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Emmett and the Aston Martin

What would happen if Emmett accidently crashed Edwards Aston Martin?

This is my first story i hope it's alright. Enjoy!

1. Emmett POV

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I paced back and forth in the garage each time passing Edward's car that I crashed. I didn’t mean to, this guy just came out of nowhere and hit the side. What was I going to do? Edward is going to kill me and it won’t be done with mercy. What would I say? I need a plan, I need help.

“Carlisle can you help me please.” I called to the house I knew he would hear me. I stood and rocked on the balls of my feet.

“What so you nee- please tell that isn’t”

“Uh, huh it is” I said nervously.

“He’s going to kill you how could crash his car.”

“It’s not my fault can you help me”

“Oh, no you got yourself into this mess you can get yourself out just as easily.” I groaned and sunk to the ground as he went back inside. I peeked around the corner and jumped to my feet. Oh crap, Edward was coming. He walked slowly playing with the keys in his hand. I thought hard in my mind. I did not crash your car, I did not crash your car. I said it again and again as he walked up.

“Alright what did you do Emmett? What is that?”

“No don-“He pulled of the blanket and revealed the broken car with the smashed windows. He slowly grew angrier.

“You…car…dead…get over right now I’m going to break your neck.”

“AAHHH no it’s not my fault.” I yelled while I ran. I grabbed the blanket and threw it at him to slow him down. I burst through the door.

“MOMMY HELP ME!!!!” I ran and hid behind her peeking over her shoulder. I heard Edward slam the door.

“Where is he?” he charged into the kitchen and lunged towards me. He chased me around Esme.

“Boys, BOYS stop it right now before you break something!” he froze and looked at her.

“Now what is the meaning of this?”

“He crashed my car!” he pointed at me and then lunged again but Esme was faster. She darted in front of us and put a hand on each of our chest.

“Emmett say you’re sorry”

“Sorry Edward.” I mumbled to the ground as I swiped my foot across the floor.

“Edward and I are going to go get a new car while you go up to your room Rosalie’s been calling for you something about a broken shoe.”

“Another pair she just got new ones” I groaned.

“Go now” I ran up the stairs quickly I hate it when she gets angry. I walked in my room, closed the door behind me, and leaned against it.

“Where have you been?” I saw her sitting on the bed holding a shoe at least I think it was a shoe. Was it supposed to be in two pieces? I had no clue I never got into the shoe thing. I wish Alice was here she was the shoe expert not me but she out “hunting” with Jasper.

“Where have you been?”

“I accidently crashed Edwards Aston Martin.“ I guestured to the door.

“Oh that’s what that was I thought you were playing tag or something. Never mind we have an emergency my shoe broke and I only got in yesterday we have to go get new ones right now.”

“Ok lets go before he kills me” I scooped her up ran down stairs and had us in her car in less than one minute. I started to speed down the road to the nearest mall.

“Are you sure you should be driving my car right after you crashed Edward's car?”

“It wasn’t my fault the guy just hit me out of nowhere. You can drive home if you want.” She shrugged and leaned back to enjoy the wind. We got there in record time. She hustled me out of the car and into the shoe store. As much as I hated shoe shopping at least I wouln't die yet. I wondered where she would take him to shop for a car. There were only a few dealerships in the mall and hopefully it would be the farthest one away from me.