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The Story of Esme

How it began. How it happened. How it ended and how it was revived. A look into the life of Esme Cullen.

This is my first attempt at writing more than just a short story. I have always loved Esme and she is one of my favorite characters in Twilight so i jus thad to tell her story the way I've imagined it.

12. Chapter 12

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I married Charles a few months later, only two weeks before my twenty-third birthday. A part of me thought that I had only agreed to it because when I was around him, I felt a little bit of Jack there as well. It was like inside him, there was my late fiancé. Another part of me said I only married him because of my parents’ insistence that I do it. I mean, I loved Charles but it was nowhere near to the love I had felt for his brother. It wasn’t as strong or as deep as it had been with Jack. But, nevertheless, it was there and I tried to be as happy as I could. I smiled at everyone and made my rounds at the wedding reception, saying hello to all of the guests and danced with my father for the traditional father/daughter dance. I was as lively as I could be considering I had just wed my deceased fiancé’s younger brother. I was either absolutely insane or, well actually, there is no other option. I was insane.

We moved into a townhouse in the city, closer to the publishing firm that he worked at. Our home was quaint while still being large, with three bedrooms, a large kitchen and a yard in the back where I could grow a garden like I’d always wanted. Charles provided for me, giving me anything and everything I needed to make our new home presentable to company, of which we had much of considering the dinner parties I was expected to hold for his bosses and even some of his clients. I remained the Esme everyone knew, the one with a fiery spirit and an opinion for everything. But nevertheless, I was a good wife and he was a good husband…at first.

During our third month of marriage, we invited Charles’ boss, Mr. Phillip Kendall, as well as his pretty, young wife Violet, nearly twenty years his junior, to dinner at our home. At the time, my husband was vying desperately for a partnership at the firm and the dinner was more of a chance to show that he was a good man for the job, both in the office and at home. It was only to impress Mr. Kendall but, as the understanding woman I was, I agreed to plan out a meal bordering on profligate. We’re talking three courses not including the hors d’oeuvres that I prepared for a pre-meal treat. I went to work on the food preparation nearly five days prior to the actual feast. But it felt good to be helping the husband I cared for in his pursuit of a better position at his job.

Anyways, when Mr. and Mrs. Kendall arrived at our home, Charles and I greeted them warmly.

“Hello Mr. Kendall,” Charles began, hand held out as an invitation to shake it. “I’m glad you could join us this evening.”

“Oh Charles, call me Phillip tonight,” his superior boomed authoritatively as they shook hands. Then, with a slight wink, he added, “We aren’t in the office, after all.”

It was our cue to laugh, knowing it would be rude to have Phillip being the only one laughing, especially at his own joke. As I laughed, I noticed him looking at me and I bowed my head shyly.

“My, who is this stunning creature you have here?” Phillip asked, looking to Charles and then back at me.

Charles pulled me close by the waist and I extended my hand to him.

“I’m so sorry I forgot to introduce you, Phillip. This is my wife Esme,” he said, watching as his boss took my hand and kissed it gentlemanly.

“So nice to meet you,” I said, smiling as sweetly as I could. “I have some hors d’oeuvres and drinks in the other room if you two will join me.”

Leading them to the sitting room, I was followed by Phillip, then Charles, and finally, Violet in her beautiful, plum-colored dress and matching shoes, looking more like a china doll than a wife. She was very pretty, I’ll admit, with her auburn hair and silvery grey eyes. I felt slightly outshined by her and I felt as though Charles was looking at her strangely but in a way that made me slightly jealous.

For the next hour while I waited for dinner to be done in the oven, the four of us chatted on lots of topics, many of which I was passionate about as the educated and opinionated woman I was. When it came time for dinner, we stood and entered the dining room, which was lit only by candles, to begin our feast. Even as we sat down, the men were in heated debate over the war. I stayed out of it, not wanting to get too into it for fear that I might bring up Jack, which would ruin the entire evening. So instead, I began talking with Violet.

“How long have you and Charles been married?” she asked me, her voice being much more mature than she appeared to be.

“Oh, going on four months now,” I replied graciously, noticing how she was sizing me up, as if I were competition of some sort. Maybe I was just a little impaired from the wine I’d had while eating in the sitting room, but then again…

“Well I think that that is just splendid,” she said, smiling with a smile that shone like the stars in the sky. “You two are a stunning couple. And what a catch, if I may say so myself.” She eyed him for a moment and they made contact for less than a second, as if passing some secret message with their eyes.

I truly was jealous of this gorgeous woman who sat beside me. I was even more jealous as to the effect she was beginning to have on my husband and I tried to keep her busy to prevent further bewitchment.

“Thank you. I think that Phillip is quite a man as well,” I exclaimed, smiling a look-at-my-husband-like-that-again-and-see-what-happens smile. It was a warning, which she took seriously since she didn’t once look at Charles again for the rest of the night.

And so the conversations between everyone went on as planned, jumping from topic to topic, making the evening go quite pleasantly. But there was something about Charles’ behavior that made me feel concerned. He was being very protective over me, as if Phillip was a danger or, even worse, a rival. I was a married woman after all but I wasn’t one to be disloyal. Still, Charles diverted any mention of me by Phillip to something, anything, else. It worried me how paranoid he appeared and as the evening came to a close, he stood no more than an inch away from me like he thought Phillip might take me away from him at any moment.

I only wondered why Charles would think he would need to keep me from his boss. I mean, his wife was stunning, much more so than I. Not to mention that even at his age he was still able to attain a younger woman for his companion. So why in the world would Phillip Kendall be interested in me when he had Violet? It was very confusing but I hid my bewilderment from view, keeping it from showing on my face as my husband and I bid our guests good-bye, both smiling and waving from the doorway with Charles holding me very close by the waist, his hand resting on my hip.

Suddenly, after I closed and locked the front door, I was caught off guard by a fist meeting the left side of my jaw, causing me to black out for roughly twenty seconds. I was on the floor in moments, not realizing until I could see again that it was Charles who’d hit me. I was still disoriented and in shock as he leaned over me, hand raised but unmoving.

“Don’t you ever act like that again, do you hear me?” he snarled, eyes blazing with fury.

I didn’t know what he was talking about and he obviously saw that fact evident on my face. .

“I saw you smiling at Phillip and working your charms on him like a common prostitute,” he accused, face twisted and red. “ You were flirting with him all night.”

I was still stunned and confused so he went on with his allegations.

Smiling maniacally, he asked, “What? You didn’t think I’d notice?” He laughed and then turned serious again. “You like him don’t you, you little bitch?”

I’d never have expected this from him. It took me another few seconds to comprehend all that had just occurred. My husband had just hit me because he thought I was flirting with his boss. I didn’t even know how to react. I’d never been faced with a situation like this one before. There was no protocol, no set of instructions to tell me what to do or how to respond to Charles’ baseless charges. So, once I could see clearly again, I looked at him in astonishment.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Charles,” I said quietly.

Instead of hitting me this time, he kicked me in the gut, knocking the wind out of me and nearly breaking one of my ribs.

“Don’t you dare lie to me, Esme,” he snapped, still bent over me.

“I’m…not…lying...,” I said between gulps of air.

His eyes opened wide with rage, going from their normal deep blue to blackish blue, as if his anger had made his eyes change color.

“So what? Do you think I’m crazy? Do you think I was seeing things? Hallucinating?” he roared.

Though my face didn’t betray the strength I had inside of me, a few helpless tears managed to escape from my eyes. When he saw this, it was like Mr. Hyde turning back into Dr. Jekyll; his face went softer, though I wouldn’t consider it apologetic, and he knelt down beside me. I flinched when he took my broken, bleeding face in his hands.

“Tell me you love me,” he murmured in a calmer but still firm tone. “Tell me that you’ll never act like that again with any man you and that will be mine forever.”

I was speechless but at least he was reading me the lines, making it easier to get up the nerve to open my mouth. Still, I hesitated, which made a bit of that old anger swell up again in his face.

“I love you Charles. I’ll never act how I’ve acted tonight with any man ever again and I will always be yours…forever,” I choked, the words dishonesty making me feel nauseous and just plain old sick to my stomach.

Charles kissed me hard on the mouth and I tried to kiss back for fear that if I didn’t, he would get angry. Then, pulling away, he smiled and caressed my cheek with the back of his hand, feeling the bruises swelling at my jaw line.

“I know you will,” he replied, looking into my puffy, red eyes. My face was blank as he walked down the hall to his office where he stayed for the rest of the night, leaving me crying and confused on the front hall floor.