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My Winged Twilight

(In the story, it isn't Bella, it's me, but i have wings, its a little strange but this is kind of how i wish it could be, some people are from my life.) A winged girl. A family of vampires A whole new adventure. And I just need to say it's not going to be the normal me, I’m obviously going to add more...I don‘t know, not normal stuff.


1. Chapter 1 fledgling

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Oh. My. God.

I think as I walk into the cafeteria, that was one of the worst days of my life! I grab a bottle of water and go to sit by Rebecca, my first new friend, she has brown hair and blue eyes, her hair is slightly longer then mine, which is dyed black. My eyes were a weird violet colour, and had been since my 16th birthday, I wore sunglasses over them so no one really noticed. I sat down with a sigh.

“Hey” Becky smiles “Long day?” I roll my eyes and nod

“The worst, boys are so immature” I complain

“Yeah, ever wonder why we need them?” she laughs

“Every damn day!” I join her laugh

“So what do you think of Forks?” Becky changes the subject

“Its…wet” I state, we exchange looks and burst out laughing again.

“You could say that” she chuckles.

I glance around the cafeteria in boredom, but my eyes attach themselves to a certain table with five certain people seated there.

As I see them, information fills my head, I see them running, hunting, killing and draining blood from deer and bears.

“My god” I breathe

“Lauren, are you okay?” Becky frowns with concern, at that moment the seemingly youngest looks up, our eyes meet and lock, his bronze hair looking perfect on his god like head, he’s gorgeous, strangely I don’t blush, I pale. I can see inside his memories, I see him as he died.

No, I think, he can’t be dead, he’s right there!

“Lauren!” Rebecca shakes me and I realise I’m holding my head, my eyes squeezed shut “Lauren, I think you should see the nurse, you look pale” she says worriedly

“Im fine” I snap, trying to stand but swaying dangerously, Rebecca jumps up and takes my arm, she leads me out of the room and as soon as I reach the door I feel better.

“Ok, I’m ok now” I take a deep breath.

I glance over my shoulder and saw the whole table of, of whatever they were, watching me, the one with bronze hair is frowning.

I lean against the wall but my back feels weird, I frown and reach around under my shirt to see if there’s anything there. I freeze as my hand touches something soft and feathery.

“What is it?” Rebecca asks. I wrench my hand back, pulling something away with it, when Becky looks down at my hand she gasps, I glance down and my throat closes up.

I glance back at the bronze haired boy and he’s staring at me, something like confusion and frustration on his face, and I realise, he knows, he really knows what is in my hand, and I’m confused, because, there, lying on my pale fingers is a pure white fledgling feather.


I grab Becky’s arm and drag her off down the hall and into the bathroom.

She frowns at me but seeing my expression doesn’t comment.

“So, the guy you were eyeing, his name is Edward Cullen” she says conversationally, I nod distractedly. I start undoing the buttons on my shirt so I could look in the mirror at my back.

“Whoa, wait, what are you doing?” Becky frowns

“There’s something on my back, I want you to look at it” I explain, pulling my shirt off, she ignores my black bra; her eyes are glued on my back, wide and amazed.

“What is it?” I ask worriedly

“You have wings!” she exclaims. I spin and look in the mirror, and sure enough, there are two white pearly wings attached onto my back, I gasp, flexing the muscles in my back and the wings open, about 13 feet wide each side, they fit right into my spine.

Suddenly I want to fly, to be free. I smile in amazement.

I try flexing my muscles again and my wings flap, it’s a huge bathroom so I manage to hover a little bit off the floor, Becky is smiling too.

“You can’t tell anyone” I tell her and I land again, somehow managing to fold my wings again, the slide back between my shoulder blades, hidden from view unless you’re right behind me.

She nods seriously.

“I know, and don’t worry, you can trust me” she tells me, patting my arm.

I smile and nod, we leave the bathroom as the bell rings and I head off to biology.