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Danni is just your typical shapeshifting werewolf teenage girl from New Hampshire. She's got friends, a family, and a pack of twelve that she would literally die for. But what happens when Danni takes off because she can't stand certain people anymore? banner

Please read! My fist werewolf fanfict!

9. Chapter 9

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I found them back past the border line and at the house with the leeches, and Jacob was in front of the group defending the three vampires, Greg had obviously barked at him so he would move, but he didn't belong to our pack and didn't have to take Greg's orders.

Alice, Emmett, and Jasper stood on the front porch and watched. I leapt up by Jacob and sat down. Standing ground against Greg was only going to make him even angrier. I sighed when Jacob didn't move and laid down, resting my chin on my front paws and watched.

It took Greg five minutes to notice that I was laying there on the ground and that's when his thoughts turned to me, Danni, are you ok? Why aren't you going to fight these leeches? They're evil creatures, and we are supposed to kill them and they're hiding so close to town!

Greg, chill. I thought getting up, They're good, look at their eyes, they're gold instead of red, and they're really nice, and it's obvious that Jacob knows them and knows that they're as good as leeches get. Leave them alone and I can show you the new pack I found.

I am not going to leave them alone, they are evil bloodsucking leeches and- did you say new pack?

Yep, down in La Push, they're really nice and they ask a lot of questions.

I'm from La Push! Jacob's mind shouted.

I stayed silent, bottling the annoyance I felt for later when my entire pack and Jacob wouldn't be able to hear me mentally rant.

Show us the way! Greg said enthused.

I flipped over, literally I did a back flip and ended up facing the way I came, one of the advantages of being a smaller dog than everyone else. Alice giggled and I hear Emmett cheer as I took off into the trees hoping my pack would follow and leave the vamps alone, they did.

When I got back to the circle, there were a bunch of wolves waiting for us instead of people. I only recognized Sam, the others I had no idea about. There was a grey wolf and a sandy one and a dark brown one and well, the colors of fur varied and I only knew the black one.

I listened but could only hear the thoughts of my own pack behind me. Great, how am I supposed to introduce them all to a pack when I only know one member?

Sam seemed to know what I was thinking though and raced off and phased back into his human self.

"Danni, I assume this is the rest of your pack." He said looking at the wolves behind me. I nodded, "Then welcome. I am Sam Uley and this is Seth and Leah Clearwater," He pointed to the sandy wolf and the one grey one, "Paul," the bigger grey, "Jared," The dark brown one, "Embry," another brown wolf, "and Quil." The last was the redder wolf, like Cassi.

Greg barked a command and I backed up and he came forward as his human self.

"I am Greg Schultz, and you've already met Danni, the beta. Jared is our gamma dog," He pointed to Jared's light brown form, "His imprint, Rachel," Her soft grey coat bounced up and down as she nodded, "Cassi, Ryan- Danni's brother, Delilah- Danni's sister whose imprint is Tyler," He pointed to the red wolf, the dark brown, Delilah's golden fur, and Tyler's steal grey form, "and Erick, Aaron, Alec, and Sean are all brothers." He pointed to the four identical wolves.

Jacob stepped past me and walked over to Sam, hanging his head slightly.

"So that's where you've been Jacob, off running with the other wolves."

Jacob nodded, thinking he was going to get his head chewed off.

"Dude, there's a week before Bella's wedding, are you planning on showing?" Seth asked. I was surprised that I hadn't noticed the pack leave and return as their human selves.

I raced off to do the same with my pack, not wanting to hear Jacob's answer because he seemed mad enough already.

When I got back, followed by ten others, I saw the Greg and Sam we talking around the fire and that the rest of the pack had left for the beach below. I really didn't feel like running down the trail to get there, and that's when I spotted the water below the cliff.

"Come on guys, I know a faster way to get down there!" I called to half the group that was already starting down the trail before leaping over the cliff edge.

I caught a glimpse of Greg's head flash in my direction as he saw me go over and then Cassi was falling down after me, then Jared and Rachel. Greg's head popped over the cliff's edge right when I hit the water.

I resurfaced seconds later to see three more splashed of my friends landing in the water. I spied the shore not too far away and the entire La Push pack watching the four of us in the water. I grinned and then started swimming towards the beach.

I stepped out of the water dripping and grateful for the black shirt and bra I was wearing and the dark blue jeans too. Cassi, Jared, and Rachel followed me as I walked across the beach laughing, I couldn't help myself; the adrenaline rush was great when I jumped. I rang out my hair and pulled it back up into its pony tail and I saw Leah walk over.

"You had no idea what you were doing did you?" she asked.

"Nope, and I loved every second of it." I answered, and then I saw Jacob walking towards me.

Leah noticed him too and I'm pretty sure we both tensed at the exact same time. I glanced over at her to find her looking at me. Jacob reached us then, and I guess saw our glare from one to the other and instantly went off at Leah.

"God Leah, would you just leave the poor girl alone for five minutes before you get all pissy with her, she didn't make Sam imprint with Emily, so stop blaming other people for making you hurt!"

I started at him and I was so close to bursting out laughing when Leah socked him one right in the face, "I didn't say shit to her Jacob, we were actually enjoying ourselves before you showed up!"

That's when I burst out laughing. This was great; Leah actually understood what I was going through with losing Tyler, because apparently the same thing had happened between her and Sam a while back. And now she went off at the biggest annoyance of my life for me! I love this girl already!

Jacob staggered backwards a step or two before looking at me as I was doubled over laughing. I stood up and walked over to Leah, "Nice one."

"Thanks." She said after a minute.

"Hey, when's dinner?" I asked and she laughed, and Jacob looked completely stunned.

"It'll be a while still, Emily still has to finish cooking, and... she doesn't know we have guests!" Her head shot up and she turned to Jacob, "How are we going to feed all of them?"

He shrugged, "Sam and Emily will figure something out."

Leah rolled her eyes at him as she lead me over to where the rest of the pack was hanging out, "Guys, we have twelve new wolves here, and they're all going to get hungry eventually, and we need to feed them all, so, what are we gonna do?"

They stared at her like she had just spoken to them in Chinese.

Now it was my turn to snap at them all, "Look, my pack is here and I have no idea how long Greg intends on staying, but we need to eat too, and there's no way we have enough money to afford all the pizza we'd need with us right now, so we're going to have to figure something out. And if you fucking lot of sand can't comprehend that then you shouldn't even be alive right now." The guys instantly jumped back to life and started talking. I looked over to find Leah grinning at me.

"Thanks, they never listen to me; no one has for about two years."

"I'm sorry, and you're welcome." I smiled back at her and then turned to find Paul because I was getting bored.

"Hey Paul, how about I show you how I managed to get the beta spot now instead of later."

He stood, excited, "You're on." He jumped over the group of guys and landed next to me, "Follow me; that is if you can keep up."

"Why don't you just try to keep up with me honey?" I said and there was a chorus of ooohs from the guys before I phased.

Paul growled before he ripped out of his clothes and took off into the woods after me, I could hear a chorus of "Man, we gotta go see this" coming from the beach and then there were several more ripping sounds as the others from both packs phased. Tyler's voice was the first in my head.

Hey wait up!

What the fuck do you want? I thought back icily.

I want to apologize about what happened the other week, it was wrong of me to keep that from you, I should have just told you when I found out.

Apology not accepted. I thought back.

No, really, I am sorry, I never wanted this to happen, you were the best thing that's ever happened to me Danni.

I laughed mentally, yeah, was being the key word, it's over Tyler and there's nothing you can do to change it, so why don't you sit this fight out and go make out with my sister?

That stung, and I knew it did, but honestly, he just needs to realize I need to be left alone right now, and this fight with Paul will definitely help me blow off steam.

Hey, what are the rules? Cassi asked.

I smiled, anything goes, but no tag teaming, although I wonder if the no tag teaming still is a rule since we outnumber them, it probably is though.

She sighed, Man, and I wanted in on the action too.

Well then, go and pick your own fight! I thought as I stopped in a large clearing, this would be perfect for our match.

I stood in the middle of the clearing barely panting and waiting for Paul to show up. Cassi arrived next and stood on the outside edge of the clearing, and then Paul showed, followed by the rest of both packs except for Sam and Greg who were skipping, or at least still running behind.

I grinned when Paul took the classic fighting stance, and I just stood there waiting for the first attack to come, which I would go down with, pretending to be weaker than I really was, and the shove him off of me. This was going to be easy; I've taken on bigger wolves than him before.

Paul I could already tell, was thick headed, and was all up for a fight and didn't like to think his moves through, you could tell a lot by the stance a wolf takes, like me, if he was smart, he'd realize that I had this whole fight already planned out in my head.

He launched himself at me and I merely had to duck to stay out of his paw's swipe, and he went head first into a tree. He was back on his feet quickly and came right back for more, but he expected me to duck again, when instead I went up on my hind legs and came down on top of him, sinking my paws into his back.

He howled and flipped me over so that I was on the bottom, I had expected this, this is how all of the younger wolves in my pack fight, and they all figure they can easily take down a girl, just like Paul.

Cassi barked a laugh as I shoved him off of me easily, and I sat down and pretended to groom myself.

What the hell is she doing? Paul's going to kill her! Jacob's mind shouted.

I heard Paul come back at me, and I waited patiently, hiding the stick I had picked up on the way here behind my back and out of sight to both Paul and the other pack. Paul stopped a couple feet from me when I flicked an ear in his direction, waiting. He was thinking, good, he was a fast learner, but not fast enough because I turned, holding the stick in my mouth and probably looking like a puppy. He spotted the stick and lunged for it like the dog he was, and I chucked it into the trees and he took off after it.

My entire pack barked a laugh in unison as Paul went searching for the stick, and the La Push wolves started at me as I just sat there and waited for him to come back. They were all learning, but not fast enough, this was how I trained the younger pups, but by the looks of their pack they all had to have at least a year's experience underneath them. They should already be past this point and if Paul was their toughest then I was going to be stuck here for a while training them.

Cassi barked and I turned to her, I hadn't heard what she had been thinking.

Huh? I asked.

He's three miles in, that was a really good throw Danni, but he's getting mad, I just know it.

So? Let him be mad, and he'll pay for his mistake when he gets back, you all know how this is going to end. I thought and then turned to where the sound of padded feet was coming from.

I continued to sit there in the grass and wait for the wolf, and as I did, I was thinking, and thinking hard, how long would we be here? Would Greg go home tonight and try to drag me with him? Is Leah really trying to be my friend and understand what I've been through? Is Jacob trying to get on my nerves by thinking of a billion ways to protect me when Paul comes back? That question shut Jacob up.

Paul's form blasted from the trees and he lunged right for me, I stood, taking my usual fighting stance and growled at him. His first instinct was to take the challenge, and he began to circle me, his grey form moving quickly around the edge of the circle. My ears were pinned to the back of my head, and I started snarling, yeah, snarling at him as he kept getting closer and closer to me. That's when I heard the footsteps. I spun around, searching for the source of the sound of the padded paws, looking hard into the trees back towards the beach. I listened for thoughts, but I couldn't hear any.

My pack was ready to bolt at a thought's notice; we've had experiences like these before, where a stray wolf comes and tries to take position of the alpha in the existing pack. Paul tackled me, but when I didn't respond and I stayed down, eyes fixed on the trees, he got off and started pacing behind me.

I then started hearing the thoughts of the new wolf and I felt my eyes go wide. I knew that wolf; he was the only other wolf who had been able to take me down except for Greg. Stark, he was here, again, and looking for me of course. My life was turning out to be perfect right now wasn't it? Not!

Ryan stood in front to me while I tried to think of something to do. My mind raced, knowing that Stark could hear me too. Ryan was ready for anything, his teeth bared and him taking the fighting stance I taught him a while back. I thought out every possible end to this situation, except for the one that actually happened.

I sat up and looked around, thinking of the quickest way out of the clearing and into water off of the beach. That's when I heard Greg coming towards us, he could smell Stark and he knew it was bad news for me and the rest of the pack if he let Stark get anywhere near us.

Stark had shown up to our neighborhood a year ago, lost and alone, and he had no idea what was happening to him, and so we took him in, but he wasn't normal, at all. He attacked me with a butcher's knife when I was out on patrol one night and that was the end of his stay, I still have the scar on my back to prove it.

The only question now was who was going to make it here first?