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Danni is just your typical shapeshifting werewolf teenage girl from New Hampshire. She's got friends, a family, and a pack of twelve that she would literally die for. But what happens when Danni takes off because she can't stand certain people anymore? banner

Please read! My fist werewolf fanfict!

2. Chapter 2

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I woke up to the sun creeping through the trees. I uncurled myself and stretched. Last night had not gone well, the memory replayed over and over again.

I decided to go as a human for most of the day. Being a wolf had gotten a little annoying yesterday as I had to stay hidden for humans. Being a white wolf wasn’t exactly the best camouflage. I grabbed the hair tie that had managed to stay in one piece yesterday and pulled my damp brown curls into a high ponytail and started walking west.

About what seemed to be around noon, it started pouring down rain. I was glad for the cover of the trees above me, but I still ended up with soggy sneakers and a wet head. I kept walking through the newly formed mud until I could walk no more. I sat down on a large rock and cried. I dried about everything that seemed to always go wrong in my life.

Crying made me mad. Even if there was no one around to hear or see me, it made me mad to think that me, the Beta of my ex-pack would be crying because her boyfriend broke up with her and ran off with her sister. I mentally scolded myself for the incident and forced myself to start walking again, even though the sun was setting.

I found another rock, just as twilight fell, and sat down to rest for a minute. This was a bad thing to do. Tyler’s face swam in front of my eyes and I wanted to slap it. Delilah’s was next and I wrung my hands around her fictional neck, choking her picture. I then started sobbing all over again. I hate my life.

Somewhere towards the end of my sniffling, there was a noise, the sound of a twig snapping somewhere nearby. I whirled around quickly to find the source, expecting to find a man or a human head or silhouette between the trees. When I didn’t find anyone, I returned to the cave inside of myself and shut the door. I didn’t want anyone to notice me. All I wanted was to disappear, but being a white wolf didn’t really help you blend in.

I sat there for probably another half an hour before hearing the sound again. I repeated the same search I had before, but looking for any moving shape instead. I finally spotted a pair of dark brown eyes staring at me from the bushes, and then I caught the smell.

It was definitely a werewolf, that much was obvious, but I couldn’t place where he was from. He definitely wasn’t from my pack, no matter how much he looked like Ryan, he didn’t smell right.

I immediately got angrier with myself when I couldn’t place the region this new wolf was from. He was probably a local, but then again, there were no local packs around Canada. I stood and stomped about five feet from the rock I had been sitting on before losing control of my anger and phasing. Why me? Why now?

I let out a bark of annoyance, more to myself than to the other wolf who was probably following me, and took off running, trying to get rid of the aggression.

There was a bark from behind me, and I turned to see that a russet brown wolf was on my tail and gaining. He’d have me overrun within five minutes if I couldn’t focus and pull myself out of here. There was one other option, I could attack, show him who was top dog around here, but he was much bigger than I was and he’d probably end up winning.

I decided to go for it though, knowing that a fight would help with my anger management issue. I made a sharp turn and was now facing the other wolf and growled angrily at him. He held his ground.

We began circling each other, neither of us wanting to make the first move. After about seven or eights times around the small circle that was starting to form in the grass, the wolf pounced, and knocked me off all four of my feet. I smashed into a nearby tree, emitting a large crack, like lightning. I was up on my feet before I had time to actually feel the impact of the tree on my left side and pounced right back on the other wolf. I managed to pin him down and I bit him hard on the ear, showing I was willing to fight for the position of leader between the two of us.

He let out a vicious bark and threw me off his back and had me pinned on my right side and bit down on my own ear. That was the wrong thing to do. My anger got the better of me and I took it out full force on this stranger. I dug my teeth into his leg, causing him to howl in pain as I tasted blood.

He jumped off and I had the advantage now. He was busily licking his wound as a natural instinct and I took the opportunity to pounce again and this time I bit down on his ear as hard as I could. He yelped and then walked to the other side of the circle, hanging his head. I had won, for now.

The wolf shook his head and ran off into the trees. There was the familiar ripping sound as he phased back into his human form. I took off and did the same. Grabbing my hair tie after dressing, I hurried back to the small circle to see who my opponent really was. I was shocked by the boy I found waiting for me. I had not expected this.