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Edward's thoughts as he composed Bella's lullaby.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the authors. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended. Many thanks to Not Done Baking for her incredible beta services. “And then his fingers flowed…across the ivory…The music slowed, transforming into something softer, and to my surprise I detected the melody of his lullaby weaving through the profusion of notes. “‘You inspired this one,’ he said softly. The music grew unbearably sweet… “The song he was still playing, my song, drifted to an end, the final chords shifting to a more melancholy key. The last note hovered poignantly in the silence,” (Twilight, pp 326, 329).

1. Chapter 1

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Whispers of a melody at the edge of my consciousness

Just a few notes strung together

Yet they won’t go away

Floating near enough to tantalize

But just out of reach

Your face, your voice

Even in your absence, they’re so real

Etched forever in my mind

I relive each moment

You smiling or gazing thoughtfully away

Or speaking my name

Sweet melody

My fingers search through the ivory

Rapidly, slowly

Looking for the notes, the tune


In the unguarded moments of sleep

When you first spoke my name

The shadows of doubt fled

I knew, and could not turn away

From the rocking chair of your infancy

You look so vulnerable

So fragile

So clean, untainted

To an ancient one like me

You are but a babe

Soft, warm

Unaware of danger

So trusting

A lullaby

That’s what it is

The notes in my head hum of your sweet innocence

Your beauty

Your purity of soul

Everything that I am not

But there is more

My fingers find the sadness

The gifts I cannot give you

Eventual separation


Now the lullaby is tinged with grief

The music speaks clearly now

Love and loss

Life and death


A haunting tune

Over and over my fingers caress the keys


Your lullaby in my mind

And in my quiet heart

It is you

And me

I enjoy the fleeting moment

Watching you sleep

For a final dawn will come

And you will not be here

Like a child who grows up

In the blink of his mother’s eye

One day you will leave me

Going where I cannot follow

And your lullaby will be fulfilled

And the rocking chair