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Red Orchid

This story is about Bella and Edward. How surprising.

Is Bella being changed?

Is she be losing someone dear to her?

Is Victoria causing any more trouble?

And what's with that strange room with the throne that keeps showing up in Alice's visions.. Does it actually exist or is Alice being deceived?

It all depends on Bella's future.
Fortunately Alice can foresee what will be happening.
But what will happen when that future suddenly isn't that clear anymore? Visions are changing and Alice is losing her confidence in what she's seeing. It has to make sense doesn't it?


8. Great Expectations

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Great Expectations

Dinner was very unpleasant. This was because eating is difficult when your hands hurt that much you can’t even hold a fork.

Edward, gentleman as always, cut my meat for me, but I couldn’t even prick things on my fork. If I tried to, a sharp twist of pain would shoot through my wrist.

So I ended up with my vampire boyfriend feeding me steak while he made “funny” jokes about me. Well at least Charlie laughed about them. Besides, Edward teasing me wasn’t even that bad, because he would wink and smile at me from time to time, and I melted immediately when he did so.

When Charlie bellowed again because of a joke Edward made, I had to ask him.

“Why are you so cheerful today, dad?”

He couldn’t wipe away the grin from his face entirely, but he tried to answer me seriously.

“Well, we haven’t spotted those wolves in a few weeks. I guess they’re finally gone, thank God for that.”

That you haven't seen them doesn’t mean they’re gone... I thought to myself.

Then I noticed Edward had all gone quiet, he was looking at Alice intently. He dropped the fork with the piece of steak on it and nodded at her.

I immediately knew out of experience that they were having a quiet conversation. Before Charlie could notice the two of them I started babbling about school and pretended I didn’t see Alice’s face going blank.


After dinner Charlie offered to do the dishes and Alice helped him with it. Edward excused himself and said he was going to help me put a clean cover on my stitches.

I followed Edward through the door and then, at the stairs he stopped and turned, the beginning of a teasing smile on his face. Of course he had to make a joke...

Edwards POV

“Lady’s first, I’ll be right behind you in case you trip again and fall of the stairs.” I felt a big grin creep its way up my face. Bella got sulky.

I impulsively grabbed her around her waist and carefully put her down on the stairs two spots above where I stood.

“So, are you in for some more stairs-kissing?” I played, trying to dazzle her with my eyes. I knew how well this worked on her and I could see I succeeded. I could see her eyes melt, she gave in and kissed me.

Then I took her in my arms and carried her upstairs, careful not to hurt her wrist or hands.

She laid down her head on my shoulder.

“Ouch!” Bella shouted.

“What’s wrong??”

“Forgot I have a bruised head.” She replied dryly.

I couldn’t suppress a low chuckle. She smacked me on my arm with her stitched up hand, the “good” one.

We went into the office and I laid Bella down on the bed. She kept her good arm around my neck. I gently sat down next to her.

“So miss Swan, what do you want to do now?”

“Hmmm, let me see...” She looked up at me with a naughty look in her big brown eyes, and then snuggled closer to me.

“Let’s talk.” She whispered in my shirt. It sounded like she’d rather do something else, but of course she wanted to know what happened with Alice and the visions.

I searched for the right way to begin.

“I’d like to know how long you were listening...” I said, thinking. Then I looked down at my angel’s face.

“Why do you need to know that?” She seemed a little embarrassed.

Again, I couldn’t suppress a smile.

“So I’ll know where to start, of course.

”She thought for a moment and then remembered.

“Jacob, and that I should see him...”

“Okay... I don’t know if you noticed, but Alice and I had a little conversation during dinner. We decided you can go see your werewolf.”

“Oh, that’s super!” A big smile spread across her face.

“I’m not entirely finished.” This was the hard part. “There is a huge problem and Alice had some seriously good ideas during dinner. So we put together a plan how we are going to solve this. First you need to understand that we wouldn’t do this if there was a different way, Bella.”

She nodded, tension in her eyes.

“We want to change you in three days.” I choked out the words quickly.

The look on her face changed, I saw all sorts of emotions flash across it.

“Why so sudden, why now?” I heard the mixed feeling in her voice.

“Well, that has to do with the vision Alice had during dinner. She saw the Volturi coming here. They’re coming in less than a week. Six days, to be precise.”

“Wow...” A lot of shock on her face now. “Well, why not earlier? Tommorow night?”

“No, we can’t.” I saw the question in her eyes: Why not?

”Shh..” I shushed her, before she could start.

“There are good reasons for this.” I paused to see if she was listening. When I saw she was, I continued. “You’re hands are all messed up. Plus your wrist is weak. You know we as vampires never go to the hairdresser, and never cut our nails?”

Recognition flashed across her face. “You’ve told me this before.”

“Once you’re changed, nothing changes anymore, physically. Everything is turned off, every process. Look at Alice’s hair, she cut it just before she was changed, and that hairdresser screwed it up. Even now, decades later, she’s still complaining about her hair. Typical.” I rolled my eyes. “And it isn’t even that bad...” I was thinking about the past. Quickly, I continued. “But that isn’t the point. The point is that-”

“If my stitches aren’t... removed before you change me, they’ll stay in forever?” Bella chose her words carefully.

“Yes... the time-limit we made now will be just enough for Carlisle to take them out just hours before your transformation. So everything is perfectly balanced.”

Bella was quiet for a while then. I studied her face while she was looking at something in the room. I looked at the beautiful ivory color of her skin. It’s texture; so soft, with tiny little hairs that lay in perfect order on her skin, like how the rain falls from the sky. Then I moved my glance to her lips, full as they are. They are the color of magenta, of red roses. I could almost see the blood running through her veins under the thin skin.

I quickly moved to her nose. Bella had a small, very feminine nose, that fitted perfectly in her face. Her nose had a little convex in the middle, the point where her nose bridge was located. More downwards, there was the roundness, a perfect curve, that formed her nostrils and ended on both sides of her nose bridge. Then Bella turned her head a little bit and a shadow fell on her face just under her eyes. Oh, how much I loved her eyes. Those beautiful, honest, chocolate brown, warm, loving eyes. There could be so much to find in those eyes, but she could also hide so much behind them. It was all in Bella’s eyes. Right now, they were somewhere far away. I could see great expectation in them, happiness, sadness, love, fear too. Right now I was glad I wasn’t Jasper, with all those emotions.

My eyes followed the line her eyebrows made, scrutinized every small hair in them. Her long eyelashes almost touched the skin above her eyes. I searched for something in Bella’s face that wasn’t perfect, and I failed. No, in my opinion she was even more beautiful than Rosalie.

Suddenly, she seemed to notice the way I was staring at her, and her eyes met mine. I stared into them deeply, seeing even more than I just saw. I felt electric shocks vibrating the air, and smiled unwillingly.

She suddenly blushed because of something. Her face turned red and I reached out to place my icy hand on her cheek. Then I placed my other hand on her other cheek. I looked at her lips for a moment and then I kissed them. I just couldn’t resist Bella.

I heard her heartbeat accelerate as the kiss went on. I could feel her skin like a hot shower under my hands. I put one hand in her neck and felt her blood pulsing hot and fast through her veins. I could feel we were getting close to the safety line. She was in the need to take a breath and I felt the burning thirst in my throat because of her dizzying scent. My thoughts were getting cloudy, very dangerous for her, so I pulled back.

Bella’s POV

I looked straight into his beautiful topaz eyes. They were full of controlled desire. Desire for me, but mainly, my blood. In a couple of days he wouldn’t have to control himself like that anymore. Once calmed down, he seemed to be thinking the same thing as me: he would miss this, the blushing, the overactive heart...

I smiled at him encouraging, and put my head against his chest. He put his arms around my shoulders, and his right hand started to follow the flood of brown hair spread out on my back. It was a relaxing feeling.

He slightly turned his head and his freezing breath blew in my neck. I got pleasant goosebumps.

“There’s one small detail we have to discuss, my love.” He softly said, his voice sweet as honey.

“And that is..?” I wondered.

“You know, that thing where I put a ring around your finger and call you my beloved wife.” He was whispering now, his breath still tickling my neck, bewitching me.

“Oh, yeah... That thing.” I couldn’t think straight.

“We don’t have to tell Charlie and Reneé, since you’ll be... ‘disappearing’ two days later.” He was very careful, prepared for me to be shocked.

“Oh! We’re marrying tomorrow!” Shock indeed.

After half an hour of comforting and talking I agreed to do it this way.


That night in my bed, I was thinking about how time had always played a huge role in my life. Now again, in three days time, I would get married, say goodbye to almost everyone I loved, including my best friend the werewolf, and I’d be changed into his deadly enemy, a vampire. Then I’d be immortal for an eternity. Damn, ever seen such an agenda?I’d wish I had longer... Now, I had almost no time at all, and in six days when I was changed, I’d have forever. Really not fair.

Time always went by so fast when you didn’t want it to pass. Then, sometimes it went by too slow, on the other hand. I wanted to have control about it. It always was Edward who had an eternity when I was the one running out of time. He stayed forever seventeen while I was aging every day.


The next morning, Charlies snoring woke me up. Normally, it never would’ve woke me, but the office room was closer to his than my own room. I went down, had breakfast, and dressed. Then the doorbell rang. Oh what a coincidence, it was Alice and Edward. They helped putting my furniture in my room. Finally, it was done, and I had to say, it looked really good.

Warm, with the brown rust color on my walls, stylish because of the combination with the creamy white curtains, and cosy because of the cushions on my bed. Alice was very proud.

Then the color of my walls reminded me of the person I had to tell goodbye today.

I called Jacob, and Billy answered. He put Jake on.

“Hey Bells,” He said, his voice husky. He sounded happy to hear my voice.

“Hi Jake,” I tried to keep my voice normal. “Can I come over to hang out or something?”

“Sure!” Jake was suddenly cheerful. Then wary: “You’ll come alone, right?”

“Sure sure, Edward stays at home. So, can I come over now?”

“Yeah, that’s cool. See you in five minutes!”

“Bye,” I mumbled, but he already hung up.

He was really happy, and now I had to tell him: “Sorry Jake, in 4 days I’ll be a vampire, your worst enemy.”

I went downstairs where Alice was waiting, holding my coat, ready to go.


Alice’s POV

I don’t know how Bella did it, but she made up with her friend, to be fighting with him again 5 minutes later. I waited outside, but they talked so loud I could hear the fight.

Jacob, wanted her to just leave “that leech” and be with him.

I knew this wasn’t going to happen. Bella just loved my brother too much. Still, Jasper told me he had sensed some insecurities in Bella’s mood.

Then it went silent inside the house. They were probably saying goodbye right now. I told Bella not to take too long, because it was always better to keep goodbye’s short and simple. I knew this was harder because she was saying goodbye for practically forever.

But we had stuff to do, so that was another reason to hurry up.

Rosalie and me were going to do Bella’s hair and make-up for the wedding. The whole event was scheduled at three o’clock. I saw twilight would set in around six. So there was enough time for the wedding and stuff. I had made up an excuse to persuade Charlie so Bella could stay at our house for a night. With a little of my charm he immediately went along with it.

Then I felt a vision creep up on me. I felt it in my toes, they always started to itch and glimmer. Then my thoughts went blank.

I saw a room, it was under the ground, like it was dug out. It was quite a big room, it sort of looked like a basement. There were no windows in the room, and the walls and ground were made of dirt.

My point of view changed and now I was in the middle of the room. Something stood against the wall facing me, what looked like a throne.
I waited for something to happen in the room. Suddenly I felt a tearing feeling, like my arms and legs were contracting. It was extremely uncomfortable so shivered unwillingly.

When I shivered I noticed my wrists and ankles were tied to something, so I couldn’t move. The image of the room went black and then reappeared again.

Now I was standing next to the throne, my point of view had made a turn of 180 degrees. I was looking at what I’d been tied to just a moment ago. It was a chair. On the edges of the chair hung ripped up ropes, it looked like they were jerked loose with violence. Had I just been tied to that chair? But what was I doing here... and what was that ridiculously expensive-looking throne doing here in this basement? Like there was some royalty here?

Then I looked down at my wrists, because I felt something tickling my hand. The first thing that caught my eye was the huge crimson red flower I was holding in my hand. It had soft silky leaves and the inside was a beautiful yellow-orange like. It had four leaves, the leaves at the sides were longer and bigger than the ones at the top and bottom. It was one of my favourite flowers, an orchid.

The second thing my eyes noticed, and that was far more important right now, was the black and white spider crawling over my hand. It was hairy and had thick long paws. I’d never seen such a big spider in all my eternal life. In fact, I didn’t even knew spiders came in this size.

Fortunately, I wasn’t even scared for spiders when I was human, let alone since I became a vampire. Just when I wanted to wipe the spider away, it was gone already. I looked around where it went, but I couldn’t find it anymore. It just vanished.

Then I noticed my skin was a strange colour, it used to be much paler than it was right now. But this skin was even paler than human skin... Unless... I quickly grabbed at my hair. It was long, and mahogany brown. Shit, in this vision, I wasn’t just seeing Bella, I was her!