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Leaving behind everything that matters to her, she heads off to her own personnal hell to protect the ones she loves... After being blackmailed by the Volturi to join them, Bella and her coven go to Italy, breaking many people's hearts. While the others mourn, they fight to escape their jail. And when the do, what will they find in the world they left behind? Banner by Iris!

Third installment of the Untruthful Series. I suggest you read the others first. All charecters except Becka, Aaron, Alex, KJ and Jasmine belong to Stephenie Meyers.

22. Chapter 22

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I sat up slowly, a small growl escaping me from the pain in my shoulder. This was almost a repeat of us escaping Volterra, except now people were at risk. And it was my entire fault.

“Careful there love,” Edward murmured, feeling me starting to get up. He helped me, pulling me into his side, careful not to touch my arm. Carlisle, who was sitting beside Edward, frowned at the sound of me moving. I guessed the doctor in him didn’t approve of me doing any activity until my arm fully healed. But that would be in a few hours at most, and we didn’t have that time.

I spread my shields around; making sure everyone’s mind was safe from Jade so I wouldn’t have to fight them. I knew she wanted to use the Cullens against us, and I was trying not to let that happen.

“I told Aro that the only way to get you to come back was to use the proper bait. Should we see if I was right in the assumption?” Jade asked, walking forward. I glared, and flicked my good hand out without hesitation. She went flying into the wall, landing with a hard thump. A small hole in the wall formed and I saw my window of opportunity.

I threw Felix into the wall even harder, and the hole got bigger. Edward, who opened his eyes to see what was happening, saw what I was doing. At once he lifted both of us up, and I nudged Becka. She opened her eyes and nodded.

“Come on,” I muttered. “We have one chance at this.” Becka grinned, and disappeared for a moment, and then came back with a lighter. I pushed both Jade and Felix into the hole, and she lit the lighter and threw it in. The natural gas within the cave made it explode, but it moved fast enough that it was only in the small opening we created.

I gasped as the wave of heat passed through me. I could feel all the energy in it, pulsing with power still untapped by humans. It past through me as if I was being burned alive, and I cursed myself for setting my shields up so strongly.

The last thing I heard was Edward’s frantic whispering in my ear before I gave into the intense mixed pain from the Volturi, direct and indirect. I was swallowed by a burning blackness, lost in my consciousness…

“What’s wrong with her? How could she pass out?” A velvety voice demanded, though it was tainted by worry. I was aware of being on a warm bed, and someone was checking the wounds on my arm.

“She isn’t like us. She can pass out like a human, though it takes a lot more for that to happen,” another voice said, trying to calm the first one down. I became aware of other people in the house near the room I was in, feeling them pace around. I decided to try and put their worries to rest.

“Ugh, how many times have I passed out in the last week? I thought vampires were supposed to be invulnerable,” I groaned, opening my eyes and looking up.

“Thank God,” Edward sighed in relief when he saw I was awake. I smiled at him as I tried to sit up, only to have him gently—but firmly—put his hands on my shoulders and push me back down.

“What? Why can’t I get up?” I asked in confusion. I looked out the window and saw it was dark out, so I knew I couldn’t have been out longer than a day counting the time difference between Australia and wherever we were.

“Your arm is very…torn up, and you got burned a little when you exploded that cave. Becka said that you need more rest than a normal vampire,” Carlisle said calmly, fully in doctor mode.

Speaking of Becka… "Where is Becka? And Aaron and Alex?” I asked, curious to why they left me alone with the Cullens, something I knew they would never do under normal circumstances since it would leave us wide open for attack.

Edward smirked as he brushed some hair from my face. “Alice thought that they might like a trip to the mall, since they were trapped in Volterra for three years without being updated on the current fashion.”

I sighed. “I’m not so surprised Becka went, but Aaron and Alex? I expected better of them. They’re supposed to be on my side!” I was shocked my brothers went. They hated shopping as much as me. Unless, of course, it was for cars. Then it was fine.

Carlisle chuckled. “I’m afraid Alice didn’t give them much of a choice. She was quite firm. And she needed Aaron apparently to get clothes that you would like.” The last part was spoken with confusion.

I chuckled. “Aaron was the only who gave me any mercy on Becka’s shopping crusades when we were all still human in Phoenix. We usually would just sneak into one store, get some clothes, and then get a lot of bags to put them in to make it look like we went to a lot of stores. We know what the other likes from that.”

Edward grinned. “That sounds like something Jasper and I do when we’re subjected to Alice’s torture,” he said, laughing. Then he grew serious. “Bella, when was the last time you went hunting?”

I frowned, thinking back. “Hmm…well, we never got to hunting on our last trip because Alex came and interrupted us, so I would have to say maybe a month ago?”

Carlisle looked at me sternly. “Bella, you know that isn’t good. You need to hunt much more often than that.”

I shrugged. “Not really. I don’t have to worry about bloodlust, so I don’t have to worry about attacking some human if I didn’t hunt enough. I just get a little more tired and sleep more, just like any other hungry person.”

“Bella, are you more human or more vampire?”

Both men looked at me intently. I sighed. I knew this was going to be a debate for awhile, so I might as well set the record as straight as I could before it became a bored topic for discussion.

“I am all vampire. I just have some human traits that came over with me to this life. I need to drink blood, I sparkle in the sun and my eyes get darker when I’m thirsty. I’m right in guessing that they’re black right now, right?”

They nodded. “You really need to hunt, but I’m not sure if I should let you out of bed,” Carlisle said uncertainly. “I mean, it’s a bit of a compromising situation. You need to hunt, but you need to stay here.”

I frowned at him since he was missing something obvious. “Just bring something here. I’ve resorted to that before,” I said, laughing slightly at the memory of how close I had been to attacking a squirrel outside my window.

“I’ll have Emmett get something for you,” Carlisle. Emmett, who had probably been listening in, gave a loud whoop and ran out the door to get me something to eat.

Edward sighed. “It’s so different, not being able to hear anyone’s thoughts. It makes me feel slightly deaf. I thought I would get used to it, but…” He shook his head, his bronze locks swaying as he did.

My face became serious. “I have a solution. Kill Jade, and then I’ll let your mind out of the shield. She’s the only one of afraid of out of the whole Volturi.”

He looked incredulously at me. “You, afraid of someone of the Volturi? I don’t believe it. You could destroy all of them without having to think about it.”

“But if Jade was there, none of you could. I can’t take a risk like that, not when they know how to get to you all now,” I said, shaking my head slowly. A sudden wave of exhaustion hit me, and I glared at the ceiling. “Jasper, stop it!”

“He’s just trying to help,” Edward soothed me, as Carlisle slipped out the door. “You need to relax and get some rest.” He lay down beside me, carefully pulling me to him, all too conscious of my injuries.

“I’m not human; I don’t need ten hours of sleep everyday,” I grumbled, leaning into him more. His touch brought relief to the slight ache in my arm, like a magical pain reliever.

He laughed quietly. “But you still need some. Don’t worry, you still need to wait for Emmett to get back with your food,” he reminded me.

“I hope it isn’t deer,” I muttered, causing him to laugh.

“No, Emmett will try and get something good for you. He’ll probably get you a nice gig bear or something to show his gratitude for saving him and Rosalie.”

My face lit up. “Is there black bear in this area?” I asked hopefully.

He looked at me thoughtfully. “Ah, so you’re a bear person. I thought you would like something a little fiercer. Like minx or something along that line.”

“I liked black bear when I first was changed, since it was close to home and the fiercest thing I could get without disappearing on Charlie. But I wouldn’t say no to cheetah or jaguar.”

Edward laughed, kissing my forehead softly.