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Danni is just your typical shapeshifting werewolf teenage girl from New Hampshire. She's got friends, a family, and a pack of twelve that she would literally die for. But what happens when Danni takes off because she can't stand certain people anymore? banner

Please read! My fist werewolf fanfict!

7. Chapter 7

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It took three days for me to be able to actually move the limbs that had been broken without them seeming sore. During those three fucking days, I stayed in Cassi’s house and ate at least a fridge and a half full of food. At school, the humans couldn’t understand how we all ate so much and stayed so fit, rumor had it that all of us were enlisted in the army and were all doing early training classes after school. Crazy, I know.

Greg and Ryan came over a lot to check on me, I love them and everything, but that’s just annoying. I’m perfectly able to take care of myself, and I really didn’t need the extra help, I know they’re just trying to be helpful, but it wasn’t that helpful.

The first thing I did when I felt better is exactly what I should have done right after I got back. I packed a duffle bag of things I’ll need, like clothes and food and raced into the woods. I left a note for Cassi, giving directions to where I would be hiding out that were so twisted only she would be able to figure them out. No would know where I was going but her and me. They’d have to drag her away and cut off all four of her limbs before she told anyone where I was, we both knew she could keep a secret like this one.

The roots beneath my four feet were easily avoided and I couldn’t hear anyone’s thoughts- that was good- it meant my scent would be old by the time anyone went on patrol, and I would do anything and everything to avoid that new wolf, I just didn’t like him. I reached the border of the state in less than an hour and that’s when I heard the thoughts.

Where is she? Someone asked.

She’s not at home De thought. Her and Tyler must have come home a while after I had left.

She’s not at my place. Cassi thought, not mentioning the note at all, but I could tell she had found it.

Do you have any idea where she might go? Greg asked, this was it, they’d start searching, once Greg asked a question, it had to be answered by all members of the pack.

No, was answered simultaneously by ten wolves, all but Cassi and the new one.

Jacob, Cassi, would you two like to share something? Greg asked.

I could picture Cassi, her orange wolf keeping silent, her faced masked and ready to lie through her teeth in order to keep… Jacob… from following me.

Jacob, I wasn’t so sure about. I couldn’t picture the russet wolf keeping his mouth shut so I could leave; he seems to have a problem with that.

I turned and darted deeper into the trees, as I made my way north towards Canada and then over to the west coast, no one would follow me that way because they all knew how much I didn’t like the other wolves around there, and it’s probably where Jacob came from anyway, so why not head to the opposite place anyone would ever think to look?

My legs propelled me forward with more force than necessary, but I was glad to be out of here soon, and I was well into Canada when night fell, farther than I had been after my first night of running, and I had left later this time.

I was confident that I knew this area well enough to travel a little further tonight before resting. I was wrong all I can remember is passing the nook I had hidden in my first night, and then the first rock I rested on, but then after that, I can’t remember where I went.

I remember falling asleep, and then I woke up here, at this giant house filled with leeches. God, why is my life so twisted?

I sat up from where I laid on the soft sofa in the living room, I was in my human form, and I could smell the leech scent on the clothes I was wearing. I yawned before I noticed that there were three leeches watching me, I glared at them.

One was small, probably about my height, and her black hair stuck out in odd direction, another one who looked like her brother sat on her left, and he reminded me of Ryan, just a lot bigger. The one on the girls right was probably her boyfriend, but they all had one thing in common besides the pale skin and all they’re other vampire stuff, their eyes were gold. Not literally of course, but they were honey-colored and I couldn’t figure out why for the life of me.

The girl stood up and walked over to me, I glared at her, but did nothing more than that. I saw both guys tense when they saw me glare at the girl, but I just sat there and waited for them to threaten me or at least throw me against some rocks like all of the other vampires I’ve ever met did. What I was waiting for, never came. Instead, the girl started talking to me.

“Hi, my name’s Alice, and this is my brother Emmett, and my boyfriend Jasper. What’s your name?”

Yep, I was right about the relationships at least, “Danni.” I answered as I pulled my hair up in to a high ponytail, just the way I liked it, “Why am I here?”

“We found you in the woods about North Dakota, you were asleep and we didn’t know of any nearby packs so we brought you here to take care of you, you slept the entire run home.”

I did? I must have been tired or maybe they drugged me or something. But first I had to know where here is, because if it’s anywhere near the east coast I was leaving now.

“Where exactly is here?” I asked.

“Forks, Washington.” Nice, I was in the Olympic Peninsula in a house full of leeches. What fun, but at least I was away from my pack, and Jacob.

“And you brought me here because?” I pressed; I wanted to know their motives before I did anything stupid.

“There’s a nearby pack not far from here, and we figured that they’d love to see an outside wolf, they’ve never really known that there were any other packs around the country before, and they’d probably love to help you get where you were going.”

“Hmm… I had forgotten about the western pack… it a wonder they haven’t gone out scouting for others. I wonder why they’ve never left their land.” I mused to myself, lying through my teeth and hoping they believed me.

“Where are you from?” Alice asked after a minute.

“New Hampshire.” I answered, “I left my pack because we got into a really big argument about what we should do with the rouge lee- I mean vampire that we caught trying to terrorize the local school yesterday. No offence, but I wanted to kill it, but the rest of my pack disagreed, saying we should keep it and study it for a while. And so, I left. I didn’t want to be around them anymore anyways since my boyfriend imprinted on my younger sister and everyone knew but me and no one had the guts to tell me about it, so I consider them all bastards anyways.”

“I’m sorry.” Jasper said, it was the first time heard him speak, he sounded just like the rest of the leeches I’ve met, but he actually seemed to care, “About the whole sister boyfriend thing, not the whole rouge vampire thing. I would have killed it too if I were in your position.”

I was speechless. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say, especially to an understanding leech. That was wow… I mean, I never would have thought they actually could care about anything besides their own kind and how much they loved to drink blood.

“Wow… thanks.” I said, still somewhat shocked.

Jasper smiled and Alice started talking again, “The pack down in La Push would love to talk to you, I’ve already called Sam, their pack leader, and he said he’d meet you at the border at three, we can take you there, it’s not too far.”

“Wait, what border?”

“Well, you see, we have set up a treaty with the local wolves and we get one side of the area and they get the other, if one of either kind crosses the border then the other side has the ability to do what they please to the ‘intruder’.” Emmet said, putting air quotes around the word intruder and making me laugh. He really did seem pretty funny.

“Okay, I’m ready to leave whenever I guess.” I said shrugging.

“I don’t think this kid’s too bad!” Emmett said happily, “I like her, I mean; she’s pretty cool, for a dog.”

“Yeah, and you guys are pretty nice, for a bunch of leeches.” I countered and both Emmett and Jasper started laughing.

Alice had left to gather some of my things, apparently they had to go though everything to make sure I didn’t have a lighter with me in case I managed to lose it and rip the three of them to shreds. I thought it’d be really hard to get through Emmett anyway, so why bother attacking without the needed backup, and anyway, I like these guys.

The four of us set out into the woods a few minutes later and I phased and ran beside them, just barely jogging. The run took us all of five minutes and the three of the leeches stopped in the middle of a long road and waited.

I hear the sound of padded feet before they did, my wolf ears were apparently better than their leech ones. I did a peripheral search, not moving at all and I noticed the big black wolf in the trees a few feet over walking towards us.

Alice stepped forward, “Sam, this is Danni, the girl we told you about yesterday, she’s agreed to at least meet your pack.”

Sam nodded in response.

I looked up at Alice, well, we were really at eye level with each other, “Go ahead, he won’t hurt you.” She said and I stepped forward and into the unknown.