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Photobucket Emmett finds bubblewrap. Need I say more?

Blondie or NG's idea. But they still made me post it!

1. Chapter 1

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"Emmett!" Alice cried as she flew through the door. "What are you doing?"

"Um, I'm popping bubblewrap." He popped another. "Why?"

"How dare you do that without me!" Suddenly, her mood changed. "It's my favorite! By the way, where did you get all this?"

"I went into Carlisle's study to find his doctor's equiptment," he began. "There were all these boxes labeled EMMETT DO NOT TOUCH! and I opened them and they were filled with bubblewrap!"

"I have a great idea!" Alice exclaimed. "Let's..."

"I am the Bubblewrap Ninja Pixie!" Alice cried.

"And I'm Bubbleman!" Emmett shouted, running and making his bubble-cape fly behind him.

Edward smacked himself on the forehead and shook his head. "You guys... I'd say you have issues, but that is an understatement." Alice only laughed.

"Silly Edward, you do not understand the impotance of our bubblewrapping missions." Then Alice pulled on her ninja mask and sped out of the door with Emmett on her heels, carrying A LOT of bubblewrap.

"Okay, this is an important mission," Alice drew a quick diagram. "We can't mess anything up." Emmett nodded vigorously and Alice continued. "When I give the signal, we run in and cover everything in bubblewrap, then leave. That's it, nothing else."

"What's the signal?" Emmett asked.

"How about I shout 'BW'?"

"Okay! Go bubblers!" he cried, running around the room like a little kid.

Fifteen minutes later, they stood outside Edward's room with armfuls of bubblewrap. Quietly, Alice closed her eyes and focused, then nodded. Edward was out with Bella.

"BW!" Alice cried and they charged in. She covered his entire stereo in layers of bubblewrap while Emmett wrapped the sofa.

While they were wrapping the room, Emmett was humming the Batman theme, but replacing 'Batman' with 'Bubblewrap'.

As they were leaving the freshly bubblewrapped room, Emmett sang "Dada dada dada dada dada dada dada dada Bubblewrap!" Then, Alice wrote Love, the Bubblers on a square of bubblewrap, taped it to the door, and sprinted away with Emmett.

"Great job, Bubbleman." Alice gave him a pat on the back. "We have successfully completed our first mission."

"What's the next mission?"

"Our next mission is to bubblewrap a house. A house of an annoying person. A house -"

"Alice! Emmett!" Edward roared from his room, "What did you do? You guys have issues, serious issues!"

"Run for it!" Emmett cried in fear and they both took off running.

When they got outside, they anxiously looked around for Edward, but he was too busy de-bubbling his stereo to follow them.

"Alright!" Alice started again, "The house we will be bubbling is-"

"Edward's house!" Emmett cried.

"No, that would be our house too, you idiot." Alice rolled her eyes. "The house we will be bubbling is Mike Newton's house!!"

Emmett's eyes brightened. "Yes!" he said evily.

Sneakily, they ran to Mike's house.

"What do we do?" Emmett whispered.

"I don't know," Alice muttered, then shouted, "BW!"

Alice and Emmett both grabbed an end of a very long peice of bubblewrap. They ran around the house in circles until every square inch was covered with bubblewrap.

"Good work," Alice said, stepping back. "But I feel like something's missing."

Emmett smiled and picked up another peice of bubblewrap. He walked over to the nearest tree, and in seconds had covered the whole thing with bubblewrap.

"Ahh... perfect," Alice sighed. "But one last thing." She stuck a note to the door. Love, the Bubblers!

Emmett and Alice ran to the back of the house aws a large Suburban pulled into the driveway.

"My house!" Mike cried, jumping out of his car.

"Nice to know our efforts are appreciated." Alice whispered, smiling. She and Emmett raced home.

The Bubblemobile pulled into the Swan's driveway and the Bubblers jumped out. They burst through the front door, grabbed Bella, and shoved her in the trunk. Then, they sped to the nearest dark alley and pulled her out. Quickly, they wrapped her in bubblewrap and returned her to her house, knowing she couldn't take the bubblewrap off because her fingers were bubblewrapped and and couldn't move.

"Now she can't get hurt!" Emmett exclaimed. Then, satisfied by their wrapping, they drove home.

When they walked throught the front door, they found Carlisle and Esme waiting. Esme had a very disproving expression.

"Emmett," Carlisle asked, "Where is my bubblewrap?"