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Leaving behind everything that matters to her, she heads off to her own personnal hell to protect the ones she loves... After being blackmailed by the Volturi to join them, Bella and her coven go to Italy, breaking many people's hearts. While the others mourn, they fight to escape their jail. And when the do, what will they find in the world they left behind? Banner by Iris!

Third installment of the Untruthful Series. I suggest you read the others first. All charecters except Becka, Aaron, Alex, KJ and Jasmine belong to Stephenie Meyers.

4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

I stared at the mirror disdainfully. The girl in the mirror wasn’t me. She was a servant, a pawn for someone else’s gain. A tool in the greater scheme of things.

I scowled darkly at my reflection. Ever since I had come here, I was in a bad mood. The only time I was even near happy was when I annoyed the other guards, or went off on my own. I wasn’t even happy then, but I was at least peaceful.

I was wearing a dark grey cloak, with a white blouse and black dress pants underneath. I wore black clogs also. It was all part of the uniform of a guard member.

I pulled my hood up and left my room. I walked down the dark, gothic hallway, not caring about my surrounding. In the three years I had been held here I had yet to care about this hellish castle I was captive in. More often I wanted to destroy it. It wouldn’t even be that hard. One strong force field and this place would be a pile of old bricks.

“You look like you’re plotting to destroy the castle again,” Becka whispered from the dark shadows around us. She emerged slowly, looking like a ghost from an old Hollywood movie.

I smirked. “Maybe I am. Want to help?” I whispered slyly, though I was just joking. Neither of us would do anything to risk putting anyone in danger back home.

Becka’s face was thoughtful. “Well, as tempting as that sounds, I’ll have to pass. Aro called me to see him. Apparently, it’s urgent.” At that, she rolled her eyes.

I sighed. “Almost everything is urgent to Aro,” I reminded her, my voice becoming unemotional as we neared the turret of the castle. The memories in this area were too strong. He had actually been in here with me and Alice. I shook my head, clearing my thoughts.

As we both entered the chamber, I reached out and shielded Becka’s mind as I always did. Even though I kept a shield around her 24/7, I liked to have extra protection in this room with the three ancient vampires that we were forced to call master. You never knew what tests we would have to go through. Aro was always interesting in how much we could manipulate our abilities.

Both of us bowed quietly to Aro, who was standing next to his throne in the center of the room. He was looking at us excitedly; it made a knock twist in my stomach. He was going to make us do something as an experiment.

I think that was what Becka and I were to him, and had been for the past three years. We were the oddities of the vampire world. No one had heard of someone with two powers like me. Actually, no one had heard of someone being able to manipulate a power in multiple ways, and I could do that with both of mine. Also, there was maybe one or two other teleporters known to the world even.

For those reasons, they always kept Becka and I together, and separated from Aaron and Alex. They knew that we could easily escape, and we would if we had the guys with us. But since we didn’t, we weren’t going anywhere.

“I have a special assignment for the two of you today,” Aro told us happily in his brittle voice. His crimson eyes held some humor in them. Becka and I glanced at each other from underneath our hoods. W had never had a mission larger than helping the human servants deal with other vampires.

“What is it?” I asked curiously.

His eyes twinkled. “You see, there is a newborn that was unfortunately created near the Alps. I was hoping the two of you could deal with it. It should give you something to do, and help gain some trust here.”

We nodded. “That shouldn’t be hard…” Becka said quietly. She glanced at me, and I nodded. “Alright then, we’ll do it,” she said in a sure voice.

Aro clapped his hands together cheerfully. “Wonderful! You both may leave within the next two hours, and I expect you back here in two days time.”

I cocked my head, though he probably couldn’t tell since my hood was up. “Two days? It should only take a few hours to kill a newborn.” I was only protesting to show that I was loyal, and didn’t want to lose trust.

He looked at me knowingly. “Yes Bella, I know. I thought the two of you could use a small break. I know all these tests can be tedious.” I internally nodded, cursing how kind Aro could be. Though he was selfish and vain, he truly did want us to be happy here, though if only so we felt more loyalty and the urge to stay.

“Thank you master,” Becka and I both murmured at the same time. I knew she had probably been thinking the same things as me. We both turned to leave, before Aro called for me to stay. I nodded, and turned around. Becka hesitated, but left after a moment.

Aro looked slightly uncertain, and I was struck with the memory of him asking Edward if he did intend to change me at all. Though Edward did, he never even gave him the chance.

I pushed away the anger in my thoughts, and looked at Aro politely, waiting for him to gather his thoughts. I didn’t want to make him angry and take away the small freedom he was giving.

“Bella,” he began, his uncertainty strong in his voice. I looked at him with much more attentiveness. He had never been like this before. “You do know better than to try and contact someone while you’re away, right?”

I blinked. This was the reason for his odd behavior? I knew much better than to do that. The thought refused to even cross my mind.

“Of course master. I wouldn’t want something bad to happen if I did,” I said, letting my surprise rule my voice to try and sound innocent. He appraised me for a second, and then nodded, excusing me.

“What did he want?” Becka muttered, appearing beside me. She already held two bags in her one hands, and two jackets in the other.

“He was just warning me not to try and contact anyone outside of the Volturi,” I whispered, taking one of the bags as I took off my cloak in favor of the jacket. I slipped it on and quickly stuffed the gray cloth into my bag.

“He knows you aren’t that stupid,” Becka protested. “If he did, you would never leave the inside of this castle.” That brought a chuckle from me, rarer than a white tiger these days. She laughed too and grabbed my hand.

Instantly, I was blinking against the harsh light reflecting off the mountains. Squinting slightly, I looked around. Tall, majestic mountains towered all around me, many with colorful skiers sliding down them. I could understand why a newborn would hide out here. Plenty of food.

“Let’s go,” I whispered, guiding Becka into the snowy mountains.