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Note: The summary has been changed. I thought it was A) too short, B) too revealing, and C) not descriptive enough. So here I have a better summary that reveals less, yet describes more. The last one sort of gave it away, and people didn't want to read it because they knew exactly what the story was about. So now I changed it, and here it is. She leaves him for another. He's forced to start over in a new town, at a new school. He's positive he can never love again. She loses her mother in a terrible homicide. She's forced to pick up the peices and try to live again. She's positive that the hole in her heart will never be filled. When the two heartbroken pessimists meet, they notice that the other is strangely detatched, and horribly sad. Neither can figure our what made the other so bitter, until they open up. After all they have been through, can they learn to trust again? Can they learn to start over? Can they learn to forget those that hurt them? Most importantly, can they learn to love again? Chapter One has been rewritten. The story line is completely different, yet somewhat the same.


11. Chapter 10: Party Crasher

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“Ravyn, can you come down here? You missed a spot,” Esme called, referring to the floor Ravyn had just mopped in a fake tone of anger.

“Be right there!” She replied in a huff, starting for the stairs.

“Quick – get the lights!” I hissed to Alice, who giggled and flipped the light switch. The living room went dark as we heard Ravyn approached the stairs.

She started down the stairs, and Alice turned the lights back on as we shouted, “SURPRISE!”

Ravyn groaned and turned to go back up to her room, but I was already in front of her, blocking the way. I grinned and took her hand, leading her down the stairs as she blushed deep crimson.

“Happy birthday to you,” we sang – she covered her face in embarrassment.

“CHA, CHA, CHA,” Emmet shouted, knowing it would annoy her.

“Happy birthday to you.”


“Happy birthday dear Ravyn-”


“Happy birthday to you.”


“Oh, shut up, Emmett,” Ravyn laughed, turning to blow out the candles on her cake.

“Don’t forget to make a wish!” Esme cried as Ravyn blew out her candles in one single blow. There were sixteen of them.

The seven of us clapped and cheered.

“PRESENT TIME!” Alice screeched, jabbing a box towards Ravyn. Curiously, she took it before glancing at Alice suspiciously.

“You didn’t spend a lot – did you?”

Alice rolled her eyes. “Just open it, Ray.”

Slowly, Ravyn slid her finger under the flap of paper on the corner. She pried the tape free of the silver wrapping paper and pulled it back. Alice sighed in exasperation and jumped up and down with impatience.


“All right, all right! Calm down!” Ravyn laughed. She ripped at the paper, tearing it away from the box.

The box was plain white – a large rectangle – and Ravyn weighed it in her hands and shook it suspiciously. Lifting the lid, she closed her eyes in anticipation. She opened them and gasped.

Ravyn lifted the dress for everyone to see. It was long – she had to stand up to show the whole thing – made of sparkly blue material. It had straps – which was good, knowing Alice would have gone with strapless if she didn’t know how much Ravyn despised any thing revealing.

“When would I wear this?” She asked breathlessly.

“To Prom, of course,” Alice said, as if it were painfully obvious.

“But I told you – I’m not going to Prom!” Ravyn cried. She hadn’t hesitated to tell us how bad she was at dancing and how much she hated dances.

“Oh yes you are,” Alice growled menacingly, as if she would murder her if she objected. “You are now, anyway.”

“But with who? It’s not like I have a date,” she said, looking for an excuse. I didn’t miss how her eyes flashed up to meet mine.

“Well,” Alice began, throwing a sideways glance in my direction, “our school and your school are having a group Prom, so we’ll all be there. I’ll be going with Jasper, and Emmett and Rosalie will be going together. Edward already bought tickets – two to be exact – and he doesn’t have a date either.”

Ravyn looked up at me with hopeful eyes. I grimaced at Alice.

“I’ve got an idea!” Alice said suddenly, pretending to be subtle. “Why don’t you two go together?”

I glared at her.

“I wasn’t planning to go with anyone,” I said, my voice suddenly cold. Ravyn’s face fell in disappointment.

Alice turned to glare at me. “We will discuss this later,” she thought coldly.

Emmett spoke for the first time, breaking the tension. “My turn!” He exclaimed, pulling a present from the table and handing it to Ravyn.

“No,” Esme interjected, “ours first!” She eyed Emmett meaningfully. His face flooded with understanding as he took the box back from the confused Ravyn. Carlisle handed her a small square package and waited.

“What is it?” She asked suspiciously.

“Open it,” Esme cried excitedly.

She tore open the package, unable to curb her curiosity. She stared down at the key in her palm blankly.

“Surprise!” Esme yelled enthusiastically.

“What is this?” Ravyn cried hysterically.

“It’s a new car! Aren’t you excited?”

Ravyn’s eyes widened infinitesimally. “C’mon,” Esme said, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the door that led to the garage. We followed close behind.

Esme threw the door open and paused dramatically before flipping on the light switch.

Between Alice’s yellow Porsche and my silver Volvo sat a new car. The hood was glossy black and flowed into the windshield, which led to the convertible top – which was up at the moment – and led to the trunk which had the word “CROSSFIRE” in glossy silver letters.

Ravyn screamed and ran over to the car, jumping up and down in place.

“Now look what you did – she’ll never look at my present now,” I joked.

“Or mine,” Emmett said defensively.

“But she couldn’t have known about your present,” Esme explained to him, “it would’ve given ours away.”

“That reminds me,” he said, before turning back to the house. He returned with his and Rosalie’s present – a larger square box.

Ravyn returned, excitement evident in her green eyes. With any luck, she’d forgotten the previous conversation with Alice.

“Here,” Emmett said, handing her the box. “It’s spoiled now, but it’s the thought that counts, right?”

She shredded the paper in her hands, pulling the box’s lid off feverishly. Inside was an HD radio, courtesy of Emmett and Rosalie.

“Sweet!” She exclaimed with joy. “I’ll just put this in my car,” she squealed with delight when she said those two words, “so that I’ll remember to install it later.”

“You still have two more presents,” I reminded her. “You can’t forget mine.”

I led the party back into the living room and pulled two small boxes from the table. The first – the long skinny one – I handed to Ravyn. I waited, faking patience, as she tore into the paper. Slowly, she lifted the lid.

Her eyes sparkled with excitement as she gazed at her gift.

“Do you want me to put it on for you?” I asked quietly, breaking the silence.

She looked up at me, her response clear in her eyes. She handed me the box, and I removed the silver bracelet. She held her tiny wrist out to me, biting her lip in anticipation.

Eight pairs of eyes gazed at the sparkling silver bracelet. Eight pairs of eyes took in the tiny silver links and the single charm that hung from it. Eight pairs of eyes watched the tiny mountain lion rotate.

The mountain lion was on all fours, standing on air, snarling into space. It’s two small eyes glittered fiercely – two small topaz’s cast in the silver face.

Ravyn stared at it with wide eyes.

I couldn’t help but grin with pride. Suddenly, my grin vanished.

“What is this?” She managed to choke out. “Why-” Her sentence was cut short when she looked up at me and took in my suddenly harsh expression.

“Something to remember me by.” My voice sounded dull and emotionless.

The doorbell rang.

Alice’s face went blank, and then flooded with fear. Calmly, Carlisle stepped forward and opened the door.

Standing on our porch was a stranger, tall, with dark brown hair. He stood casually, unafraid of us. He eyes were a deep red.

Ravyn’s eyes strayed from her bracelet and instead took in our guest. The same hand raised to cover her mouth.

“Daddy?” She breathed.