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Danni is just your typical shapeshifting werewolf teenage girl from New Hampshire. She's got friends, a family, and a pack of twelve that she would literally die for. But what happens when Danni takes off because she can't stand certain people anymore? banner

Please read! My fist werewolf fanfict!

8. Chapter 8

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I followed Sam as we raced through the tree, keeping an even pace and I could easily go much faster. The terrain here was much less rocky than it was at home. We didn't speak, or if he was trying to, I couldn't hear him, yet.

We could speak verbally though, and I really wish he would say something after a few minutes of running. We paused a little ways away from what looked like a neighborhood and he raced off into the trees until I couldn't see him anymore and returned a moment later in his human form. He looked like an older, harder version of the boy who had followed me back to New Hampshire.

I raced off and did the same, coming back changed and completely ready to answer any questions any of these wolves had for me.

"Come on, the pack's this way." He said pointing through the trees to an open beach and I could see a bonfire on one of the higher cliff tops. This would be fun.

We climbed up the worn trail that lead to the cliff top and it only took us a few minutes and it was nothing a toddler from my pack couldn't handle. There were five boys and a girl seated around the blazing fire, and then two older gentlemen, one in a wheelchair, sitting also.

"Everyone, this is Danni..." Sam paused and turned to me for my last name.

"Silverstar." I answered.

"... and she's here to tell us about her own pack from over on the east coast. She was apparently on a tracking meet and got separated from her group while out in Canada while searching for Canadian packs to for an alliance with." So he had been listening to my fake story on the run over, impressive.

He turned to me, waiting for me to start my story and I was about to dive right into the fake tale when the elder man in the wheelchair spoke, "Sam, why don't we all sit down, I'm sure that there are bound to be many questions for her to answer even after her story has been told, so we should let her make herself at home."

Sam nodded to the old man and took a seat on one of the logs. I walked over to the one log that a girl around my age was sitting at and sat next to her, but still on the end of the log.

"First off," I started, "all of you must be wondering how a wolf pack managed to travel all the way to the east coast and settle there. You didn't think you were the only ones did you?" I smirked when they stared at me, already wanting to hear more, "Well, we're all Shawnee, all of my pack are decedents of those who managed to live alongside the white settlers in secret. My people were never pushed out of the state because they taught the new settlers many things and told them fantastic stories.

"Us, like you, are obviously decedents from wolves. Our wolves are smaller than the common ones found out here, so therefore, my pack is smaller height wise than your own, but we have more members. There are twelve members total in my pack, soon to be fourteen when the Direlli twins turn fifteen in a decade, so it's not that much of a wait. Their older brother Jared is the gamma of our pack, I am the beta, and Greg Schultz is our Alpha.

"The rest are lower ranked, and you know how it is climbing your way to the top of the pack, it's the same everywhere.

"The reason I'm here is thanks to those leeches of yours who found me in the middle of Canada asleep and thought I was lost." I laughed, "Obviously now, I wasn't, but those are leeches for you. So yes, I did get separated from my pack. We've recently had an attack from a rouge leech that can slow time and manipulate it to his advantages, we have no idea where he is or what he's doing, so I suggest you all be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Any questions?" As soon as I had finished the phrase, about five hands shot into the air. I pointed to the boy across the circle from me who looked almost just like everyone else.

He stood, "My name's Jared and I just have one thing to ask, if you're really a wolf then why are you so pale?"

There was a murmur from the elder men but I waved them off politely, "Its fine, a lot of packs ask that question. Our people reproduced with the white settlers early on, knowing it would help the survival of the pack when needed, and also because of imprinting, it's the same reason why a Mexican-American child might be lighter skinned then their parents if one is white and the other is Mexican." Jared sat down.

I pointed to the next boy and started working my way around the circle, "My name's Paul, and I was wondering how you got to be beta."

"Maybe I'll show you sometime. All I need's an open clearing that's big enough to wrestle in."

"You're on, seven o'clock, tonight, anything goes."

"Not quite, no tag teaming since I'm here alone, that is unless you want to divide up your pack."

Paul looked to Sam who shook his head, "Fine, no tag teaming." He sat back down.

I pointed to the next guy, "My name's Quil and I was just wondering how old the oldest member of your pack is."

"Greg's been around for about a century, and then the rest of us just started popping up about four years back."

A chorus of "wows" went around the circle.

The next kid stood, "I'm Embry, and I was just wondering how many girls you have in your pack?"

The group laughed and the girl sitting next to me said, "Leave it to Embry to ask a question like that! My name's Leah by the way."

"Umm, it's just me and two others, Cassi and Rachel, but Rachel and Jared imprinted on each other, so it's just me and Cassi right now." I lied, leaving my sister out of this, I couldn't handle even thinking about her because Tyler's face would show up and I'd get pissed.

I was about to point to the guy who was sitting on the other side of Leah and answer his question when a howl pierced the air, I knew that wolf. It was Greg, and they were already over here and looking for me, great, the one time I really run away they have to send the entire pack out to come and find me.

I sighed and stood, facing the trees and the direction of the howl and fazed into my white wolf self and lunged down the trail. I had to go and take care of this.