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Red Orchid

This story is about Bella and Edward. How surprising.

Is Bella being changed?

Is she be losing someone dear to her?

Is Victoria causing any more trouble?

And what's with that strange room with the throne that keeps showing up in Alice's visions.. Does it actually exist or is Alice being deceived?

It all depends on Bella's future.
Fortunately Alice can foresee what will be happening.
But what will happen when that future suddenly isn't that clear anymore? Visions are changing and Alice is losing her confidence in what she's seeing. It has to make sense doesn't it?


3. Disturbing Visions

Rating 4/5   Word Count 1759   Review this Chapter

Disturbing Visions

Edwards POV

I felt my thirst coming back as my nose filled itself with her bewitching scent. But I had myself under control, I was experienced by the long time we’d spent together.

”What is it with your nose today?” I didn’t really ask her, but more wondered to myself.
”I’ve never seen you having a bleeding nose before.”
”That’s because I usually never have bleeding noses. I’ve never had this before in my life, except for half an hour ago.”
”Strange.” I mused, but didn’t say it out loud because I didn’t want to scare my Bella.

Bella’s POV
”..” I heard Edward say something under his breath.
”What did you say..?”
”Oh nothing. Now, you’re cleaned up again. Let’s hope your nose decides not to bleed in front of my family or we’ll all be having a hard time.” He said, trying to make me laugh. Of course it didn’t work because I was still a bit stressed out.
“Ha Ha Ha,” I faked clearly with a grimace.

He just smiled at me, glad that I could be sarcastic about the situation. Then we walked out the bathroom and to the door to get to the Cullens’s house. On the way out I got a pack of Kleenex tissues from the cupboard, just in case my nose did decide to bleed again. Then at least I came prepared.

When we stepped outside I was walking to my truck, but a pair of strong arms caught me behind my middle and pulled me back gently.

”Sorry my love, we are running today.”
”To be exact, you’re the one that will be running. I will be on the lookout when you decide to be reckless and hit a tree.”
”Okay, you’re right, but since I’m afraid of your truck not getting even halfway to my house we’ll still be running. Besides, I’m way much faster, and I smell so much better then your other choice.”

He looked at me with his golden eyes. Even though I was looking down I felt them burning on my skin. I thought to myself: What’s the deal? And decided that I would give in anyway, so I might aswell enjoy the view. So I looked up to his face. Indeed, how did I enjoy the view.

Then he lifted me by my arms and I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

”Have I already kissed you today?” I asked and put action into my question.

It wasn’t the most comfortable kiss because of my position at the moment, but it was still very good. Oh, how I’d missed this when he was gone. Shit, don’t think about that Bella, isn’t very good for your heart, I could feel the spot where the hole had been ripple again. But then I thought of who was with me and I got a lot more happier. I half climbed while he helped me find my way up his back. Then he started walking into the woods behind Charlie’s house.
When we were covered by the trees and there wasn’t a chance that anyone could see us he started off running. I didn’t feel the need of closing my eyes like I did the first couple of times when he used to run. That was before he left... Aww don’t think about that Bella!

When we were within range of the beautiful house, I could feel Edward get stiffer and stiffer. He must’ve read someones thoughts. I guessed it would be Jaspers, since he was the one who called Edward.

”Tell me,” I tried to sound a little grim, but my voice didn’t let me. It cracked halfway so my whole strong appearance was gone and I sounded just as weak and hesitant as at my house after the incident with the voice in my head. I was afraid of what had happened to Alice.
He did decide to tell me something at least, but I could tell it wasn’t the whole story. I was satisfied, at least he told me this.

”Alice had a vision. About you.” He was in a very dark mood.
”And it isn’t good.” I concluded.
”No.” Was all I got.

Just when I thought he wasn’t going to say something anymore, he added:

”You’ll understand when we get there. She’ll explain it to you.”

Just as he finished we got to the house. I let go of his neck and he helped me to the ground. We walked to the house, while I searched for his hand and found it. I grabbed it with all my force. He lift his hand to his face and kissed the top of my hand, to comfort me. To say without words that he wanted that I shouldn’t have to worry. But that’s the concequence of being in love with a vampire. It’s all about preparation for the things that could be coming.

We went inside. Edward led me to the dining room where everyone was sitting on the table, Alice too. I’d never seen her look paler than she did that moment.

”So...” Edward began as we seated ourselves, “Alice, have you informed everyone yet? Except Bella of course.” He added.
”Partial, yes.”
”If you’d be so kind to tell Bella. It’s especially important to her.” Carlisle requested friendly. How could he be so calm? There had definetely been a disaster or we wouldn’t have had this urgent meeting.

Alice looked uncomfortable with Carlisles request.

”Just tell me, Alice. I don’t mind what it is, when I know we might be able to do something about it.”

Edward growled deeply, grumbling, but not to me. It looked like as he was grumbling to himself.
I ignored him for the moment and gestured with my hand to Alice.
Then she started off her story hesitating how to put it.

”I had two visions of you Bella, and they’re coming back stronger and stronger. I thought I should tell you because it might be important.”
”Yes, that’s a good decision Alice,” I encouraged her.
”The first one... Is one of you becoming a vampire. In that vision you’ll be marrying Edward. In that vision .... That was the strangest part. I saw you in that vision sitting at a funeral...”
”Did you see who’s funeral it was?” I was anxious... Charlie and Renée, Victoria... Those were thought popping into my head.
”No I didn’t.. The coffin was closed. All I saw, that’s clearly coming back in that vision, is that it was in Phoenix...” It clearly hurt her to say this, and she tried to bring it with care, but it still hit me.

I gasped.

“Renée... It can’t be...” I felt the tears coming.

Edward hugged me, and talked to me.

“Sshhh... It’s not that bad. It doesn’t have to happen. Alice said her visions are very speculative, you know that she’s right about that.”

I calmed a bit. His sweet sent, the one that sent my head flying, worked more than his words.

”Go on, what’s the second vision you’ve seen..?”
”The second one...” she seemed to have even more trouble speaking this out loud. “Is one of your death.” She struggled to get it out and her last words were only whispers so I had to try very hard to catch it all.I focused all my attention on a tiny thread that lay under the table on the ground, thinking.

“Bella... This vision keeps changing. It keeps converting... Into two different versions.”
”And those two versions are?”
”In one Victoria is a main character and in the other one a companion of the Volturi will be that person...” She was clearly avoiding that one word.
”So does that mean, that if I don’t get killed by Victoria, that I will be killed by the Volturi?” How calmly I discussed my own death..
”No, it doesn’t mean that. It’s not clear yet who will be the one that decides... That they want you to...”
”Die, yeah say the word Alice, I can deal with it.”
”The future is not yet determined. But soon it will be. And I don’t know how soon that’ll be.”
”You don’t know how much time we have left?” Edward burst out in a heavy voice. “So in a minute the Volturi could be ringing the doorbell?”
”In principle, yes they could. I haven’t had a clear vision about the future yet. As I said, it’s not yet determined.”

They started arguing so I interrupted.

”Edward, may I talk to Alice please?”
”Oh, yes of course. Sorry..” he apologized.

I grimaced at him.

”What are my choices then?” I aimed to Alice.
”Choice one: you’ll become a vampire and someone dear to you might die.”
”Yes, but I can maybe forerun that, right? When I visit them right after my transformation?”
”You could try...” She said very uneasy.

I thought about that for a minute.

”Ok, and option two?”
”You’ll....-” long silence.
“DIE, yeah I know. Proceed.” I demanded
“And Edward....”
“Don’t tell her that! She doesn’t need to know! That’ll affect her opinion when it shouldn’t.” He was furious because he of course knew what Alice was going to say.

I rolled my eyes and looked at him.

“Tell me yourself then. What will you going to do when...?” I already knew the answer but I wanted to know for sure that it was what I thought that it was.

He looked in my eyes and I could read the answer. It was indeed him going to Italy, and asking the Volturi to end his vampirelife.

”Well, my answer would be option one then.” Of course it would be. How could I be ok with option 2?! Me dying and Edward? Impossible option, I decided.
”That would include you being changed,” grumbled Edward. “Much sooner then the deal we had. And it would include me not doing it.”
”Would you really rather have me die than changed..?!” I couldn’t believe my ears.
”Of course not, Bella. I love you... I just have to get used to the idea... Why are the odds always against us?” He muttered the last part.
”I guess there’s no other option than changing Bella,” Carlisle added. “You have to face it Edward. It’s this or losing her.”

He seemed to agree with that.

”So, are we doing it now? I think it’s the safest way... The earlier the better, right?” I asked.

”Alice?” Jasper was holding her by her wrists.

She was concentrating very hard with her eyes closed. Clearly she was seeing the future we had just decided to take.

When she opened her eyes again, she nodded at me.

”Yes, at this point, this is the safest way. Edward, take her up and explain. I’ll keep you up to date, if it changes last minute.”

He nodded and took me up the stairs to his room.