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Believing in Love

Kristin never believed in true love or love at first sight, until she met Drew; her sister's brother-in-law. The only problem is that her sister and her whole new family are vampires.


1. Chapter 1

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As I look back on the past couple years, they seem like a total modern day fairy tale. No one would believe me if I told them that I am in love with a vampire and will soon become one. I would get locked up in a cushioned room and spend the rest of my life hugging myself in a corner if I tried to tell anyone. None of that matters though, because I have the best family ever and I don’t need anyone else. Next week I will become a vampire and be with my love forever.

That is why I am writing this. He thought that I should write down the things about my life that I want to remember. So, me being the creative person I am decided to write a story about it. Now that I have graduated, I have plenty of time to write it. I decided to start at when I moved to Forks to live with my older sister, Alexa. I hadn’t seen her since I was 10 because she moved away with our dad after the divorce. She now lived with her husband, Jon, next to his family.

Our dad had died a couple years before and Alexa had been married for 5 years. Our mom died in a car crash the summer before my senior year of high school, so I had to move in with my sister. The drive from Tacoma seemed to take forever! I ended up getting lost 5 times. The weather seemed to reflect my mood; it was dark and pouring down rain. After who knows how long, I finally made it to Alexa’s house. I guess she was watching for me because when I pulled up Alexa and Jon ran out to help me get all my crap inside. That is when my world got turned upside down.

“Kristin, you’re finally here! I’ve missed you so much!” Alexa yelled over the pounding of the rain as we pulled stuff out of my dark blue Mini Cooper and ran it into the house. When we were done, we collapsed on the couch in the living room.

I finally was able to get a good look at Alexa and Jon. They were stunning! Alexa had long, brown hair and Jon’s hair looked amazing, it was styled so it looked messy and it was dark brown. Even soaking wet, they both were beautiful and very pale with gold eyes.

“So how was the drive?” Jon asked, startling me out of my thoughts.

“Horrible. I got lost a lot and the rain made it very hard to see.” I responded.

“Oh no! I am so sorry, you must be exhausted.” Alexa exclaimed worried.

“Yeah, I think I’ll just go upstairs and maybe do a little unpacking before I go to bed.”

“Ok. Well we will see you in the morning.” Jon said as I stood up and wearily made my way upstairs.

My room was average sized with walls sponge painted with light green and blue. The whole room had a color scheme of green and blue, including the queen bed and curtains. There was a blue bookcase that went all the way to the ceiling, a desk, and a huge dresser inside the walk in closet. I unpacked my clothes before I crashed on my bed.

The next morning I woke up early and after I showered in my adjoining bathroom I started to unpack my huge collection of books and CDs when someone knocked on my door. I opened it and the most amazing looking guy ever was standing there. He had longish light brown hair that flipped out at the ends. Just like Alexa and Jon, he was very pale with gold eyes.

“Hi, you’re Alexa’s sister, right?” He asked. Oh my gosh even his voice is amazing!

“Um yeah. Hi,” was all I was able to get out of my mouth. I must have looked like a complete idiot.

“I’m Jon’s brother, Drew. Um…Can I come in?” He asked when I continued to stand in the doorway.

“Oh, yeah…sorry.” I stammered as I moved and he walked in looking around. “I was just finishing unpacking my books and CDs.”

“You have a good collection.” Drew said as he looked at my CDs. “There are definitely some gaps though.”

“Really? Like what?” I asked indignantly. I hated it when people criticized my music.

“Oh, I don’t know, some older bands like Queen and The Beatles.” He replied with a smirk.

“I have them on my ipod, I just never bought any of their CDs. I just got the music from my friends.”

“That’s good, I would hate to think my brother’s sister-in-law didn’t listen to classic rock.” He replied as he walked over and sat down on my bed. “So, the first day of school is tomorrow. Will you be going?”

“Unfortunately, yes. My sister thinks it would be good for me to start with everyone else.” I responded sadly as I turned to start putting more books on the shelves. “I’ve never been the new kid, so I’m kind of worried.” Why did I just tell him that?

“Hey don’t worry, my family had moved a lot and being the new kid isn’t that bad.” Drew said from right behind me. My hand jerked and dropped the book I had.

“Yeah, sure if it was in a big town where a lot of people are new.” I stammered as he handed the book to me. He was really close and it was making me nervous.

“You won’t be the only new kid, Kristin. We just moved here over the summer so I’ll be new too.” He said kindly as he slowly moved away. “What grade will you be in anyway?”

“I’m going to be a senior. How about you?”

“Same with me. Maybe we will have classes together.” He looked somewhat hopeful as he said this.

“I hope so. I don’t do so well without someone I know around.” Why did I tell him that? Do I want him to know all my faults?

“Well then it’s a good thing I came over to meet you. This way you will have a friend at school tomorrow.”

“Yeah, it was nice of you to do that. I appreciate it a lot.” You have no idea how much.

“Well I’m just trying to be a good neighbor. Plus Jon kind of told me to because he wanted us to hit it off.” He looked away when he said it like he was afraid of my reaction.

“That is very nice of him, I guess. So I’m assuming you don’t have a girlfriend if your brother is trying to hook you up with his wife’s sister.” I was amazingly calm and collected as I said this even though I was going crazy in my head.

“Yeah, well he’s been trying to find me a girl for a while, but none of them have been what I’m looking for.”

“Oh, well I’m sure you’ll find the right girl sometime.” I said, trying not to sound disappointed.

“I think one might have caught my eye. I need to get to know her better though, since I just met her.” He said with a look on his face that made it seem like he was talking about me. “Well, I need to go help my mom with some stuff at home, but I will see you at school tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you at school.” I was able to choke out as he turned around at the door before he headed downstairs.

I never really believed in love at first sight until now. I am officially in love with a guy I just met. Not only that, but my sister’s husband’s brother! For the first time in my life I am excited for the first day of school.