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Leaving behind everything that matters to her, she heads off to her own personnal hell to protect the ones she loves... After being blackmailed by the Volturi to join them, Bella and her coven go to Italy, breaking many people's hearts. While the others mourn, they fight to escape their jail. And when the do, what will they find in the world they left behind? Banner by Iris!

Third installment of the Untruthful Series. I suggest you read the others first. All charecters except Becka, Aaron, Alex, KJ and Jasmine belong to Stephenie Meyers.

14. Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

“I told you not to bring us here! Do you want people to figure out where we are within minutes of us being here?” I hissed angrily at Becka.

She narrowed her eyes. “Yes, the three of them sparkle. But so will the Volturi. They can’t come here, remember? They always sent us with an ‘escort’ to do whatever needed to be done here?”

“What do you mean only we sparkle?’ Alice asked suspiciously. We were standing in a cave, while outside bright light was everywhere. We were somewhere in the Great Sandy Desert.

“We have special venom,” Aaron said with a shrug, as if this was the most average thing in the world to say. I slapped my forehead, and Becka rolled her eyes.

Becka put her hand around Aaron’s shoulders. “Aaron, to us, that may be a normal thing to say as an excuse, but I doubt they’ve heard of KJ, unless Carlisle’s in touch with all the veggies in the world.”

“Or vampires with freaky venom that makes up throw up when we drink human blood,” I muttered. They all stared at me, dumbstruck, and I began to freak out. “I did it to suck out the venom—you remember that girl in the Alps, right?” I asked Becka, my voice slightly higher than normal. She nodded. I sighed in relief. “Anyway, who here’s never drank human blood anyway?"

Alex raised his hand, smiling. Becka rolled her eyes. “Yes you have Alex. Remember the bet we had the night before we saw Bella for the first time in Forks?”

“Oh yeah,” he said, shuddering. “That was nasty. I think that stuff was contaminated.” They laughed at that.

“I’m a little lost here,” Alice said, frustrated. Jasper nodded, obviously affected by her emotions. Edward nodded as well, his eyes becoming gold again now that his anger had subsided.

Aaron, Becka and Alex all looked pointedly at me. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly as I closed my eyes. “A few months after you left me, Becka, Aaron and Alex came to Forks to see me. They had been vampires for about a year, having been changed right after I moved to Forks. I figured out what they were, and they stayed with me. But right after that, I got really sick. I was going to die, and we all knew it. I’d had a seizure once already, and should have been in a coma or dead. We knew I would be soon, so they kidnapped me and took me away. Then they changed me.

“Their venom is different than most vampires. Their creator, KJ, was really Martin Luther King Jr. He had worked so hard for peace in his human life that he got a special ability in this life. His venom created vampires with no bloodlust and an aversion to human blood. We can make ourselves seem human even, and no one can tell the difference.

“After I was changed, I started to become friends with Jacob Black. Even after he became a werewolf, I was still his friend. I wasn’t sure how I could stand the smell,” Alex laughed quietly at that, and I cracked a smile. “It was confusing, having a human’s life as a vampire. I had to pretend to eat, and go to school.

“One day, when our coven was out in the woods, I ran into Laurent. He didn’t know I was a vampire since I had switched to my human disguise when he was coming. The wolves killed him.

“After that, I just seemed to lose control over my emotions. Everyone said it was because I was a newborn, and I agreed. But I became even more depressed than I had been, and I needed a rush. So we all went cliff diving, which Alice somehow saw.

“She came, and I went to Italy to save Edward. I was being even more careful, trying to make sure I didn’t act too unafraid, or else they would know something was wrong. But they didn’t and we got to leave.

“When you moved back, life was better and harder on me. I was finally happy again, and I had better control on my emotions. But I could never leave long enough to hunt without someone knowing. I think I went a month without feeding. As a three month old vampire, that wasn’t wise.

“I finally did get away though, and we ran into Victoria. Alex used his powers on her to make her forget that she had seen us, and we left to go to La Push to get a ride back, though we didn’t need it.

“Right before graduation, we realized the situation in Seattle was much worse than we thought. We went there, and…got rid of Victoria and her newborn army. We didn’t realize two people from the Volturi had seen it all, the four ‘humans’ who killed at least twenty vampires without getting more than a scratch.”

I took a deep breath, trying to get my anger to dissipate a bit. “We got letters from Aro, saying that we had to join them or everyone we knew would die. So we left, and went to Italy.

“Aro was very interested in Becka and me. He was always trying to get us to expand out gifts, to see what more we could do. He was shocked I could do so much with mine. He kept us separated though, since he knew how easily we could leave.

“One day, opportunity came to us. Becka and I were at the Alps, getting rid of a newborn there. He had attacked a small girl, and I sucked out the venom and took her to a hospital. But while we were gone, the mental shields I had around Aaron and Alex had vanished, and they had some…fun with the guard. They got them to leave, and then we packed. We were just about to go when Felix,” his name came out like a curse, “came. He almost tore my arm off trying to stop us, but we got away.

“Alice saw a vision of us when I was unconscious. I knew that we had to get moving, since Alec was in North America and Demetri might have tracked us while I was out. We went to KJ, and he gave me the stupid brace. Then we came here, where we ran into Alec again. We got him to call off the search for you for the time being.”

“At least for the next hour or so,” Aaron muttered. Alex laughed, and I nodded, finally opening my eyes anxiously, afraid to see their reactions.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Jasper asked softly, feeling my fear and anxiety. Alice was staring at me, her face unreadable. I didn’t look up at Edward, the little coward I was.

“KJ, the leader of our coven, said that she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about us, in case word got out. He was afraid the Volturi would get us if we exposed ourselves, and he was right,” Aaron explained.

“We could have helped you,” Edward said quietly. He kept his voice carefully blank, hiding his emotions. “I’m sure Carlisle could have told Aro that you didn’t want to go.”

I shook my head. “Aro said that if we told anyone about him contacting us, he would have you all killed,” I said grimly. Alex raised his eyes at me.

“Bella, I think the only way Aro wouldn’t threat to kill them all is if we all just stayed there like the good little kids we truly are,” he said jokingly.

Becka snorted. “Okay, none of us are exactly perfect children. The closest is Bella, and she’s the grand architect of our escape,” she laughed. I just shrugged.

“Bella,” Alice asked. “What is your power?”

All eyes went on me then. I shrugged. “I can become invisible,” and I made myself vanish for a moment, before reappearing. The Cullen children stared at me, their jaws hanging open. “And I can create force fields that I can manipulate in several different ways, like a wall, or blocking someone’s mind or power, or enhancing it.”

Alice’s eyes got wider. “That’s why I could never see you! You were blocking me!” she said. She looked slightly hurt, and I felt bad for her.

“The only reason I blocked you was because I didn’t want you to know where I was. I knew that if you figured out I was in Italy, you would come after me, and then you would have gotten hurt.”

Becka stood, and pulled me up with her. “We’ll be right back,” she said quickly to Edward, who stood up as we did. “I need Bella with me to make sure that Demetri doesn’t track me when I teleport to your house.”

“I’ll come with you then,” Edward said. I knew that he didn’t want to be separated from me again. I shared the feeling. Becka looked like she was going to protest, so he went on. “You need someone to tell you where we live, and to explain what’s going on. The others might freak out if Bella seems to have come back from the dead.”

Becka smiled at that, and nodded. I grabbed Edward’s hand tightly, and gave Becka my other hand.

We disappeared into the darkness of the empty space between places.