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Danni is just your typical shapeshifting werewolf teenage girl from New Hampshire. She's got friends, a family, and a pack of twelve that she would literally die for. But what happens when Danni takes off because she can't stand certain people anymore? banner

Please read! My fist werewolf fanfict!

6. Chapter 6

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This is bad. This is very, very, very, bad. If this leech could manipulate time, or at least slow it down, then we’re up against something new. I would need back up anyway; my arm wasn’t going to fix itself in any short amount of time.

Cassi, go and get Greg. We need help and we need it NOW! I thought and she dashed off into the woods, leaving me with three vampires, a broken arm, and a new wolf.

Alright wolf, if you can hear me, then get over here and help me out.

The russet brown wolf was a blur as he dashed off at one of the leeches as they continued coming towards me. The first one, the one with the special ability that I loath, was watching me as I tried to struggle to my feet, but my left front paw gave out on me.

The leech laughed as he effortlessly lifted me off of the ground and threw me into another group of rocks. I growled and tried to stand again, but to no avail.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Man that really, really hurts. I thought as I stayed down, accepting the defeat that I thought was soon to come and the parasites would probably end up ripping me to shreds anyway, that is if they could manage to get through the rest of the pack.

The russet wolf just finished tearing the leech that he had managed to catch off guard to shreds, and tossed his head into the trees which looked like it was just for the fun of it, but every wolf knows that all leeches have to be decapitated and then burned or strewn about and burned so they couldn’t pull themselves back together. He bounded over to the last vampire, and tried to catch him off guard, but it didn’t work, and he was thrown into the trees.

The leech sneered before stepping on my other front paw, and I felt it snap, it took a lot to snap our legs, and man did that hurt. I howled and I swear I could hear an increase in pace as the other wolves from our pack come racing into the small clearing. I laid there, my breathing heavy, and my jaw locked to keep from yelping again as the pain continued to seer. I could hear the paws of the other dogs really running now, and I could hear Greg shouting orders to the younger dogs that haven’t gotten the drill down yet.

I smiled, knowing my pack still cared about something anyways, and stayed down. There was a loud bark from the woods opposite from where I laid, where that russet wolf had been catapulted to, and then there was a chorus of barking. The sick leech turned towards the noise, fear filling his blood red eyes, and he looked back to me and it seemed like he was concentrating really hard on something. My breathing came faster, as well as my thoughts, and then I felt myself phasing back into my human form. The vampire sneered before lifting me up and smashing me back into the rock a few times before I started screaming. That only made him happier, there were several growls from the trees and five wolves appeared in the clearing, I could name four of them, and the fifth was my new friend.

I could feel the blood running down my cheek, and the pebbles that were stuck to my face, and I saw the shock and horror on all five of the faces. Greg was in the middle, leading and I swear if this was any other situation that he didn’t have to fight to keep me safe, that he would be crying right now. Ryan and Megan were on either side of him, and Tyler and the new wolf were furthest back, they had set up by ranking.

“Now, I’ll give your precious dog back if you let me leave and feed where I please.” The sickening leech said, trying to bargain.

I saw a look of agreement cross Tyler’s and the new wolf’s faces but Greg stood his ground, he wasn’t going to let that happen, he wouldn’t risk the innocent lives of humans just to have me be set down and the leech leave, he’d never do that. That’s why he was pack leader.

He raced off into the trees and returned seconds later as a human so he could speak to the leech. He took his place, still at the front of the group and I knew the four wolves, and the others would attack at the slightest nod in their direction.

“I’ll tell you what leech,” He said being as brutal as he dared without me getting my head chopped off, which I was thankful for, “If you put her down and swear to at least leave the state, we won’t harm you and we’ll let you leave in peace, and we won’t follow you or warn any other packs in the nearby area about you or your talent.”

The leech seemed to consider the offer for a split second, “Hmm, I don’t think so.” He placed his hand on my leg and twisted and there was a sharp crack as the bone snapped, and my scream was probably heard three cities over.

Greg glanced at Cassi and all twelve of the wolves in the pack ran forward and tackled the leech, throwing him against the rocks like a small bone with just a little bit of meat left on it, and like they had all been starved. Greg gently dragged me out from under Jared’s front paw where he had been keeping my away from the frenzy of wolves.

“Are you alright?” He asked gently.

I shook my head, I was nowhere near alright right now, and I knew I needed medical attention immediately, or at least to be home and rest for a couple of days since taking me to a hospital would raise a lot of questions when my temperature didn’t go below one hundred and twenty when they had finished fixing me.

“We should get you home and get you cleaned up, you’re a mess.” Greg said cradling my in his arms like I was an infant.

“Take me home and I’ll shoot you.” I threatened, he looked confused, “My parent’s have no idea I’m back, I can’t just show up like this, they’ll freak out and then make De and Ryan swear to never fight a leech again, even if you order them too, which they already know is almost impossible to do, and I really don’t want to start any trouble, so take me to Cassi’s. I’ll be fine there.”

“Alright, to Cassi’s it is.” He said as he started jogging off into the trees while the pack continued to tear the leech apart. I looked over his shoulder and saw Cassi and Ryan walking behind Greg and I, both looking really sorry about something, but I guess it’s just because Cassi couldn’t exactly convince anyone that I had been taken down, thus delaying their arrival to save me.