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Danni is just your typical shapeshifting werewolf teenage girl from New Hampshire. She's got friends, a family, and a pack of twelve that she would literally die for. But what happens when Danni takes off because she can't stand certain people anymore? banner

Please read! My fist werewolf fanfict!

12. Chapter 12

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Rain spattered the windows of the small guest room when I woke up. I remembered what I had heard last night about Jacob probably leaving again today, to go and wallow in his own self pity and how everyone was supposed to go and say goodbye. Well, this is one person he won't get a farewell from.

I dressed into the outfit that Alice had given me; ironically, we both wore the same size.

I looked around, wondering how I was going to get to Port Angeles when I didn't have a car to drive there. I was kind of hoping Alice would see this and be around to pick me up at the border line.

I was walking down the hall when I heard Seth talking to someone downstairs.

"No, I haven't seen him, I'm sorry Bella." He paused, listening, "Yeah, I'll let him know you're worried, no problem, Leah's home, so I better go."

I walked down the stairs, and started rummaging through their fridge, I felt a little like a burglar though, so I just grabbed a bowl of cereal.

"Well, well, well, look who's up." Seth said sitting down at the small table next to me, "How'd you sleep?"

"Fine." I answered, "Hey, um, I'm gonna be gone for a few hours today, I hope that's okay with you guys, but I promised Cassi that we'd go shopping, seeing that Leah's the only other girl here around our size. And we both figured we could use some of our own clothes."

"Yeah, that's fine, but you need a car. If you want, you can take Jacob's Rabbit." He offered.

"That's nice of you, but I don't want to be borrowing anything of his without his permission. You know how some people's tempers are."

"True, so, how are you gonna get up to wherever it is you're going?"

"Uh, I just kind of figured we'd run up there, and then take a cab home after we got money out of our accounts." I was lying through my teeth again, but I didn't really care anymore.

We sat there, silent for a few minutes until I heard Alice call my name from out in the woods. I glanced at the clock, which read ten, and sighed, "I guess I should go and get Cassi if we want to be back by five."

Seth laughed, "Alright."

"See ya." I said as I put on my shoes and walked out the door.

* * *

Alice wasn't far; her bright, canary yellow Porsche 911 turbo gave her away. She smiled at me and waved from the driver's seat as I got closer. I waved back before climbing into the passenger side and she sped off down the road, north towards Port Angeles.

"So, how are you?" She asked lightly after a few minutes.

"Fine, you?"

She laughed, "I'm absolutely positively so excited, you don't even know. Bella hates shopping and now I have a friend who doesn't mind it."

I laughed, "Don't you have any other vampire friends who are shopping freaks?"

"Yeah, my sister Rosalie and I go out sometimes, but she's not exciting to go with; she just walks around and plucks things off the racks, pays for them, and walks out, while I on the other hand, enjoy taking my time."

"So, what are we buying today?"

"Hmm, let's see. Well, first off, you need at least three weeks of clothes, seeing as you'll phase more than once on a regular basis, and if you want to last a week, you're going to need it. And then there's the dress for the wedding for you and your friend, that's going to look amazing, and then there's...." Her list rambled on and on, and I found it kind of hard to keep up with everything she was going to pay for. I figured anything under a thousand dollars was cheap for her, so I didn't bother asking how she could afford all of this.

She finally finished with the very extensive list and grinned at me, "That sounds like it might take a while." I said, grinning back.

"Not when you know exactly what you're getting it's not." Her eyes seemed to glow and I couldn't help but laugh again.

"So, you're really coordinating Bella's entire wedding?"

"Yep. I'm handling everything down to the last rose petal. Oh, you'll love her dress too, it's gorgeous and I found it while I was browsing in Paris."

My mouth hung open, "You've been to Paris?"

She shrugged, "I've been everywhere there's good fashion."

"Wow, your parents must be loaded, I haven't even been out of the country, except for our pack travels to Canada for conferences which are really way too boring to care about."

She laughed, "Not all of them are boring though, are they?"

I thought for a minute, "Yeah, all of them I usually end up falling asleep in about five minutes after roll call."

"But, I mean, you're in Canada? Doesn't that have any importance?"

I shrugged, "No, not really, we're just kind of there, along with the other hundred wolves or so who happen to show up. There are usually one or two new wolves every year, but nothing too special. All we do is sit there and talk over alliances in case you leeches- oops, I mean vampires, are planning so ginormious world take over thing."

She laughed again, "Well, if we do decide on a world take over, then I'll be the first to let you know so you can stop it."

"Thanks," I said, "You know, you're the only vampire who's ever been nice to me before."


"Yep. Usually I get thrown into rocks, a few broken bones, and then I rip the poor thing to shreds for treating me like a toy."

She laughed, "Well, I guess I can see your point in the whole, ‘not all vampire are good' thing, but I mean, really. There's only one other coven who live like we do for all we know, and they're up in Denali at the moment, so I guess that means all the nomads are on the east coast."

We pulled into a parking space on the side of a long and busy street and our shopping trip began.

We practically ran, for human speeds, from store to store, laughing and talking the entire time. I had so much fun that I couldn't believe we were back at the car around four, having shoved all of our numerous bags into Alice's trunk.

The ride back to the border was just as animated as it had been this morning, and I was kind of sad to have to say goodbye to Alice so early, but then again, I wolf isn't supposed to even personally know a vampire, so I guess it was for the best that I just left and didn't press on a sleep over or something.

I made it half way back to Seth's house with my newest purchases before I was caught. I hadn't expected to make it all the way back, but it would have been a nice surprise.

Cassi ran up to me looking like a maniac who's just gotten out prison. She was waving her arms about her head and screaming the entire time. I stopped and stared at her like she was the weirdest thing I've ever seen until she got to me.

"Where'd you get all that?!?"

"Uh... I went shopping."

"And you didn't invite me?"

"Well, uh no."

"Come on! We're best friends and you leave all day and then expect me to not be out looking for you like a fucking basset hound?"

I nodded and started walking again. "Kind of yeah. Listen, Alice, one of the leeches offered the trip to me, and I was afraid to ask if you could come because I didn't want to ruin this for the both of us. I shopped for you too by the way." I held up about eight bags.

She gasped when she saw the labels, "How did you afford all this?"

"Leech paid."

"Nice! Is she from like, the fourteen hundreds and has all of this priceless stuff she's made money off of?"

"No, her dad's a doctor at the local hospital."

She stopped and stared at me like an idiot, "They're working with humans?"

I nodded, "It's not like they're out of control and turning every random victim that comes in, that wouldn't be right and the entire town would be dead or vampified by now if they did. Anyways, the La Push wolves would stop them."

We reached Seth's house then and I walked in and up to my room with Cassi trailing me the whole way. She babbled on about how she couldn't believe it and wanted me to break something so they could take me to the hospital and she could see this magical vampire doctor for herself. I wasn't going to let that happen.

"If you want to go and see if it's true or not then why don't we just break your arm, you're the nonbeliever here, not me."

She laughed, "But I wouldn't be able to think straight through the pain, I probably wouldn't even notice that he's a vampire at all."

I rolled my eyes at her as I hung up my dress for the wedding in the closet. It was a pale yellow strapless dress with a ruched bodice and covered in rhinestones. It reached all the way to the floor, but I could care less. Cassi stared at me, "When on Earth are you going to wear that?"

"To the wedding next week." I answered simply.

"But Greg's leaving in four days!"

"Oh well then, Alice got you one too."

Her face lit up. Cassi could be a tomboy most of the time, but whenever she was actually allowed to wear dresses to any occasion that wasn't something dirty, she would.

I held up a green satin strapless gown that was longer than mine was seeing that Cassi was taller, and she almost tackled me.

"I love it!" She half screamed half sang. I couldn't help but laugh at her enthusiasm, and she looked at me like I was crazy. "What?"

"Oh nothing, I love you." I said laughing still.

She shook off my comment and took her dress back to Embry's without much persuading. I was glad to be alone for all of five minutes. I stretched and then decided that I should probably go and get some training done. These wolves wouldn't last long if a lot of nomads decided to come over from the east coast.

I ran down towards the beach in wolf form. It was nice outside today, despite the constant rain. The sand was wet, but it would be good to fight on. These wolves needed to know how to master their own terrain. I sat down and howled for Cassi and whoever wanted to come out and play to get their asses over here and fast. Cassi of all people knew that my patience was always thin.

I'm on my way! I heard Cassi call through thought. I smiled, she never liked to see me mad.

I glanced up from where I was sitting to see four wolves headed toward me. It was Cassi, Leah, Paul, and Quil. They were all already soaked from the rain, but then again, so was I.

Alright, let's get started. I thought and Cassi was the only one to nod in agreement. The others still couldn't hear me. This was going to be a problem. Cassi frowned, she didn't want to wait, she was all in it for the action, and not to mention the excuse to skip class sometimes.

I sighed, how were we going to fix this? Jacob was gone, and these guys show up and I can't talk to them or give any instructions on how to actually fight. How on Earth was I going to communicate with them without the only wolf around who can hear all of us? I howled again, calling for Greg and Sam, I assumed that they had gain some mental communication, but I couldn't be sure.

What's up Danni? Greg asked.

How and I supposed to teach when none of us can talk to each other? I asked.

He was silent for a minute or two, well... you could just teach from a human perspective and let Cassi do the demos and sparing.

I nodded, considering. I didn't exactly like to coach without being in on the action. Cassi was bouncing up and down, she was too excited today, alright, I guess that would work. I answered a minute later.

I dashed off and came back in human form and dressed, "Alright, since we can't hear you and you can't hear us yet, we're going to do this the old fashioned way. I'll be coaching, and Cassi will walk you through the demos."

The other wolves nodded. Good, they'd listen for a while anyways, now to just see what they can do.