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Red Orchid

This story is about Bella and Edward. How surprising.

Is Bella being changed?

Is she be losing someone dear to her?

Is Victoria causing any more trouble?

And what's with that strange room with the throne that keeps showing up in Alice's visions.. Does it actually exist or is Alice being deceived?

It all depends on Bella's future.
Fortunately Alice can foresee what will be happening.
But what will happen when that future suddenly isn't that clear anymore? Visions are changing and Alice is losing her confidence in what she's seeing. It has to make sense doesn't it?


1. Victoria?

Rating 4/5   Word Count 1702   Review this Chapter


When I opened my eyes, all I saw was white. I quickly closed them again. Now, all I saw was black again. Ah, that felt good, the sparkling white hurt my eyes. Not even a second later I heard just a tiny little creak. It was so small, I wouldn’t even have noticed it if I wasn’t listening very carfully. I was alert in less than a second after I'd heard it. I almost scared myself with how quick I reacted. But I still didn't open my eyes. If something happened, it would happen. If SHE was in my room, then screaming wouldn't have much effect anyway. For my closed eyes, very realistic, I saw her fire red hair, with matching eyes. When I felt a miniscule breeze touch my face I trembled. This wasn’t Victoria! I could recognize this sweet addicting scent everywhere and always.

"Edward!" I croaked with my dry throat while my eyes flew open. The white didn't even hurt anymore. It was completely off my list of important things right now.
"Goodmorning, my love", he softly said with my favourite crooked smile.
“Oh, I love the way how fantastic you look in the morning,” he grinned, teasing.
"Thank you so much, that was just what I wanted to hear. And could you not scare me like that the next time you come in when I’m not awake?” I requested, suddenly wide awake and filled with happiness because the one that showed up in my room was him en not her.

This was ten times better than the way I normally woke up in the morning. That was when Charlie screamed up the stairs that he was gone, or by the irritating beeps from my beeper. Edward put his arms around me and we sat like that for minutes, though ik seemed like seconds. I wanted it to last forever.

Okay, so maybe waking up like this was not ten times but a hundred times better than usual.

Still embraced in our hug, he answered my earlier request. I felt his icecold breath tickle the tiny hairs in my neck and I shuddered, in a pleasant way.

"I’m so sorry, what can I do to make you forgive me, my love?” he asked, his voice sounded like liquid gold.

I could say with hundred percent certaincy that his eyes looked just the same, and I had to resist the temptation to look up to his face.
He turned me around to look in my eyes. When I saw his eyes, I knew my suspection about them was right. They burned right through me, and somewhere in the back of my mind I had the idea that I had to say something important, but I was so distracted by his beautiful eyes that I totally forgot.
My heart stopped, my breathing was starting to get difficult. It wasn’t until he looked at me with concern that I noticed I was staring him with big eyes.

"You did it again! You distracted me..” I accused him, with his idiotic innocent eyes.

Suddenly what I had to say popped back in my mind.

"I don’t think I can forgive you... I was so scared...” I acted to see if he believed, which of course he didn’t.
"Oh poor Bella.” He played with. “How can I ever make it up to you..?” He exclaimed dramatically.
"Well, there is one way of course which helps me with the problem of you scaring me. When you do that I’d have a veeeery long time to get used to you scaring me.”

He got the point I was getting at. He looked at me with dead serious eyes. Did I see a blink of humor or was it just my imagination?

"Okay, are you ready?”
"I’m always ready for being with you for an eternity.”
”Right here, right now?”
"Yeah,” I said casually, trying to hide my building tension.
"There we go,” he said, as he came closer and closer to my neck with his lips.

I am ready for this, three days pain, I can live with that, leaving Charlie and Renee..., I thought. Well, if I am ready for this, why do I feel the tendency to go to the bathroom and throw up?

He was still coming closer. I was sitting up, one hand he was using to softly hold my face steady at the front of my chin, the other he used to hold my hand.
Coming at the point when he had reached my neck. He put his nose to it and inhaled very deeply. Clearly he was enjoying it, because he groaned.

"Is it bearable?” I asked him.
"It’s so bearable I could do it forever..” he answered with a slight sigh. “I don’t want to take it away from you Bella. It would be such a waste to turn you into something like me. You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever known. I don’t want you to loose your soul when you have other options...” He had pulled away his face from my neck.
"But?” I asked, because I noticed the hesitation in his voice.
"Since you want this so badly, I was thinking...” Was he a bit sad? ”Why put you under danger of more life threatening situations? Why not do it now?” He smiled, definitely sad.
"Edward...” I started, but then didn’t knew what I wanted to say so I stopped. I just looked him in his eyes. “Please do it...” I finished my sentence. He looked at me once more. When he finally bend forward the doubt was still in his eyes.
I felt his icecold lips touch my jaw, just for a brief second. Then they moved to the warm, soft skin of my neck.
Waiting for the pain looked like waiting for Edward’s return, months ago when he left me. It looked like forever.
When I finally calmed down (my heart was still racing at 150 heartbeats a minute or so) the only thing I felt was his breathing inside my neck. How long had passed now? I didn’t knew. It could be 2 seconds since his lips had reached my neck, it could just aswell be an hour. I wasn’t aware of time. The only thing I was aware of was his breathing, quiet and even.

Finally, I felt pain. For a second I thought: “Is this it?” But I knew this wasn’t the same pain as when James bit me in my hand. It didn’t sting, it certainly didn’t burn. This was a numb pain in my chest, just like I had felt when he left... The only difference was that there was no hole. My heart ached like someone had pulled it out, jumped up and down on it on the street, and put it back in.


"Sorry,” he whispered to my neck. I heard sincerity in his voice. “I can’t do it right now. I’m not ready.”
I started to shake. I wondered whether it was from his chilly breath in my neck, or the way his voice sounded. I put my hands on his chest en pushed. It was like pushing to a brick wall, so I had to put some force behind it.
He finally let me push him back, so I could look at his face. His eyes were full of sorrow. He knew how much I wanted this. I saw in his eyes that he spoke the truth when he’d said he wasn’t ready.

I simply hugged him. My heart still ached. Now I realized it wasn’t aching because of disappointment. It was aching because I hated to see my angel this sad.

"It’s allright,” I finally spoke, “I want you to do it when you’re ready” my voice trembled.
"Thank you,” he said with a smile that sparkled like a thousand diamonds.
"Now, I will make you breakfast. You go and change... Oh, and Bella?” He asked.
"Yeah...?” I wondered what he was going to say.
"Please don’t brush your hair, I like it like this.” He breathed to my face. He must’ve known that I was going to get sulky because his eyes were golden around the irises. He had a good covered grin on his face. He knew too that I couldn’t get mad at him when he used his eyes and scent on me.
"Okay,” I just said, keeping my face neutral. “If you really like it, I’ll keep it like this. I think Alice and Rosalie will like to keep me locked in front of the mirror for hours. Too bad, I’ll be trapped in there for God knows how long.. What did you want to do today, because I think we need to adapt the program for today, and besides-..”
"Bella! Okay, I was joking... I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.” He interrupted, the grin still there.

He gave me a quick kiss and then descended downstairs. Five minutes later I came down too.
"Like the hair,” he smiled, with shameless mock.
"Food,” was my answer.
"Voilá mademoiselle,” he said with a bright voice.

He held out a seat and when I sat down he shoved it so I could sit. He walked over to the stove and put my breakfast on a plate. He had made scrambled eggs. I never had liked this very much, so I snorted.

"Yeah, I know it’s not your favorite, but I thought, maybe you’ll like my version,” he said with his musical voice still cheerful.
I pricked it on my fork and tasted... This were the most delicious scrambled eggs I ever ate.
"Okay, this is better than a granola bar and some milk. I admit. What have you put in them?”
"Oh, you know, secret recipe. Can’t tell,” he smiled mysterious.

I grimaced at him.

Suddenly I felt really strange. Not just a little, but really, really strange..
It felt like something or someone was calling to me, but I couldn’t hear them. Like a little voice was speaking to me but in a different language.

"Edward! Do you hear it?”
"What Bella, what is it..?” He asked me, suddenly anxious.
"That voice!” I screamed, it had became ear-splitting.

It was so frustrating. It was like someone was screaming in my ear that I had to listen to them but I just could not understand!

”What do you want?!” I was screaming. I had the feeling I was being torn apart.