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Leaving behind everything that matters to her, she heads off to her own personnal hell to protect the ones she loves... After being blackmailed by the Volturi to join them, Bella and her coven go to Italy, breaking many people's hearts. While the others mourn, they fight to escape their jail. And when the do, what will they find in the world they left behind? Banner by Iris!

Third installment of the Untruthful Series. I suggest you read the others first. All charecters except Becka, Aaron, Alex, KJ and Jasmine belong to Stephenie Meyers.

7. Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

“Hello Heidi. How was fishing today?” I asked politely as I walked past the beautiful brunette vampire on my way back to my rooms on the third floor. Alex’s was on the second.

She stopped and looked at me in shock. I rarely sounded so pleasant, or even talked to anyone in the guard. Only when it was necessary or if I was trying to annoy Felix.

“It went pretty well actually. Everyone is just finishing up now,” she said uncertainly. “Why don’t you go and see if there are any leftovers? I’m sure the others wouldn’t mind you eating with them.”

I shook my head. “No thank you. I don’t drink any human blood, remember?” I flashed my golden eyes at her, reminding her of the vow I had taken onto myself. “I just hunt animals.”

She looked at me carefully, trying to find whatever I was hiding. “You know, when I got back, some of the others had orange eyes, like when you first came here. Do you know why that is?”

I shrugged. “Maybe they wanted to see what it’s like, living on our diet. Since they all have so much human blood in them and never go long enough for the red to fade, they would have orange eyes.”

She gazed at me for anther moment, and then sighed. “Alright then. Aro is a very curious person; he would try that eventually. I just never thought Caius or Jane would even think of doing anything along that commitment,” she added thoughtfully, giving me a look that told me she knew that something was wrong. Then she walked away into the deep shadows on her way to her room.

I shook my head and continued down the hall to my room. I was already on the third floor, having gone up the hidden stairwell that only guard members knew about. Now I just had to reach the small bend where my room was.

My room was the only part of this castle that I liked. I guessed that Aro had given this particular one to me as an attempt at apology for forcing us to leave, and not with my mate. He understood the mechanics of having a mate, and how strong and powerful the love between them could be from his brothers own experiences.

I walked into the large room, glancing

out the wide window. The sun was just beginning to rise over the Tuscan countryside. It gave the large, green hills an orange sparkle, almost as if the world was on fire. My skin sparkled like an orange diamond. I didn’t bother to shift: no one could see me from up here.

I set my cloak down on my bed, observing the already packed bag lying on my large queen bed with a dark blue comforter. It went well with the blue curtains and stone floor and wall. I picked up the bag and put my cloak into it, taking out the navy jersey lying on top. I slipped it on, and then grabbed a thick dictionary, and dropped it on the ground.

In response, there were several sighs and mutterings on how annoying I could be. I stifled a grin, waiting for the sound I was waiting for. The sound that would let me know it was time.

I heard it then. The sound of a small glass of water falling and shattering, water splashing around. My senses were so keen that I could hear each piece of glass, every droplet of water as it hit the stone floor. I could feel it vibrate as it hit the ground…

I opened my eyes in shock. Vibrations? Since when could I feel vibrations? I had just sent out a shield to say that I got the message, but as it passed the spill, I could feel it. I felt each small piece on the ground, the furniture, and the people moving as I sent out another after another.

I swayed slightly as I realized it was my version of echolocation, except so much stronger than it had been before, like in the fight with Victoria. Then, I felt only what was in the shields, and only as if it was touching me. Now it was images flashing to my face, like the shield had rebounded into me.

I heard a knock on my door, and quickly stood up, realizing I was just sitting there like an idiot. I grabbed my cloak quickly from my bag, and then made the small black carry-on disappear as I lightly touched it.

“Come in.”

Felix walked into my room slowly, along with little Jane. They both wore there almost black cloaks, signifying they were higher in rank than myself.

“Why are you and the others dropping things like crazy? We’re not humans; we hear everything you all do,” Jane asked in annoyance, irritation coloring her usually dead voice.

I shrugged lightly, showing my respect. “I guess all of us are a little clumsy today. I need to go hunting soon, and I’m sure the others do as well. We get a little weaker than you do when we don’t hunt, especially since we do it much less frequently.”

“That’s your problem,” little Jane huffed before she stormed out of the room in annoyance, probably to go outside where there was some quiet.

“You know better than to annoy the rest of the guard. You remember last time, don’t you?” Felix mocked, his face leering at me. Though the memory to me was a happy one, I wanted so badly to take that smile off his face.

“Yes, and I remembered how badly I beat you,” I said in a polite, light voice that left little doubt to how badly I was mocking him. He prompted me though, and I took the bait.

His face hardened, and he opened his mouth to retort. He didn’t get that chance though, as Becka appeared in my room at that moment. She looked both of us over, and then broke out into a smile.

“My god, one of you will kill the other before the end of this century,” she muttered before looking up again, and had an apologetic smirk on her face. “”I’ll be sure to say something nice at your funeral, Felix.”

Felix growled softly. “Why don’t you think I could take her?” he demanded in a low, harsh voice.

Becka rolled her eyes. “Because she would create a shield and you would never get the chance to even touch her where she could smother you and tear you to pieces without touching you,” she reminded him in a dull voice.

As Felix fumed, she turned to me and mouthed to take down the others shields. I quickly obliged, and a second later, Felix’s face cleared, and he went into the hallway with a confused look on his face.

Becka took full advantage and disappeared, and came back moments later with our brothers in each arm. They were grinning, and I knew they must have done a little more than necessary. I rolled my eyes.

“Let’s go,” I whispered, the desperation I felt coloring my tone. They nodded, and stepped closer to me. We had to put a shield around us as we teleported. Alex and Aaron needed full use of their minds, and we couldn’t let Demetri track them.

Just as I was about to put up a shield, the door went flying open. Becka and I looked up with a gasp, and Alex growled while Aaron glared, his golden eyes filled with hate. Felix stood there, glaring wildly. His red eyes narrowed down on me, and he dove forward just as I raised a shield and Becka grabbed my hand to join our powers so we could leave without a trace.

It seemed Felix had gotten in just in time.

I yelled in pain as I felt Felix’s teeth tear deep into my shoulder. I dropped my arms, and the shield I had put around us dropped. I could hear yelling coming from inside.

Becka and Alex seemed disoriented. They didn’t notice that Felix was trying to rip off my arm violently, though he was snarling quite loudly.

Aaron did however, and he charged at Felix, pushing him off of me. They went into the wall, while I tried to sit up.

My shoulder stung from all the venom in it. I shivered from the pain, but ignored it. I only wished that he had attacked my left arm instead. Then it would be easier to focus.

“Becka!” I yelled as I stood up. She blinked and ran over to me, taking my hand. We both lunged at Alex and Aaron, and then disappeared from the dark castle, where two dark figures were coming out. None of us would miss it.

We were on our way to freedom.

As soon as we stopped, I lowered my arms, holding back the strong string of curses I wanted to unleash on Felix. I almost wished he was there so I could return the favor he had given to me.

I staggered forward in the dark forest before falling to the ground. The pain in my shoulder had grown to an unbearable level. It was like I was going through the transformation again. Only this time, all the pain was centered in one place.

And I couldn’t take it.

The last thing I knew before I sunk into the safe blackness of my mind was the forest spinning around and concerned voices calling out at me.