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Valuable Reading

What happens to Edward when Bella has a sick day? that's what i wondered before this story. This is at Edward's POV at lunch when Bella is sick! Enjoy!


1. Chapter 1

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Valuable Reading

By BettingAgainstAlice

Lunch was my typical nightmare. Predictable, yet unavoidable. Today was no different.

The small student body was almost so alike, it was almost annoying. And that was just how they portrayed it from the outside. The inside was even more unbearable.

But, this was my job. I needed to protect my family, so I go through this torture every day to make sure the humans here would never know our gripping secret.

Edward Cullen. I looked up, a reflex reaction. The thought might as well have been spoken from right next to me.

Eric was staring at me with so much distaste, it almost looked inhuman. Inhuman. I internally chuckled at the word.

Stupid, stupid pretty boy Cullen. Steals Bella. What else will he take? I blocked the thought from my head before I could get even more nauseated by Eric’s constant jealousy. If only he had stayed with Angela Weber……

Edward! Edward, are you all right? As if Alice couldn’t see what I was going to do.

I flickered my thumb up from my curled fist that gripped the table. Only my family would now that was a thumbs-up.

Who was thinking about Bella? Alice demanded, not asked.

My pinkie finger flashed towards Eric’s table.

Oh. She sighed. Don’t worry about her, Edward. She’s going to be all right.

Alice’s thought had taken an unexpected turn from Eric to Bella’s absence.

You better not draw attention to us and leave for Bella again, Edward. Rosalie jumped into our internal conversation.

I frowned slightly, though Rosalie’s crabbiness did not shock me. I didn’t feel like I needed to read her mind, and I also knew I was going to feel guilty about it later, but I started to anyway. She deserved it.

Edward, I know you’re in there. Butt out. I’m not stupid; I attend school, too, in case you’ve forgotten…again.

I shut her out the minute her string of profanities began. We’d been through this time and time again.

I skimmed through the rest of the cafeteria’s thoughts, none of them surprising, waiting for Rosalie to finish.

Look at Emmett today! I love his hair! To bad he’s with Rosalie- I shut off the thought as soon as they mentioned the name. I wasn’t ready to hear about her again.

I wonder what’s in this food. I swear in has the same color as yesterday- I cut off Michael Stineburg’s thought. Always focused on the school food, he was.

Oooo! Tyler’s looking at Hannah again! I bet they’re going out in secret! I should probably say something to Mike- Jessica was still absorbed with Mike and her gossip. I definitely didn’t want to hear her unimportant chatter, especially when it was about that vile Newton.

Oh, I still need to finish that paper! Isn’t it due Monday? Or is it Tuesday- Angela Weber had been worried about her school work now with the senior year of high school approaching. I cut off the rest of Angela’s train of thought - this time out of politeness; she was one of the few humans at this school I could bear.

I wonder what happened to Bella to- I cut off Mike Newton’s thought, suddenly angry. I gripped the table for support, yearning to be with Bella.

Was it Mike?

Embarrassed, I ignored Alice’s thought and turned my focus to another pitiful human thought.

I can’t STAND her- I cut off Lauren’s thought. I was not in the mood to handle her malicious mind. Instead, I focused on Rosalie again, wondering what made her so unbearably crabby today.

Edward, GET OUT! I immediately closed that door and tried hard not to glare at her.

Hey, Ed, don’t annoy her. She’s very paranoid. Something about you not being fun because Bella’s sick. Emmett was looking down at his tray, but he knew I was hearing him. I flashed my thumb again and I heard him say, far to low for any human ears: “Thanks.” I turned away from him again, looking at the only member who hadn’t joined our silent conversation.

Edward, are you listening? Jasper thought, acknowledging my movement. I tilted my head back. I know it’s hard for you today, without Bella and all, but I don’t think I can stand it much longer! I need bl- I need to hunt. I moved my eyes from one side to another, meaning to shake my head.

Edward, please! At least tell Alice! he pleaded with me. I knew it wasn’t smart to let Jasper go so long without hunting. Just waiting for an accident! If it were up to me, I’d let him hunt more often. Carlisle thought differently, though. He had it in his head that if Jasper went longer without hunting, he’d get used to it easier. That plan wasn’t working out to well.

“Alice,” I said in a low voice, “Jasper.”

To my dismay, my whole family looked. If Jasper could blush, he definitely would be now.

“Cut it out.” I said in a to low voice. My family turned their heads away and Alice smiled at me. Thanks. I’ll deal with him now.

The corners of my mouth twitched, letting her know I heard. “I’ll be here.”

Ed, Ed! Emmett internally cried. We could leave now, you know, check on Bella.

No way, Edward. Alice glared at me from across the table. I pretended I didn’t notice.

“No, Emmett.” Emmett’s face fell; I knew how he knew I hated it when she was away! I also was aware that Emmett was probably planning to get me to wrestle again, only he was hiding it.

Why? Emmett whined.

Rosalie, catching on, told me: Tell Emmett I said over my undead body.

I ignored my family’s bickering and tried to get through the lunch period.

I stared at the clock absentmindedly, and notice that there was five minutes left of lunch. Might as well be early. I stood up and walked slowly to the garbage can.

Slower, Edward! You look like you’re running! And stop being so graceful; humans aren’t completely stupid!

'Stop being so graceful'! That was extremally stupid sounding, but I heeded Alice’s warning and slowed my pace, feeling like I was walking negative 7 miles per hour.

Finally reaching my destination, I threw the tray of uneaten food away and walked to Biology.

The rest of the day I tried hard to concentrate on the subjects I already knew, trying (and failing) not to think about Bella. Eventually, high school, my prison, ended. I walked way to quickly to the Volvo.

Hey, Cullen’s really fast! A little to fast….. Kinda not human- That thought caused me to slow to a walk, wishing to run with all my speed to Bella.

It seemed like eternity till I got to my car. And it seemed to take even longer to drive to her house. Going 120 wasn’t fast enough. But, I made it. As I stepped out of the car, I saw Bella’s beautiful face peek through the window. She was very pale and looked ill, but as soon as she stepped outside, a faint blush was visible on her cheeks.

“Edward!” she yelled and ran, too slowly to where I was leaning on the Volvo.

“Hey Bella.” I greeted her.

“It’s been hard being away from you,” she said, a statement that used to make the blood rush to her cheeks.

“You have no idea how hard it was for me.”