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The Story of Esme

How it began. How it happened. How it ended and how it was revived. A look into the life of Esme Cullen.

This is my first attempt at writing more than just a short story. I have always loved Esme and she is one of my favorite characters in Twilight so i jus thad to tell her story the way I've imagined it.

17. Chapter 17

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It seemed like forever that I was on that train. Trees passed me by in a blur of fall oranges and golds and reds, making a stunning view for passengers like myself. I had never been to Wisconsin before; Lillian had always come to visit us, not the other way around, which didn’t bother me the least. It was just the prospect of moving to a whole new place that had me, well, not unnerved, but more anxious. I’d never been to Milwaukee so, naturally, I made up guessed of what it would be like in my head. I imagined it to be smaller than Columbus, but still bigger than a small town. Trees lined the sidewalks and everyone knew everyone. Children played baseball and hopscotch in the streets, running out of the way when one of those new cars came by, admiring it in awe. This was what I imagined it would be like and this was the kind of place I wanted to raise my child. It gave me hope.

We arrived at the train station after roughly two days. I was exhausted, having gotten little sleep due to the bumpy ride and morning sickness. So when I came stumbling off the train onto the platform, two bulky suitcases in hand, it wasn’t a surprise that people looked at me awkwardly. I searched the crowd for Lillian and her husband, Thomas, finding them near the entrance to the lobby standing idly as they tried to seek me out. As soon as she saw me, Lillian ran to me as if we were children again, embracing me with a surprisingly strong grasp. Once I started gasping for air, she got the hint and let go. I beamed at her, standing back to get a good look at my cousin and how she’d changed since we last met.

“Oh my gosh,” I began, raising my eyebrows. “You look fantastic…but your still short as ever.”

She frowned playfully and put her hands on her hips.

“Well, you’re just as observant as always Mimi. But you failed to notice your own appearance, apparently,” she replied, scrutinizing me as I had her and using her my old nickname. I laughed even if the joke was on me. It was a good one.

Then Thomas entered the conversation.

“Let’s just call it a draw, all right ladies?” he said smiling, his tall lanky body towering over us both.

I gave him a hug and he kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“Hello Tom,” I laughed.

“Hello Esme,” he echoed, happiness evident in his voice.

It was all good and dandy until I saw Lillian taking in my rather troubling appearance and obviously fragile state.

“You look like death. Have you eaten or slept at all lately,?” she asked, genuinely concerned.

“I had bologna sandwich when we stopped in Illinois yesterday and I caught a few hours of sleep,” I said plainly, trying to play it off as nothing to worry about. I looked at her to see what her expression was, realizing she wasn’t buying it for a moment.

“Really. I’m fine, Lill,” I assured her, giving her another embrace.

“No, Esme, you’re not,” she disagreed, ushering me to the front of the station where their new automobile was parked. “ You and I both know you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.”

Then she added, “So let’s get you home and you can get whatever you need. You can bathe, eat, sleep, or all three. I don’t care. I just want you to be comfortable.”

And so, having been dominated by Lillian’s persistence, I followed her and Tom as they strolled down the street, my cousin’s light blonde hair glistening in the sunlight. I gazed dreamily at the way they walked so close to each other, arms linked in affection and nearness. In a way, it made me miss having the love of a man and loving him back in return. I felt slightly lonely, almost melancholy, as I stepped right along beside them, taking discreet glances their way to see how they expressed their adoration so tenderly. And it was a funny thing when I thought of my true love; rather than an image of Jack popping up in my head, it was that of a blonde doctor who I had met what seemed like lifetimes ago, Carlisle Cullen.

Why I imagined him when I thought of my soul mate was beyond me but for some reason, it just fit. I know you probably think I should have felt bad for not thinking of Jack and I did, but I had to admit that this was what my heart was telling me and I had to follow it. Every time I had ignored my heart’s direction, I had been blown into treacherous waters. So I decided that if I was going to start out fresh, I was going to live my life by listening to the little voice inside and following my intuition to wherever it might have taken me. I believed deeply in fate and he idea that some things are just meant to happen, regardless of whether they made sense or not. So I was going to stop fighting the current and instead allow myself to be guided by destiny.

“We’re here,” Lillian announced, shaking me out of my thoughts and back into reality. “I’m sorry it’s so small but it should be enough until you figure things out.”

I smiled and nodded my head.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be staying but for now, thank you,” I replied graciously, giving Lillian a thank-you-for-helping-me-out-and-standing-by-me look. She knew what I meant and nodded her head back.

Once inside the house, I took my bags up to the room Lilly said I’d be staying in and unpacked. I felt disgusting and knew that a nice warm bath might be the best thing for me right now. So I took my things into the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water, mixing some lavender oil into it to give it a nice scent. Then, as I gently undressed and lowered myself down into it, I couldn’t help by close my eyes and think relaxing thoughts. My position allowed me to peer down at my belly, where the child in my womb remained for now. I thought happy thoughts, hoping that he or she would hear them and feel better about coming out into the world. I thought of tree climbing and laying in the fields to watch the clouds float by. I thought of how it felt to be in love and to be loved back and how much I adored my growing child, despite the fact that I’d never even met them. I didn’t need to meet my child to love them, that was for sure.

And soon I found myself dozing off in the tub, listening to my and the baby’s heartbeat thump in unison as if they were perfect matches to each other. I might have been imagining the beat of my child’s heart, but I wasn’t imagining the feeling I felt wash over me. I found myself happy.