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Happily Ever Never?

Bella never jumped off the cliff. Edward and the Cullens never came back until 100 years later, but the Cullen's are not the only vampires in Forks. What happens when they meet the one person they knew they would never see again? Will Edward finally get his happily ever after?
I'm putting this here so I don't get another review that says, " Is there going to be a sequal?"yes there is, I don't know when, but yes, probally two more tories like this.

OK this is my first story EVER!! So please no flamers! I do appriciate reviews and comments because I need to know if someone acually reads this story!
Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer therefore I do not own any of the characters!!

4. Surprises

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Chapter 5:Surprises

Bella POV

I couldn’t take it anymore—I fled. This wasn’t happening! This couldn’t be happening. I came to Forks two years ago because I knew—or thought—that it was the one place He would never come again. It already had caused a lot of stress on me and Cassandra, Evan, Josh, and Derrick. I heard them follow me out the door, but I just kept running not even caring if anyone saw me, that how surprised I was.

“Whoa! What just happened?” I heard Cas ask.

“ Do you know Evan, I mean you are her fiancé,” Josh said sarcastically.

“ Shhh… you guys she probably doesn’t want a lot of questions right now. You know how she is with her past, and this is definitely in the past. Evan, why don’t you go and talk to her right now, she needs you.”

Thank goodness for Derrick I thought. He was my best friend, and the first one I changed. I wasn’t quite ready to talk to Evan yet, so I just sprinted to my Audi A4 and locked the doors behind me. When he reached me he just smiled and sat down on the curb facing away from the front. That was the thing I loved about him, he waited for me; because Derrick was right I never told them about my past in Forks. The only thing I told them was that it was where I had lived when I was human, and that I was changed there. I needed to clear out my head before I answered any questions because frequently I had no more idea than they did about what was happening. I started to think about my life after death, and realized that I never actually searched for Him or any of them after I was changed, but I did look in every town, city, and state I had been in since the change. I never found them, but I did find Cassie, Josh, Derrick, and Evan.

I found Derrick in northern California ten years after I was changed. I happened upon him because I could smell the blood. Derrick had committed suicide when I found him and I couldn’t stop myself from wanting a different future for him. That is part of the reason why we are best friends, because I was, as he says, fated to save him from making the biggest mistake of his life. Now, as a vampire he sees devastating events in peoples lives and tries to stop them from coming true if their bad. It is like a power of a girl I once knew, but he only sees the really big stuff. Ever since, we have been closer than close, me having seen him t his most vulnerable state, but he has never told me what made him pick up the razor blade. Even as best friends he still is very shy and thoughtful. He also has dry humor that makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe—not that that is so much of a problem.

Next I found Josh, or Joshua, who was in a bad car accident with a drunk driver in upstate New York. He was the only one out of the four in the car, who wasn’t already dead. I was immediately drawn to him because he reminded me of Charlie-- dark, curly hair, toned and well built, and he has the same laugh and expressions. His presence is such a comfort to me because of the awful way that Charlie died. I sometimes like to think that Josh is Charlie reincarnated, and that takes away some of the pain of his death. His power is sort of unique also; he can see people’s auras and by them he can tell emotions, feelings, and weather or not someone is lying.

Then there was Evan. He was dying of cancer and I saw him causally walking down the street when Derrick told me that he would be dead by morning. His eyes—that what I remember most about that first meeting—his sea foam blue eyes. I was going to ignore him, but something inside me nagged and nagged until I finally agreed to steal him away from the hospital and change him. It was the one thing in my life that I have never regretted. His increasing patience means so much to me, for I could never have survived without it. He says he fell in love with me the first time he opened his eyes after the change, but I wasn’t near ready for those kinds of feelings anytime soon. It was frustrating for him, I think, because he had to make very slow steady movements at the beginning. Evan has often compared me to a wild horse—all he can do is hold his hand out in the hopes that I like what I see and come closer. Eventually, I did come closer and after fifteen years of a relationship he proposed. I said yes mainly because he was there for me all the time and he never hurt me (unlike some people). I did love him, but not in the way he loved me. I loved him because he was my rock and I had grown to trust and depend on him. Don’t get me wrong, when he kissed me (which is when he lost his patience) a fire was burning, just not as bright as it was a long time ago.

Finally I got tired of all these boys around and I thought I needed to add a little more estrogen into the mix. The solution came fifty years after I turned Derrick in the form of Cassandra. She drowned during a surfing competition in Spain, and Josh was just in time to “save” her. The two of them actually became quite close and are to be married soon. Cas has no power, but for a vampire she is unusually tan. Her skin is five times darker than ours, but she is still considered pale by human standards. Her relaxed but bubbly personality was just what out little family was missing, and since she came we have a dull or quiet moment.

Suddenly I was interrupted from my train of thought by Evan who rapped on the window. I rolled it down and asked, “ Hey sorry about that. You probably have a lot of questions.”

“ Yes, but you looked happy just now, so I knew I couldn’t be to bad.”

“ I was thinking of you!” smiled at him and laughed, “ So what’s up? Do you want to know the story?”

“Yes, but that’s not why I knocked. Lunch is over and so is fifth period. Do you want to go to last period or are you not up for it?”

“No I’ll go,” I got out of the car and slipped into his arms as he walked me to Biology, my last class of the day. Outside the door I reached up on my tippie-toes—for he was four inches taller than me—kissed him, and opened the door. And I walked straight into the only person who had brought me to my knees.

Edwards POV

After lunch I had ditched class to sort some things in my head. Bella was alive? Bella was here? Bella was a VAMPIRE?!?! Emmett’s thoughts were running through my head as well. Well at least now she is changed so we don’t have to argue about her “soul” and that crap. Also, now he can actually touch her and enjoy being a teenage boy. Who has ever heard of a 200-year-old virgin?

I had no way to respond to anyone’s questions about her so I just sat in my Volvo listening to music. It calmed me enough to return for school just in time for my last class, Biology. I took a seat at an empty table in the back and counted the minutes when I could go home to discuss this situation with Alice.

Class was just about to start when I smelled her. Ohh… it had been so long since I smelled freesias and her skin. I was momentarily intoxicated and didn’t realize what being in the same class would do to me—and probably by the murderous look on her face, Bella as well. I panicked. I rushed out of my seat and toward the door, but at the sight of her kissing a tall, handsome vampire I stopped dead and she ran right in to me. The smile and twinkle in her eyes from the kiss suddenly vanished and she was now looking daggers at me. Her eyes were burning holes in my heart and soul, but for some reason I couldn’t look away.

At that moment the teacher walked in and said in a loud singsong voice, “Miss Swan, I see you have met the new Mr. Cullen. Now will you kindly take your seats so I can begin my class.”

As fate would have it the only seat left for her was next to me. She sat down, but would not look me in the eye again and was gripping the table so hard the wood was stating to break off in her hand. I was getting a strong sense of déjà vu from the first time we met, but this time her eyes were black with rage.

As the teacher introduced himself to me as Mr. Clapp, I was already starting to blame my self for leaving, and even for things I didn’t know about like her death. Bella didn’t deserve this life, she deserved to go to heaven when she died—not become a soulless monster. The fact was however; I could never look at her as a monster because she was my angel. Or at least she used to be. Now I guess she was that jerk vampire’s angel. Jealousy surged within me.

I was turning all these thoughts and more over in my head when thankfully the bell rang. Bella was out of there before I even stood up, but I raced after her anyway.

“Bella!” I called, “Bella, baby, please. You can’t ignore me forever.”

Suddenly she spun around right in the middle of the parking lot. I could hear the excited thoughts of students around us hoping for a show. And boy did they get one.


I was stunned speechless. I had never seen her so angry, even in Biology she wasn’t that mad. I didn’t say anything as she finished, walked away, climbed into her car with her family, and drove away as fast as she could. A crowd had gathered and was whispering like mad, but I was to stunned to listen. Suddenly I felt cold arms around me and turned to see Emmett half carrying half dragging me to the car. Jasper got in the drivers seat with Alice in the front and Rosalie, Emmett, and I climbed in back as soon of the doors were shut I went into a fit of dry sobs and it felt like my world was tearing apart.