He whispered from behind me.

I glared at him. “I’m not stupid,” I snapped.

“Rose, it’s only one day. We’ll get the schedules fixed by tomorrow. So stop being a snob about it” He put a hand on my shoulder.

I sneered at him

“Puh-lease. You would go insane if you had to be separated from Bella, while the rest of us were all in the same class. You would demand an immediate change, I’m just being patient,” I spat.

Edward heaved a silent sigh and glanced at Jasper.

I felt waves of calm. I tried to shrug it off, but to no avail. Narrowing my eyes, I began to climb the multicolored rocks at painstakingly slow pace.

We arrived back to the school on a cheap yellow stereotypical bus. I knew something would get on my white jeans. And then, I would be pissed, majorly so.

I spotted Emmett by the locker, looking as hot as always, in jeans and a polo.

He grinned when he saw me, pushing himself off the locker.

“Rose baby. How was that enthralling PE class of yours?” He joked.

“Don’t remind me. The sooner you come the better. Sooner, as in tomorrow” I said, trailing my arms up his abs and around his neck.

I crushed my lips into his with a deadly passion, teasing him. He broke it off and leaned down towards my ear.

“You’ll never believe what happened in class. This girl finds herself obsessed with me. Blonde chick. I guess I have that effect on people.” Emmett whispered in my ear. He glanced sideways at a girl who was staring at us.

I laughed. I could only imagine Emmett’s reaction to some lame high school girl’s desperate attention.

“I’ll be back, we wouldn’t want this girl to get in our way now, would we?” I murmured coyly.

“Don’t be mean” Emmett chortled.

“Oh, I’m never mean” I walked as inconspicuously as possible towards the girl with the blonde hair.

I tapped her on the shoulder, giving her almost a minute to observe me, bask in my presence.

I found looking at her a waste of my time and decided to cut to the chase.

“Lay your hands off Emmett. He’s my boyfriend. I hope you know that. Consider yourself warned.” I declared, allowing hate and complacency seep into my voice. I glared at her, and she broke eye-contact less than 3 seconds later. I smiled maliciously, showing her my full set of white teeth.

“The name is Rosalie.” I walked away, leaving her dumbfounded.

I found Emmett three steps away and took his hand. He wrapped his arm around my waist lovingly.

“Well, she won’t be bothering you anymore. I just wish Edward was here, he would have really made us laugh. Too bad, I didn’t even get her name,” I said happily.

Emmett chuckled loudly.

I flipped my hair over my shoulder and glanced back to see the girl gaping at me. I gave her a haughty smile and delivered a peck to Emmett’s cheek.

Without another look back, we walked to class, hand-in-hand.