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Danni is just your typical shapeshifting werewolf teenage girl from New Hampshire. She's got friends, a family, and a pack of twelve that she would literally die for. But what happens when Danni takes off because she can't stand certain people anymore? banner

Please read! My fist werewolf fanfict!

5. Chapter 5

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Greg arrived shortly after Jared’s outburst and the whole reason why all of us were here was brought up.

“While we were out on patrol last night, you know just making sure no leeches were around, we ran into an unlikely visitor.” Rachel said.

I mentally groaned, already knowing who the boy was, or what he looked like both as a wolf and human anyway.

“We ran into a russet brown wolf. He was defiantly not from around here, he smelled too much like wet pine. He was also completely focused on how he could get inside the neighborhood. He was looking for someone, but we couldn’t find out whom because he phased back and took off into the trees right along the river and we couldn’t track him from there.” Jared said.

“Does anyone know anything about this wolf?” Greg asked, stealing a glance in my direction.

I sighed, “I ran into him while I was blowing off some steam the past three days. We were somewhere above North Dakota when he found me, and he followed me back. I couldn’t shake him, and I’m almost positive he knows both my wolf and human scents.”

“What’s his name?” Jared asked.

“I don’t know. He just stalked me from Northern Canada.”

“Sounds like someone has a new boyfriend.” Jared teased, pissing me off.

I growled, my hands slightly shaking, “He. Is. Not. My. Boyfriend. I don’t even know who the hell he is.”

“Sorry.” Jared said, throwing up his hands, “Take it easy okay, it’s just a little joke.”

“I don’t care if it’s a joke or not. Right now, I’m the only one who’s even come relatively close to him, and I don’t think he’s needed around here, so I say, just. Get. Rid. Of. Him.”

“Alright.” Greg said, “Spread the word you three, and if anyone sees him, don’t think twice about chasing him off. We don’t need another wolf, especially a stranger like this one. Meeting adjourned.”

Cassi and I stood and walked back to the car. It was noon.

“Are you ready to go and baby-sit?” She asked as we pulled out of the sand lot.

“I’m ready for anything that doesn’t involve the pack.” I said, leaning my head back against the headrest.

We sped off in the direction of town, on our way to go baby-sit a couple of demon children.

We arrived in, once again, record time. The two boys were sitting in the small window seat of the house, watching with gleaming eyes as we got out of the car and started for the door. I could hear both of them yelling.

“Mommy! Cassi and Danni are here! Mommy, Daddy, you can leave now!” they both shouted.

I let out a small giggle. These boys never ceased to amuse me. They chuck their parents out the door, only to cry tomorrow about them not coming back when they wanted them to.

“You ready?” I whispered.

“Yep,” She hissed back, “It’s time to have some fun with the demon children.”

I rolled my eyes at her as we stepped through the open front door.

The boys were perfect, as they usually were when we babysat, and gave us very little trouble.

I was fixing the twins macaroni and cheese for dinner around five or six when I smelled it.

It was the ever so rare, sickly scent of a local vampire. My hands began to shake, a natural reaction to the smell.

“Take the boys downstairs.” I told Cassi, who was watching me for instructions, “Lock them in there of you have to, just make sure they can’t get back up here. Then come and join the fun.”

She smiled deviously as she led the two down and into the finished basement that doubled as a playroom. As soon as the door clicked shut, the back one opened and I saw my newest chew toy. This one was fast though, and I didn’t have time to phase before I was knocked backwards into the back wall of the kitchen.

Leaping to my feet, I phased and took off after the vampire as he dashed through the forest, trying to get away.

My white feet pounded the ground almost silently behind him. I could easily outrun him, but where was the fun in that? The only thing I could hear for the moment was my own thoughts. No one else had noticed the scent yet.

There was another loud, ripping sound from back at the house, and Cassi’s mind joined mine.

Where are you? She asked.

In the woods; I’m trying not to outrun the leech so you can have some fun too.

Alright, I’m on my way.

The sound of her feet pounding the ground to catch up was closer than I had thought. But when I turned, expecting to see her behind me, it wasn’t. And the source of my earlier anger was back. The russet brown wolf was right behind me, trying to take down the vampire himself.

What the hell are you doing here?

Who me? Cassi thought.

No, not you. The other wolf.

What other wolf?

The one who I’ve told you about.

Well, kill him. She suggested.

Why you little…. The russet wolf thought as he growled at her.

Did you hear that? I asked Cassi.

Hear what?

Never mind. I thought as I followed the vampire while managing to keep the russet wolf behind me.

Cassi popped up to my left and joined me as we aced off. She noticed the wolf and started talking trash about him. I shot her a warning look, explaining he could hear her.

The vampire, it turned out, had some friends with him. Four to be exact. It was one of the largest covens I had ever seen.

Cassi, you take the left two, I’ll take the front two and we’ll come together for our new friend.

What about me? The new wolf asked.

You, you get to sit back and watch.

But that’s not fair.

Haven’t you heard that life isn’t fair? Now, I’m the Beta here, and you get to start at the bottom of the totem pole and work your way back up.

I surged forward, taking the first vampire by surprise and knocking him into a tree before ripping him limb from limb.

Cassi was busy with her two, and the new wolf actually listened to me.

I went towards the last one, but was tackled by our newest “friend” and smacked into one of the nearby rocks. It was evitable that one of my arm had been broken. The vampires grinned, knowing that I was weakened for the moment.

I laid there, limp, while the two vampires stalked forward, unbelievably amused by what they had done. I glanced over at Cassi, who was still fighting with her second, and caught her attention.

Her red form bounded over and knocked one of the vampires off of his feet, pinning him to the ground. But, something happened, and I’m not sure what exactly, but it seemed like time slowed down and the vampire that Cassi had pinned got up and walked back in front of me, crouching down so we were face to face.

“Do you like my little trick, dog?” He said, laughing after.

I didn’t answer, I couldn’t anyway. The leech blinked and there was a thud as Cassi hit the ground where the vampire had been.