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Debts Repayed--Bella's Secret

Its the night before her transformation, Bella has a special gift for Edward. She hopes he will take this contraversal gift.


1. Bella's Secret

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It was my last night alive, as a human. I stirred around, I could not go to sleep. I looked around the room watching for his perfect shape, he wasn’t there. He had told me that he didn’t want me to stay up for him, that he had to “mentally prepare.” However this was a practice I had grown so used to. I couldn’t help feeling a twinge of guilt, Edward had been so dead set about not changing me. I owed him something. He had everything he needed, and more. I pondered for what seemed like hours on how I could possibly repay him. Suddenly like a bold of lightning I got an idea, I was going to give him something that he would have had nearly two years ago, if he was a normal vampire

I warily opened the door, careful to make sure that the old wood would not creek. I peeped my head outside the door and looked to either end of the hall way—no one. I planned to sneak down into the kitchen, which is impossible considering no one sleeps here, except me. I made my way down the old steps, careful not to put on all my weight. The house was quiet, pitch black except for the full moon glistening off the snow. Everyone must have been mentally preparing for –tomorrow. I quietly tiptoed into the kitchen, where upon entrance I stubbed by toe. I quietly screamed with pain, I guess I hadn’t grown out of my clumsiness. It took only a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I looked around the elaborate cabin kitchen until my eyes rested on what I was searching for, the top left drawer under the sink. I walked over and gingerly opened the drawer. I looked out the window and the full moon was now comfortably peaked in the sky. I looked down into the drawer and pulled out a sharp knife. The moonlight hit it causing a shiny reflection. I tilted the knife towards me. I saw my average reflection with my fair-skin, my long, straight, dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. My heart-shape with a wide forehead with a widow's peak, large, wide-spaced eyes, prominent cheekbones, and then a thin nose and a narrow jaw with a pointed chin. my lips were a little out of proportion, a bit too full for my jaw line. I wasn’t at all pretty, but that would soon change.

In the safety of my room I set my plan into motion. I grabbed the box of Band-Aid(after the birthday incident the Cullens kept them on hand) and opened one, I then opened the small glass vial. Now that everything was set up I could repay my debt. I picked up the knife in my right hand, and took a deep breath. Just as I put the knife to my left arm I heard faint footsteps in the hallway. I stopped presumed in fear. When the footsteps finally passed I braced myself to do the most stupid things a human could do in a house of vampires.

I pushed the knife into my pale flesh, but not so deep that would draw attention to the doctor. My crimson blood tricked down my arm, and the pain was near unbearable. I squeezed my eyes in pain. I picked up the vial and let the blood flow until it was filled. I held it up for a moment, admiring my handiwork, the only question was would Edward take it? I then put the lid on and hid it in the safety of my nightstand. In a way it reminded me of the scene in Romeo and Juliet when Juliet drinks the vial of poison so she can wait for Romeo and escape from her disapproving parents. I chuckled to myself, like Romeo and Juliet, in the end Edward and I will both be dead.

The pain in my arm throbbed, but I fell asleep with instant fulfillment. Edward and I were even. Soon he would have something that was rightfully his.