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Emmett and the Aston Martin

What would happen if Emmett accidently crashed Edwards Aston Martin?

This is my first story i hope it's alright. Enjoy!

2. Emmett POV

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I walked out of the store with a massive arm full of shoe boxes. Rosalie didn't know when to stop. We walked around for a bit she wanted to look at cars. The first dealership we went to was just fine. I liked one of the models of a truck but she said sonething about the engine being hard to work with and walked away.

We rounded the corner for the next one. Edward and Esme were there looking at an expensive sports car. I dropped all the boxes and ran towards the exit.

"Hey I just bought those!" I heard Rosalie calling behind me.

"Emmett I will get you" oh no his voice was right behind me. We had to run at human to speed to look normal but that's hard to do when your life's in danger.

"Boys stop that right now!" Esme was on the chase too. Out of nowhere i felt something grab my ear and twist me around.

"OW, OW" I heard Edward calling in pain also. Esme had grabbed our ears.

"Now listen I don't want you two fighting anymore. understand."

"Yes mom." we answered at the same time.

"Alright now Emmett go help your wife, Edward stop trying to kill him and find your new car. Come on."

We went on oppostie directions and I started to pick up the boxes of shoes.

"Don't drop them again lets just go home and relax."

"Ok honey" we got to the car threw the boxes in the back and I let her drive home like I promised. We unpacked and I let her do her thing with the shoes. "What was it with women and shoes." I muttered under my breath as i walked away.

"I heard that" Rosalie called from the bedroom. I tiptoed off not need another fight today. I went down stairs to play a video game. It wasn't very long until Edward and Esme came home. He just stormed up to his room, slammed the door, and turned on some loud music. I slumped down on the couch and Esme came to sit by me.

"Do you need anything?"

"No, is he still really that mad it's not my fault."

"I think he's more mad because you didn't tell him you were going to drive it than you crashing it."

"Really" she nodded her head.

"Thanks" I stood up I wanted to say sorry again. I hesitated at his door.

"What Emmett" I heard him inside. I opened the door slowly. he was laying on Bella's bed.

"I wanted to say sorry." He threw one of the pillows at me which I dodged. "Is there any way I can make it up to you?" he smiled at sat up.



"But you have to let me paint your face" my face fell.

"What is that the only thing I can do"

"Yup and then we have to go to the park." I sighed


"We'll start in the morning." He looked away and turned the music up louder.

"Fun" I said sarcasticly.

I groaned and fell onto the couch in my room. Rosalie was just chuckling she must've heard what I had to do tomorrow. I had no idea what he was going to do to me. I heard Alice and Jasper come home down stairs and I went down stairs to greet them.

"Hey how was the hunt?"

"Great, how was your day?" I sighed and Esme and Carlisle laughed. Better tell them quickly

"IaccidentlycrashedEdward'scarsohetriedtokillmebutmomwouldn'tlethimsonow I havetolethimpaintmyfacetomorrowandgotothepark." It all came out as a blur and they bursted out laughing when I finished. I whined and went back to my room but Alice was right behind me and bursted through the door.

"Where are your new shoes I have to see them." they sqealed and ran to the closet. I turned on the tv it was a rerun of my crash earlier today on the news. I flipped the channel to a sitcom and tried to pay attention over the sqeals and comments from the closet.