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Happily Ever Never?

Bella never jumped off the cliff. Edward and the Cullens never came back until 100 years later, but the Cullen's are not the only vampires in Forks. What happens when they meet the one person they knew they would never see again? Will Edward finally get his happily ever after?
I'm putting this here so I don't get another review that says, " Is there going to be a sequal?"yes there is, I don't know when, but yes, probally two more tories like this.

OK this is my first story EVER!! So please no flamers! I do appriciate reviews and comments because I need to know if someone acually reads this story!
Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer therefore I do not own any of the characters!!

7. Biting the Bullett

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Chapter 7


Cassandra’s POV

When I got the phone call from Alice, I was originally going to hang up after hearing and seeing firsthand what that family had done to her in just a few hours, but her pleading made me reconsider. She really cared for Bella and was missing Bella just as much as I knew Bella was missing her. I knew Bella was the kind of person who didn’t like to burden people with her problems, and she absolutely would not talk about it. So to help her deal with this coven, that we were not going to be able to ignore, I had Alice come alone to talk to Bella and explain. This was going to be interesting…

Bella’s POV

I knew immediately this was Cassandra’s doing. I turned on my heels and glared at her.

“ How dare you! You know how mush they hurt me!! Can’t you just leave me alone and leave this!!”

“No,” she said simply, but it was dripping with attitude.

“ Bella these vampires were a major part in your life once and no amount of time has changed that for you, judging by the way they have affected you today. You need to bite the bullet and clear the air, no matter how painful it is. I know you don’t believe me but she cares about you deeply, and just wants to talk and make sure you are ok.” She gestured to where Alice had risen from the steps, but had not moved. Alice looked nervous. It was weird to have her looking nervous at me as if wondering what I would do. Her face took all the fight out of me and I just nodded and walked toward her.

“ Hey Alice,” I said cautiously.

“Bella!” she said hopefully her face breaking into a grin, “ I just wanted to make sure you were ok. It has been a pretty emotional day for everyone.”

“ Yes it has, but I’m fine, really, you don’t have to worry about me, I’ve managed for 100 years without you.”

She flinched as my words stung her. Good. Wait… what was I doing she hadn’t hurt me, He did. Alice was once my best friend and like a sister, what was I doing to her?

“ I’m sorry Alice, I know none of this is your fault, but it is hard to let go of. You and your family really hurt me and I don’t know if I can do this again. Besides I have a new family now and a fiancé,” I gestured to Evan, “ I can’t go back to before and I don’t want to.”

“ Bella, I don’t care what you do, but goddamn it, I love you and have missed you for so long. If we can’t still be friends then tell me now and I will make sure that me or my family never bothers you again. I don’t care what happens after, I just want my best friend back!” she said all this very passionately and quickly.

I didn’t know what to do. I had not forgiven her, or any of them, but I knew I could not keep blaming her for another persons mistake so I just smiled and said, “ I want my best friend back to, but she will have to get along with Cass and everyone else. Alice, I do care for you deeply, but I haven’t forgotten the past. You just have to give me some time.”

“ Bella, I can give you anything you want as long as we are still friends!” She said excitedly.

“We are still friends, Alice, and always will be.” As I said it I knew it was true Alice was here for me. She had shown up here even after I had yelled at Edward and the rest of their family.

“ So…now you have to meet everybody!! You already talked to Cass,” she and Alice exchanged sheepish looks, “ And this is Josh, Cass’ fiancé, they are getting married next week; Derek, one of my best friends; and Evan, my fiancé.” Alice was smiling at everyone and shaking hands, but when I said the last words she stopped dumbstruck and stared at me.

“ We are due to be married in a month actually, and yes Edward already knows.” I said defiantly, slipping into his arms and giving him a light kiss.

Alice, for her part, looked embarrassed and hastily added, “ Well that is wonderful! I hope you let me help with the wedding because you know I will anyway!”

“ I wouldn’t expect anything less,” I grinned. I felt right to be bantering with Alice like this again.

She came inside and all of us talked and laughed till it was very late. Alice got along with everyone very well, but was especially taken with Derek because they shared similar powers, and with Cass, because she loved to shop. They talked endlessly about Cass and Josh’s wedding and Alice goggled over Cass’ ring. Soon it was almost midnight and Alice had to be going home. I walked her to the door and we hugged for a long time.

“ Alice,” I whispered.

“ Yes?” she whispered back.

“ Thank you so much for coming today. It really means a lot to me that you came even after I yelled at you.”

“ Bella,” her voice suddenly stern, “ I could not bear to loose you again because that is what Edward wanted to do. He obliviously saw you with Evan and thinks you have moved on, and he was going to make us leave again to give you some peace. I’m selfish too Bella, and I couldn’t bear standing by and letting him do that again. I made that mistake 100 years ago and I have learned my lesson.”

“ Goodnight Alice,” I laughed.

“ Good…” Suddenly Alice was in a vision and her eyes glazed over. When she finally came back. She wouldn’t tell me what she had seen, only that it was good and bad for everyone. Confused, I watched her drive away and walked back inside. There I saw Derek looking at me as if he had never seen me before, awed and slightly horrified.

“ What?” I asked.

“ I just saw you… at Cass and Josh’s wedding…” he stopped.

“ Well what is it just spit it out!” I demanded.

“ Nothing,” his tone changed immediately, “ I saw you catching the bouquet, that’s all.” He finished quickly.

“ And how does that impact my life in any huge way?” I asked sarcastically.

“ Umm… you get married next… isn’t that important?” he finished lamely.

“Whatever, your so weird. I’m going upstairs.” I knew he was lying, but decided not to press it.

Alice’s POV

I could not believe what I had just seen. I raced up to Edwards room as soon as I got home and banged open the door.

“ Get up, Edward. This is enough. I just talked with Bella and I had a vision.”

“ Alice, there is no use, Bella is engaged!” he wailed the last word.

“That is what I am trying to tell you! At Cass and Josh’s wedding…”

“Who?” Edward cut in.

“Shut up Edward!! At Bella’s friends wedding, while everyone was dancing, Bella was upset and went outside and you followed her. Edward you KISSED her!! She has a fiancé and you to were really gong at it!!”

“Did you tell Bella?”

“No, but her friend Derek has similar powers. He might have seen it and told her. Edward…” I paused, “ what are you going to do!?!?”