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Happily Ever Never?

Bella never jumped off the cliff. Edward and the Cullens never came back until 100 years later, but the Cullen's are not the only vampires in Forks. What happens when they meet the one person they knew they would never see again? Will Edward finally get his happily ever after?
I'm putting this here so I don't get another review that says, " Is there going to be a sequal?"yes there is, I don't know when, but yes, probally two more tories like this.

OK this is my first story EVER!! So please no flamers! I do appriciate reviews and comments because I need to know if someone acually reads this story!
Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer therefore I do not own any of the characters!!

9. Forgotten Memories

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Chapter 9

Forgotten Memories

Bella’s POV

As I redid my makeup for what was the umpteenth time, I went over possible topics of conversation for tonight. Tonight was the rehearsal for Cass and Josh’s wedding. Did I mention it was at the Cullen house? As if that wasn’t awkward enough, it would be the first time I would see Carlisle and Esme since they left. Also, I was hoping to talk to Jasper, Rose (If she would talk to me), and Emmett. Before, when I was human, I never needed topics to talk to my family, and I hated the fact that I was so distanced from them. I looked in the mirror and sighed, frustrated with myself.

“ Bella!! Are you ready? We are going to be late!” Cass shouted. You would think being a surfer in her human life would make her not so uptight about time and such, but she hated to be late.

“ I’m coming!! Just give me five seconds!!” I shouted back.

I looked at my reflection again. Ok, I’m not going to lie, I looked gorgeous. I had a Baroque strapless style dress that fell at my knees. It had a sky blue background and had a tanish gold flower pattern on top. At the waist was the same gold ribbon that tied. My hair was half up and half down and it was in loose ringlets. For accessories I had gold and blue chandelier earrings and gold strappy high heels. Unlike my human self, I was completely capable of wearing high heels without falling.


“ Ok, Cass, how about you, me and Derek go wait in the car and Bella and Evan will come right after?” Josh cut in before tempers really started flaring.

I grabbed the lip-gloss one more time and applied another layer. Turning off the light as I left I glided down the stairs quickly and jumped into Evan’s arms.

“ Hey, beautiful. You look… its beyond words how gorgeous you are.” And he smiled. I loved Evan’s smile. It was sexy but boyish at the same time.

I leaned in to kiss him and we kissed for a couple minutes before we were rudely interrupted.


“ I guess that’s our cue” I said still ruffled from the kissing. We walked to the car holding hands and got into the backseat still giggling.

Mere seconds, it seemed, we were pulling up to the big white house and I stopped breathing. He was beautiful and as I got out of the car I saw his eyes roam all over my body, in a way such that he was undressing me with his eyes and it made me feel oddly exposed and vulnerable. I snuggled close to Evan, and Edward moved from scrutinizing me to glaring at Evan. The phrase, “ If looks could kill” would definitely apply here. He leaned down and gave me a deep but short kiss. I shot a glance at Edward and his face was stone. He was looking away, but in his face I saw such rage, agony, and desire that I was confused. Jasper shot a glance at him as well, having, no doubt, felt his emotions. I was so preoccupied with Edward’s reaction that I was ignoring what was going on around me.

“ Welcome and Congratulations! My name is Carlisle, and this is my wife Esme. You have met my children, Alice, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Edward.”

Josh, our spokesperson smiled warmly and replied, “ Hi. Thank you so much for opening up your home to us. My name is Josh and this is my wife-to-be Cassandra. This here is Derek, Evan, and of course you know Bella.”

Carlisle and Esme looked hopefully at me and I smiled warmly at them. I moved forward to give them each a hug, and Esme practically ran into my arms.

“ O Bella, it is so good to see you again. I thought I never would,” she said emotionally.

“ Thank you Esme, and it is wonderful to see you to. I missed my second mother.” “Darling, Darling” she chanted until she let me go.

I moved on to Carlisle. “ I am happy we have met again for our parting was sudden and I know you suffered. For that I am sorry that I did nothing to stop…” He did not finish the sentence, but we all knew what he was about to say.

“ I’m fine, really Carlisle. If everything had stayed the way it was I would never have met Derek, Josh, Cass, and my fiancé Evan. So really, it was for the best.” I quickly glanced at Edward once again. His head was hung in guilt. Good.

“ O what are we all doing out here! Come inside. We don’t have food, but we do have music and dancing!” Esme, remembering her role as hostess, ushered everyone inside.

Quickly, everyone started breaking off into groups. Derek and Jasper, the quiet ones, were talking casually about sports. Carlisle, Esme and Josh were chatting about the wedding. Emmett, Alice, and Rose were telling stories of me as a human to Cass and Evan, who were laughing hysterically. I wandered over to their conversation.

“ And then, she looks in the empty box and says, ‘ Uhh, thanks?’ like we meant to give it to her like that.” Emmett was narrating my fateful eighteenth birthday party. Everyone was laughing. Finally Emmett asked, “ Bells, what ever happened to that stereo we installed and you red truck?” My face probably revealed certain amounts of uncomfort, but I answered.

“ Well, actually I took it out. It was still in a plastic bag in the back of my closet when I was changed. As for my truck, Jacob Black must have taken it after I was changed as well. I took nothing of my human life with me when I left Forks because, in reality, there was nothing left to hold on to.” As I finished I noticed every conversation had stopped and the room was silent. Alice opened her mouth to apologize but I interrupted.

“ I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to put a damper on the evening. I’m just going to step outside for a moment to get some air.”

I walked out quickly, and I met Edward’s eyes just as I was walking through the door. His eyes, at that moment pierced my soul, and I almost collapsed. I started running. Farther and farther sobbing the whole way. I didn’t care where I was going; I was only trying to stop the long forgotten memories of the darkest period in my life. Emotions from cold, long, lonely nights with sleep filled with screams and tears trust their way into my thoughts. I thought I had gotten over this, but I could no longer handle the mounting feelings of agony. I stopped and crashed. I fell to my knees and let out a scream that I had been suppressing for over a hundred years. Only when I stopped to breathe did I hear the footsteps behind me. I whipped around to see two golden topaz eyes that had haunted my memories for decades, right behind me.