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Just a Crush

"He’ll probably just end up killing her. If he doesn’t, well, it won’t last long. He’ll get over her."


Rosalie's thoughts on watching Edward and Bella in the Forks High cafeteria.

Rosalie's POV

1. Chapter 1

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He’s staring at her throat again. How can he look at her like that, knowing that he wants to kill her? La tua cantante? If it really was, she’d be dead by now. Edward doesn’t have that much self control. He’s killed millions of humans, unlike myself. I’ve never even tasted human blood. I’ve deprived myself of the treat that most vampires can’t live without. Not that I’ve ever wanted to have human blood, oh no. The thought makes me sick to my stomach, even though I would never truly get sick. Edward resists. Being that close to a human would drive me insane with thirst. That’s why Edward’s near her. He lusts after her blood. Not her. He doesn’t love her. All he feels is the lust in his throat for the blood the resides in her veins. She’s such a simple human. She probably realizes what we are already. I’ve noticed the way she looks at me. I can see the disgust in her eyes. I haven’t even seen her features show me that she wishes she were like me. How strange. Edward just thinks of her as his plaything. She just gives him something to do in his dull life. He really needs to find a new hobby, Well, I guess she is his new hobby. Bella Swan. What a shallow and meaningless name. Even though her name means beautiful. Beautiful Swan. Tisk. At least my name is true. Rose. I truly am a rose. The most gorgeous rose in the world. How could Edward want her, and not me? I can give Edward anything. Everything. Not that I want Edward to want me, oh no. Emmett is the only one I’ve truly loved, with his smile and sense of humor. Edward is too serious, and annoys me to, well, not death. But certainly for the rest of eternity. She’s just setting herself up for the grabs. She stretches her hand out to him, the warm blood pulsing softly in her cheeks. I wonder what she would taste like…. No Rosalie. No. Edward would kill you. You’d kill yourself if human blood so much as touched your finger tips. You don’t want her. She’s a nasty, horrible human who’s endangering your family. Her blood probably is sour and horribly poisonous. Maybe I will tell Edward that. She’d be a horrible addition to our family, let alone be horrible to taste. I don’t know what Alice sees, or why she’s so happy with Bella. Alice obviously saw Bella coming. She’s been ecstatic for months. She encourages Edward with everything he’s doing. and they do always have those secret conversations. They’re obviously planning something together. Maybe Alice will help Edward kill her. Her. It hurts my head just to think of her name. So I won’t think of her often. She will be known as a nobody in my mind; a shallow, mindless human. He’ll probably just end up killing her. If he doesn’t, well, it won’t last long. He’ll get over her. They’ll probably end up ignoring each other like every other teenager. I mean, it is just a crush.