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Red Orchid

This story is about Bella and Edward. How surprising.

Is Bella being changed?

Is she be losing someone dear to her?

Is Victoria causing any more trouble?

And what's with that strange room with the throne that keeps showing up in Alice's visions.. Does it actually exist or is Alice being deceived?

It all depends on Bella's future.
Fortunately Alice can foresee what will be happening.
But what will happen when that future suddenly isn't that clear anymore? Visions are changing and Alice is losing her confidence in what she's seeing. It has to make sense doesn't it?


4. Maybe

Rating 2.5/5   Word Count 2187   Review this Chapter


”Bella,” he said while probably everyone else could hear him.
”Alice just saw you being changed.” His face was painful, I realized this was because he probably just saw my agony in Alice’s thoughts.
”That’s the only clear decision in your destiny. The rest has still not been decided.”
”Okay... Was it bad?"
”No, she saw you waking up too, you looked quite good afterwards...”

I smiled, a bit relieved that something good happened, though it was only a spark of light in this dark sky of happenings I had fallen into.

”By the way, who will be changing me? Carlisle?”
”Yes I think so. At least, he’s thinking he will. Unless you want me to bite you quick before he comes up.” He said with a grin.

I just looked at him with disbelief.

”This is not something to joke about, you know?”
”Yeah I know...” He said a little down. But then he was acting like the normal Edward again. “Bella, I was trying to make you relax, you’re so tense at the moment.. The transformation will only take longer when you’re like this.”
”Well then you definitely need to make jokes about biting me!” I rolled my eyes at him.
”Sorry...” He looked at me very innocent. He looked like an angel.
”You can make me relax by other ways, you know.” I raised my eyebrows at him expectant.

He understood what I meant. The kiss he gave me started off very soft, then a little less careful. We went on like that for a couple of minutes, with me sometimes having the need to take a breath again. We were in the middle of this fantastic kiss when I heard a sound at the door. Sadly we had to end the kiss. We took a second and when we pulled back I froze.
Oops. The whole family stood in the door opening. I looked at Edward accusing. He could’ve seen from their thoughts that they were coming up the stairs to his room.

”We’re sorry for barging in. Edward was explaining about the transformation very clearly, wasn’t he Bella?” Alice grinned.
”Yes I was Alice,” Edward answered for me with a laugh.

I turned red in less than a second. Edward looked at me loving. He bend to my neck and kissed me just under my ear.
Then he whispered:
”I love this colour that you have.. I’ll miss it.”

Clearly he wasn’t ashamed at all to kiss me in front of his family. They were just standing in the doorway, looking expectantly at us.

”Well, Carlisle is going to transform you, Bella.” Esme started to explain. ”Let’s hope it wont take too long.”
”Okay, thanks Esme.”

I suddenly felt very weak. I heard the voice of this morning whispering to me again. I hoped this was not going to start again. I wouldn’t want all the Cullens to see how I acted like the freak I was when I heard that voice. I tried to shut it out, and I succeeded partially. What I couldn’t ignore was my stomach turning to ice again. It was as hard as stone and I felt the needles stinging again. I had to hold my stomach and gasp for air. No one noticed me because Jasper had to leave the room. He suddenly walked out because of my red colour. He couldn’t stand the scent anymore. They were all looking at him so I wasn’t noticed.
Only Edward, who was holding me noticed my breathing-trouble.

”Are you okay?” he whispered in my hair. I didn’t answer, I just nodded. I knew he would notice, I could feel his concerned eyes stinging in the back of my head.

”How long do you think it will take?” I pressed out eventually, when I’d catched my breath again.
”I expect it to take three days, but it depends on how fast the venom is spreading through your system. If you’re tense when you’re transformed, it will take longer.”
”Oh, Edward has just calmed her down very effective so that shouldn’t be a problem right?” Emmett teased.

”Where’s Alice?” I asked. She’d just a moment ago been standing behind Rosalie and Emmett.
They looked behind them and I saw the shock on their faces. Alice was lying on the ground, having a vision. When they stepped aside to give her some space, I saw she was shaking over her whole body.

Alice’s POV
When we all stood before Bella and Edward, who were sitting on the bed, I felt I was having a vision. I reached out for Jasper, everything before my eyes turning black. But he wasn’t there. I noticed the vision started and concentrated.
This was another one about Bella. But it wasn’t as the other ones. The other visions were light and living. This vision was dark and scary, I almost couldn’t capture where it was, the surroundings were blurry and strange. It looked like a forest, but then again, that could also be from dark wooden floorboards because there wasn’t a lot of green. In the forest in Forks, there was a lot of green so that couldn’t be this place. The vision was like a whirlpool, like water draining through a drainage.

My sight contained Bella being followed by Victoria. But the thing I didn’t get was why I was having this vision... We just decided to change Bella, we had just confirmed her future as a vampire. Then why was Victoria killing... Unless.... Oh shit. If we turned Bella into a vampire Victoria would get her alone and kill her. This would happen soon. I saw in my vision that we got seperated from her... I had to stop Bella being changed! Just for now, untill we got enough information about this happening.

I struggled to get up, but I was too weak. All the visions today had tired my mental health. I also noticed I was trembling, not good. I couldn’t get my eyes open, it was like being trapped in this vision. It continued to Bella’s death, I saw Victoria approach Bella... I saw the fear in Bella’s eyes, it looked all to real.


Bella’s POV
”STOP!”Alice shrieked. It came from her toes.

”Carlisle,” Edward said meaningful, without having to ask a question.
”I don’t know what’s happening, I’ve never seen her like this. I suspect she’s having a very intense experience of the future. I also do think it’s yours, Bella.” He spoke.

I could just look at Alice, the troubled look on her face.

Then I felt that warm wet flood inside my nose again. Edward was there before it even left my nose. In less than a second he had grabbed the Kleenex from the pocket of my jeans, pulled one out and held it to my nose.

”Get Alice out and leave, please!” Edward commanded to the rest of his family. He knew that this wouldn’t went well if my nose was bleeding and 4 bloodthirsty vampires were standing in the dooropening just two metres away. They did what Edward said. Emmett took Alice in his arms and tried to hold her without falling out of his arms, because she was still shaking. Rosalie helped him while they took her down the stairs.

”Bella, your nose again? How can that be?” I could hardly miss that concerned tone in Edwards voice.

”Edward... What’s happening? Do you know?”
”No. Bella I’m sorry.”
”For what? You don’t know it either.. Or do you? Edward?”

I stared at him with what I hoped was an emphatical look.

”Alice..” He whispered instead, his eyes becoming big and startled.
”What has she seen about my future?” I asked.
”We can’t change you right now. It wouldn’t be right.”

He stood up to go down, but I was scared to be confrontated with what Alice had seen.

”Edward, wait.”
”Hmm?” he turned to me again.
”Come sit down, I’ve got a question.”

He seemed to understand that I didn’t want to go down.

”Okay,” he said and he sat down beside me.
”Why does my future keeps changing when I know exactly what I want?”
”Well there are two possibilities. It could be that even when you say it yourself, you don’t exactly know what you want. Maybe you think you know what you want, but your subconsciousness says something else. Or, option two: the people that are involved with your future keep changing their minds. That could be Charlie, Renée or even Victoria or the Volturi. Because when they decide to attack you or not that makes a lot of a difference you know.” He smiled at me despite of the uncomfortable subject we were discussing. “And, of course,” he continued, “it could be a combination of option one and two together. Maybe you don’t really know what you want, and those involved people keep changing their plans.”

He kissed me on my cheek and my heart immediately started beating overly active of course. He chuckled softly like only Edward could and listened how it calmed down after a minute.

”Let’s go downstairs, your nose has stopped bleeding. Although you can still smell the blood a littlebit, I think it’s quite bearable for the others.” he smiled encouraging, and took my hand.

I followed, I couldn’t think of a decent excuse to stay here at the moment, I was still too dazed by the situation.

At the bottom of the stairs, we could already see the living room. Alice was sitting in Jaspers arms, calm now. Eyes closed, still as a statue, her skin almost as white as snow. With the purple bruise-like shadows under her eyes she almost looked like a ghost. She was like a beautiful ghost, but it was also quite scary, I’d never seen her like this before: normally she smiled almost all the time.

Alice’s POV
I had finally calmed and arranged my thoughts. When I was carried down the stairs by Emmett and Rosalie, Jasper was there again. I now sat down in his lap, thinking about all of this. At least Bella hadn’t been changed, on account of my strange shaking. But the problem wasn’t solved, only more problems arose. We couldn’t change Bella, because then Victoria would find a way to kill her. We couldn’t leave her human because then the Volturi or/and Victoria would find a way to kill her and she would lose a dear one. What was the solution? We could of course change her anyway, but then she would first have to go through three days of serious pain, and then get killed by Victoria. And if we’d leave her human, there would even be a bigger chance she’d get killed. But, for now, leaving her human would be the best solution. The reason for this decision was because in my vision the only thing I clearly saw when all this would happen. And the Volturi and Victoria would wait for Bella to kill her when she was still human.

I had just asked Carlisle why I had such intense visions about Bella. His answer was because maybe I had such a good bond with her. I loved her as a sister, that was true. But I didn’t even have visions this strong about Edward for example, or even Jasper! Carlisle also said it could be because it was happening so soon and was a big decision, the one about her life.

Bella’s POV
We now came into the living room where they sat, no one making a sound: Alice & Jasper, Rosalie & Emmett and Esme & Carlisle. All waiting for Alice to open her eyes, but they all waited with great patience. Of course when I wanted to walk to the couch as quiet as possible I tripped over the edge of the carpet and almost went down. Edward grabbed me just in time, but I couldn’t supress a small shout coming from my throat. Alice’s eyes flew open. She clearly didn’t hear us come in until my stupid action. Of course I, Bella Swan, always ruined the moment with my awkward actions. I could’ve shot myself that moment, but that wouldn’t help much I guessed, so I just sat down trying not blush. Didn’t work, obviously.

”So, Alice, tell us what you saw, if you can.” Carlisle said.
”Well, I can’t explain exactly right now, but all I know it would be very dangerous for Bella if we’d change her today, or tomorrow. It will have to wait, sorry Bella.”
”I was expecting something like this already. It’s ok.” I talked more confident than I felt from the inside.
”All that matters right now is your safety.” Carlisle added.

So after that Alice closed her eyes again and the silence returned. We sat like that for a couple of minutes until my stomach started grumbling.
”Oops. Sorry.” I said, ashamed of how loud the sound was in the silence.

”Let’s get you something to eat Bella,” Esme said, loving as always. I followed her to the kitchen and looked at the big designclock they had. It was already 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The sun was shining at me through the big glass window as if it wanted to say: don’t worry, everything will be allright.
It gave me some hope, after everything I’d been through that day, and this day wasn’t even finished yet.

If I knew back then what was coming to me in the future....