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Leaving behind everything that matters to her, she heads off to her own personnal hell to protect the ones she loves... After being blackmailed by the Volturi to join them, Bella and her coven go to Italy, breaking many people's hearts. While the others mourn, they fight to escape their jail. And when the do, what will they find in the world they left behind? Banner by Iris!

Third installment of the Untruthful Series. I suggest you read the others first. All charecters except Becka, Aaron, Alex, KJ and Jasmine belong to Stephenie Meyers.

15. Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Edward blinked as we walked up to his house. It looked somewhat similar to the one in Forks, except this one was made of pine and had more of a cabin appearance than large mansion.

We were somewhere in northern Wisconsin now. They lived in a small town where there was less sun then in Forks even.

“This is really nice,” I said as we walked up. “I think I might even like it more than your old house.”

Edward laughed. “Be sure to tell that to Esme. She’ll be happy with that. She’s worried it might be too natural and not enough modern.”

Becka laughed. “No matter what, there is always a balance,” she sighed. Edward looked at her, confused. I knew he couldn’t read her thoughts, so he had no idea what she was talking about. “You guys have computers and phones and TV…it was like that in Italy too. Except the idea of phones did freak out Caius,” she said dreamily.

“She loves it when we can make anyone from the Volturi look bad. She says it’s the lightest part of the payback she’s going to give out,” I whispered to Edward, who cracked a smile.

“Even my payback will pale in comparison when Bella finally lets her anger get the best of her. The entire guard would be dead before she even knew what happened!” Becka snorted, laughing.

I scowled. “That was one time only and no one got hurt. Aro was actually happy, remember? He said if I embraced it, I could become even more powerful,” I muttered in disgust.

Becka laughed again. “And I said he would be the first one to die if you did embrace it, along with Felix and Alec.” I nodded seriously at that.

“What did Felix and Alec do that made you hate them so much?” Edward murmured, brushing some of the hair out of my face. I looked down, unsure of what to say.

We were at the door now. Becka looked at Edward, no hint of the usual humor in her face. “Ask her why she only wears long sleeves later,” she said seriously. My eyes flashed dangerously at her. That was something I didn’t want any of the Cullens to know about.

Before Edward could say anything, Becka knocked on the door, three sharp raps breaking the silence. It seemed like a warning to me, ominous in its clarity.

I couldn’t hear anything inside. I glanced at Edward worriedly. I couldn’t feel anyone in the house, and I knew he couldn’t hear any of their thoughts.

“Were they all planning to go somewhere?” I asked cautiously, my brows furrowing. He frowned and shook his head, looking into the empty house. I could see the worry he held for his family.

“Do you think any of them has their cell phone on them?” Becka asked, now peering into the dark woods around the house. It seemed much more sinister now, than it had when we first came here.

Edward frowned. “Carlisle usually always has his phone on him in case the hospital needs him for something,” he said distantly. I squeezed his hand, giving a reassuring smile.

“We’ll find them, promise,” I whispered. I took a small step forward, and I instantly felt everything around us vibrate from the shield I sent out with every step. I swirled around, my teeth bared.

“Or they might find us,” Becka muttered as she slipped into a crouch herself. Edward followed her example, eyes blacker than mine as he glared into the thick trees.

Two figures emerged from the trees slowly, watching us with careful eyes.