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Red Orchid

This story is about Bella and Edward. How surprising.

Is Bella being changed?

Is she be losing someone dear to her?

Is Victoria causing any more trouble?

And what's with that strange room with the throne that keeps showing up in Alice's visions.. Does it actually exist or is Alice being deceived?

It all depends on Bella's future.
Fortunately Alice can foresee what will be happening.
But what will happen when that future suddenly isn't that clear anymore? Visions are changing and Alice is losing her confidence in what she's seeing. It has to make sense doesn't it?


2. Out of the blue

Rating 4/5   Word Count 1452   Review this Chapter

Out of the blue

Edward looked at me with extreme worry and a look of shock on his face at my behaviour. Of course he didn’t understand! He did hear voices, but he could understand them for God’s sake!
I thought I was going to die, it was so intensely calling to me. Why didn’t it call to Edward?? He could understand!

This went on for like ten minutes. The screaming never stopped for a second.

Finally, the voice started to get weaker. Like it slowly was giving up. After some last unaudible mumbles, it stopped. It went to whispers, but didn’t disappear completely.

It was like my head cleared of all clouds that had been in it. A major feeling of relieve splashed over me. It was like being locked up in a sauna. Then like coming out and getting an ice cold shower.

I tried to hold on to the table, but my whole body trembled so much of shock that I collapsed on the floor. Edward was beside me immediatly.

”Calm down, Bella. Slowly...” he said when I tried to stand up. “Just sit down on this chair,” he insisted. He helped me up and sat me down on the chair.

After 5 minutes or so, I was calmed down enough to talk. My arms and legs had stopped trembling, but my hands were still shaky. Edward held them to comfort me.

It was when he started talking to me I realized what I’d been doing the whole time I was trying to calm down. The whole 5 minutes I had desperately been trying to catch the voice in my head again. I had the burning feeling that this voice was too important to let go. It was trying to tell me something important, but I couldn’t get the message. Now I understood what Edward meant when he said not being able to read my thoughts was frustrating. This was like the same thing, only different.

”Bella,” he spoke, his voice low and soft, but with a touch of worry. “What just happened?”
”I... don’t know.”
”Tell me, maybe I can help you.. It looked like you were having a seizure or something. It’s difficult to scare a vampire, but you succeeded.”
”I was definitely not having a seizure... At least, that’s what I think...”

He gave me some time to think. He didn’t got impatient. We just sat there, both on a chair at the breakfast table. My scrambled eggs half eaten, cold by now.
After a while I answered.

”I heard this voice. In my head.”

He nodded encouraging.

”It was screaming to me, to understand something I think. But I didn’t get what it was trying to tell me.” I said confused.

He looked at me. He just looked, said nothing.

”Well, it was like it was speaking to me in another language. It was driving me crazy.”
”I noticed that, yes,” He responded dryly “But it’s gone now? Or is it still there?” His face was tense.
”It’s still whispers. If I try to understand it... I just can’t..”
”Shh Bella, try to concentrate on it very hard.” He looked at me encouraging and was silent as the grave so I could focus.“Okay, I’ll try.”

I closed my eyes and try to focus. No, it still didn’t make sense what the voice was saying. I decided to try another minute, although I thought to myself that it was hopeless. For Edward, he wants me to understand this, I thought.

When I was focusing very hard on that tiny voice it became stronger, just a little bit.
Suddenly it hit me like lightning. That feeling that everyone has sometimes, when you just know something is not right.
Only that feeling collapsed on me like a big stone falling from the sky. Something was not right AT ALL.

Apparently Edward had read the expression on my face really carefully, or the fear on my face was just very clear. He looked at me with an anxious expression.

”What is it, Bella?” his beautiful voice sounded even more tense than ten minutes ago.
”Oh my god! We have to do something Edward!!”
”What is it? What have you seen, tell me. I can’t read your mind!” Now it was kind of ironic to hear that coming so seriously from Edward. Normally I would’ve laughed, but not now.I was running around in circles through the living room.

”Calm down. Sit,” he ordered when I didn’t stop with my marathon through the living room. “You have to tell me what you’ve heard, or seen or whatever it is you just did.”

I sat down. He hold my hands and stared deep in my eyes as if he was trying to pull my thoughts right out.“I didn’t hear anything! That’s the problem, it’s SO frustrating.” I said with fury. The fear had made place for anger.
“Hmmm.. Interesting. Then why were you so terrified just a moment ago?” To him it was all normal, he had this almost everyday with Alice.
”I had I feeling that something extremely bad just was about to happen. And it’s over now.”

Then my stomach turned to ice. It was like needles stinging the inside of my stomach. I curled up because of the awful feeling.

Suddenly Edward’s irises turned black and he took a little space between us. He stared at me.
”Bella, I think you have to go to the bathroom right now. Counting on the fact that you faint when you see blood.. I don’t think I can take so many things happening to you at one day. I also think you don’t want that all over your clothes..” He stood up.

Suddenly I felt something warm and wet coming out of my nose.

”I... my nose is bleeding?” I asked with my stomach still hurting. I had the feeling I had to throw up. That’s the second time today and it’s not even noon, maybe I’ll set a worldrecord, I thought wryly.

When I looked in the mirror I started faltering. Blood. It wasn’t that much. Just from one nostril a fat drop that was gliding down.

”Don’t look.” Edward said.

When I had dabbed it with a couple of tissues it was all gone and I felt better. My frozen stomach had melt and the needles were gone.
I had the red tissues in my hands. Suddenly I found back my irony and asked Edward:

”Want to have them as a gift from me?”

His eyes were still black and he didn’t laugh that much but his face got a littlebit softer and a smile broke through.

”I think you need to stay inside today Bella. You’re having one of your bad-luck magnet days. If you go outside today you’ll definitely have three neardead experiences, I can bet on that.”

I looked in the mirror again, I looked as pale as Edward himself. Maybe he was right.

“I don’t have any problems with staying inside. As long as you’re there...” I said with my sweetest voice to convince my angel to stay with me.
”Of course I’ll be there, I’m all yours today, miss,” he answered happy that I seemed a little less afraid of my voice.

We started watching tv. I was laying in his arms, when I suddenly heard a familiar jingle.

”Is that your phone?” I started asking him, but before I was finished he already had the phone in his hands.

Edwards POV

What was happening with Bella? I’d never seen my love so scared, except for when for a couple of situations where every person would be.
What kind of feeling did she have? I didn’t have a clue. I’d never heard of anything like this, but it was not normal that’s for sure. She had a feeling something very bad had happened...

I was musing this to myself when suddenly my phone rang.

I picked it up before Bella’d finished her sentence if that was my phone ringing.

”Hello?” I answered it.
”Edward.” I knew already who it was by his voice.
”Hey Jasper. Why are you calling me? I’m with Bella now, don’t have time to play videogames.”
”It’s Alice. It’s not good.”

I wished I could read his mind but he was too far away. I could only read minds within a mile or so, and Bella’s house and mine were too far apart for that.

By the tone of his voice I heard something was wrong.

”Jasper, what happened..? Alice.. Is she allright?” I saw Bella from the corner of my eye. She was watching me suspiciously.
”Just come to our house, you can take Bella with you. Hurry.”

Then Jasper hung up.

Bella could’ve been right with her feeling that something really bad had happened.
After I’d put away my phone, I turned my head up to her face to look at her again. She looked so worried.

At that moment, out of the blue her nose started bleeding again.