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Note: The summary has been changed. I thought it was A) too short, B) too revealing, and C) not descriptive enough. So here I have a better summary that reveals less, yet describes more. The last one sort of gave it away, and people didn't want to read it because they knew exactly what the story was about. So now I changed it, and here it is. She leaves him for another. He's forced to start over in a new town, at a new school. He's positive he can never love again. She loses her mother in a terrible homicide. She's forced to pick up the peices and try to live again. She's positive that the hole in her heart will never be filled. When the two heartbroken pessimists meet, they notice that the other is strangely detatched, and horribly sad. Neither can figure our what made the other so bitter, until they open up. After all they have been through, can they learn to trust again? Can they learn to start over? Can they learn to forget those that hurt them? Most importantly, can they learn to love again? Chapter One has been rewritten. The story line is completely different, yet somewhat the same.


17. Epilogue: "An Occasion"

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“Really, Alice,” I complained, “Is all this make up really necessary? My face feels ten pounds heavier!”

“Of course it is,” she said rolling her eyes at me. “You have to look beautiful.”

“You mean – I didn’t look beautiful before?” I asked, pretending to be hurt.

“Of course you’re always pretty, Ravyn,” she sighed, annoyed. “But it’s going to be really bright with all those overhead lights, and do you want to look shiny?”

“No,” I admitted, “I guess not.”

“Good. Now, get your dress on so I can do my makeup.”

“Alice,” I snorted, “Since when do you need makeup?”

“Since I don’t want to look shiny, either. Or sparkly.”

“Right,” I concluded, getting up from the chair and making my way to the hook on the opposite wall that held the two garment bags. “Which one is mine?” I asked, moving the top aside in an attempt to peer through the plastic.

“The first one,” she said distractedly as she applied eyeliner.

I pulled the first bag down from the rack and walked into her bedroom, which was connected to the bathroom by a single door. I laid the bag on her and Jasper’s bed, then slowly unzipped it. I was again taken aback by the deep blue fabric that hung in waving ripples to the floor – Alice had altered it so I wouldn’t step on it – complete with intricate flowers in round, black stones – I’m fairly sure that, knowing Alice, they were something ridiculous like real onyx or something – and black lace at the hem and neckline – which hung a bit too low and revealed a bit too much of my non-cleavage than I was comfortable with.

Taking deep breaths to calm myself, I undressed ad stood before the dress, trying to put off getting into the tight material as long as possible. But when I realized who my date would be, it didn’t matter anymore that the dress was ridiculously over-the-top, or my heels were too high, or that the whole “prom” scene was highly overrated.

My mood shifted, and I was so anxious to get into the dress that I almost forgot Alice’s warning.

“Ravyn, if you mess up your hair, I will not fix it!” She warned, calling through the door.

“Right,” I mumbled, instead stepping into the dress and easing it up over my hips.

Just as I was about to go back into the bathroom and ask Alice to zip me up, she rushed into the room, her lips half covered in lipstick and still carrying the tube between her fingers. I held my breath in fear as she used the hand with the lipstick in it to zip up my dress, as she held a cordless hair drying in her other hand, but then realized this was a vampire I was dealing with. Vampires don’t make mistakes.

I turned around to model the strapless gown for her. Her agitation from before vanished, and she beamed at me with one lip covered in a muted red color and the other pale pink.

“You look gorgeous,” she breathed.

“You think so?” I asked self-consciously, staring at my feet.

She tilted her head to the side and looked me up and down, clicking her tongue and tapping the lip without lipstick. “Ah-hah!” She exclaimed, flying from the room and into the bathroom once more.

She was back in a flash, holding something in her palm. “All you need is this,” she announced, opening her palm and flashing a hair piece.

It was vintage silver, with twisting vines made of metal, inlaid with sparkling sapphire stones. She deliberated for a moment, closer her palm and biting the pink lip. Then she shrugged and danced forward to place it in my hair.

“It looks better on you,” she said quietly, and I wasn’t sure if she meant for me to hear it or not. Then she turned on her heel and strode back into the bathroom, turning on her hairdryer as she went.

I stood in front of her floor length mirror and examined myself.

The girl in the mirror was not me.

She stood confidently, clothed in a beautiful deep blue dress that hung gracefully on her figure and fell to the floor in delicate ripples. The neckline was too low for a self-conscious teenager, and showed just enough of her cleavage and enhanced the curves of her chest nicely. Her face was exquisite, with red-brown lipstick that made her lips look full and luscious, and just enough eye shadow to make her green eyes pop. Her hair was piled atop her head and cascaded down in tiny ringlets and just brushed her face. The clip in her hair sparkled dimly, like an old ring wanting to be seen.

“Ravyn,” Alice called from the bathroom, “why don’t you go check on Edward and make sure he’s ready?”

“Sure,” I called back, reluctantly turning from the beautiful young woman and heading out into the hall.

As I walked, I struggled to keep from tripping in the ridiculous heels. I reached Edward’s door without a problem, and gently rapped on the door.

“Come in, Ravyn,” Edward called from somewhere inside.

Timidly, I opened the door a crack and stuck my head inside. His face lit up instantly, and he beckoned for me to come inside all the way.

“You look beautiful,” he breathed, taking me in from head to toe.

He didn’t look too shabby himself.

He wore a simple black tux, with a dark blue kerchief sticking out of the pocket – Alice had dressed him to match me – and a rose of the same shade pinned to his lapel. His hair was tousled as usual, but he didn’t need anything to make it look good.

He stood from the couch and approached me slowly, a smile playing about his lips. He held out a black box, and extended it to me. I reached forward to take it, but he lifted the cover himself.

Inside, lain on black satin was a blue corsage armband. He lifted it carefully and placed the box on a table beside his couch before holding out his other hand. I placed mine in his without a thought, and he carefully eased the elastic band over my wrist.

I pulled my wrist up to my nose and inhaled, closing my eyes as I stopped to smell the rose. It was beautiful, fresh and fragrant, with a small sprig of baby’s breath and a leaf tied together into the cluster at my wrist.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

He took my hands and put one on my shoulder, and placed one of his at my waist. The other two were held together, our fingers intertwined.

“What are you doing?” I giggled as he pushed a button on his stereo. A soft orchestral waltz flooded the room with its sweet melody, and he grinned at me.

“Practicing,” he stated simply.

I giggled like a maniac as we swirled gracefully around his room, and I only tripped once over the long skirt. The song ended, and we stopped to take a break when Alice called down the hall, “Hurry up and quit fooling around, you two! We have to leave in five minutes or we’ll be too late to be considered fashionable!”

My breathing accelerated as I imagined the prospect of dancing with Edward in a room full of other people. Of course, it wouldn’t matter much if I was with him, and the prospect seemed to calm me down a bit.

“Are you ready?” He asked, laughter intertwining with the words.

“Yeah…I guess so,” I sighed. He laughed again, and pulled me around to face him. He held his hands on either side of my face, and I was not able to turn away as the blush crept into my cheeks.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said seriously, “I will never let you fall,” he vowed.

And then he leaned in closer, and pressed his lips to mine passionately.