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I Need You to Love Me

A penny for your thoughts… A picture so it lasts… Let's knock down the walls of immortality Your fingers on my skin… only you can hear my fear… only you can help me heal… i see forever with you here. It's never enough, no matter how many times I try to tell you this is love. If tomorrow never comes, I want you to know right now that I'm gonna love you until the day. I'm gonna love you like it's the last night on Earth. And though I'm undeserving, I need you to love me.

All of this belongs to the great stephenie meyer. I am just playing with her fun toys.

11. Chapter 11 - A Penny for Your Thoughts

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Chapter Eleven-

Gia walked along the beach barefoot. The sand squished beneath her toes, warming them. The sun hit her tan skin, the spray of the ocean glistening against the dark backdrop her skin provided. The wind whipped her beautiful hair, throwing her scent across the expanses of space. Alec sat on a towel, his jeans wrapped up around his calves, arms crossed in front of his knees so he could lean forward and watch her walk. Beside him sat the unusually preceptive Adrianna. She donned a revealing one piece and one of Gabriel’s button-up shirts- they had had one of their nights- watching Gia as well.

They were on the outskirts of Ambrosia, at the private beach owned by the Volturri. Even vampires liked to vacation. Ambrosia was a particular favorite of Adrianna, the purchaser of their tickets. She figured that it would be a good place to hide from the humans. It was an added plus that they could walk freely down the secluded stretch of beach without worrying about being seen. The masters owned miles and miles of fenced off sand. Even before Gia, they enjoyed many summers there.

Adrianna had a contemplative look on her rounded face. Alec let her think for a long time. He preferred listening to Gia sing Wicked as she walked aimlessly along the water’s edge, letting the salty spray lap at her feet. It seemed so simple- so human, that it captivated Alec. She took pleasure in the mundane things that life offered, he realized, like walking alone on a beach. Something portrayed too often in movies that it took the significance away from it, but he got to watch it in it’s purist form. It was the reason all life was created: living. And did she look beautiful doing it.

Adrianna looked on the scene with the tiniest of smirks. Resentment flared in his chest.

“A penny for your thoughts?” He asked, thinking it best to start with the more gentle approach.

Adrianna shrugged casually. Her long caramel hair tumbled down her shoulders in gentle waves. They were not curls, neither was it straight. Scrunched, perhaps. Unlike most vampires’ eyes, Adrianna turned a bright pink when she was changed. They darkened when she grew hungry, same as the rest of them. “I was just wondering how long it was going to take for you to fess up,”

“To what should I be confessing?” Alec asked, turning to look at her. As long as he could hear Gia, she was safe.

“That you are sweet on her,” Adrianna smirked coyly.

Alec focused all of his attention of the vampire beside him. His mouth opened and closed several times, impersonating a fish. “First off,” he replied when he could form a logical sentence in his head. Adrianna’s remark took him off balance. He most certainly did not like Gia in the way she implied. “Sweet, is the incorrect adverb. Gia’s scent does not appeal to me anymore than another human’s would. Therefore, she would not taste ‘sweet’ to me. Second off all, no. I am not.”

Adrianna laughed. It sounded like a harp that carried across the wind, soft and beautiful. Everything about Adrianna was like that. “You must like her, Alec. At least, a little bit. You sounded so stuffed-shirted just then!” She closed her eyes and laughed merrily. Alec pouted. Adrianna was the second to state that his denial of being attracted to Gia produced evidence to the contrary. That confused him. If he said that he was attracted to her, would they say he was lying? He did not understand women at all, that he knew for fact.

“I am not a stuffed-shirt!” Alec protested.

“Oh but you are! You always have been!” Adrianna laughed. She fell down on her back and stared up at the umbrella over them, shielding them from the sunlight. Though assured they would not be disturbed, years of training kept them avoiding unnecessary temptations. “You do loosen up a bit around the human, I admit,”

Alec shrugged. “I have no idea what you are talking about,”

Adrianna grinned. “You know exactly what I am speaking of.”

Alec drawled, “Prove it,”

They both stopped. Adrianna had no factual proof of his feelings. It was impossible for her to- Alec himself had none. All she had was suspicions. Suddenly, she grinned maniacally.

“I can!”

Alec arched an eyebrow rather than verbally ask his question.

Adrianna sat up and saucily shook her head, her waves tumbling in every direction. “You defended her actions to Aro, Caius and Marcus. Your own personal master. You even took the blame for it,”

Alec winced. The phone call informing the masters of all of the goings-on had not been particularly pleasant. He took the blame for Gia’s phone call; it was the least he could do, for both the masters and for Gia. He knew that he should have stayed beside her the entire time- regardless of her feelings. She was incredibly tenacious and smarter than the average human. The fact that she had been brave enough to call her family with him less than sixteen feet away astounded him. The masters were none to pleased, to say the least. The fact that he had managed to discover her treachery- he omitted the fact that she had out right told him- as well as prevent her from escaping and allude the human authorities thus saving the day persuaded the masters to be more lenient in his punishment, which he would receive upon their return to Volterra. Knowing that it would somehow involve Jane, Alec found himself in no hurry to return to his home. Gia had yet to discover that he covered for her, and for all purposes, Alec intended to keep it like that.

“That is what friends do,” Alec reminded her.

Adrianna shook her head. “No. Friends suffer punishments together. Lovers take them for one another,”

“Like you would know,” Alec retorted.

Adrianna’s gaze darkened. She glared at Alec and then rolled over so that she would not have to face him. Everyone within the coven knew that Adrianna was desperately in love with Gabriel, and to a certain extent, the latter returned the previous’s affection. He rarely did anything about it, however, hurting Adrianna in the process. “Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t… Maybe, you should do something about it before you end up like Gabriel and I. Hmm… Did the Almighty Alec think of that possibility? It could happen to any couple, after all.”

It was pointless to deny that they were a couple, especially when Alec found the idea rather attractive. He had listened to the men of the coven discuss women incessantly. He had never felt the need to partake in them; he had nothing to add. He did, however, listen intently, not knowing why then, but now he did. All of the stored information suddenly became of use. How to use it presented the problem.

Alec then realized he had not heard her singing for quite some time. He spun around, looking wildly for her. She stood a ways off down the beach, staring out to the open ocean. Adrianna noticed his sudden movement. She looked to where he was, and scowled.

“Better hurry before she does something stupid. That’s why that freak was here early. Of course, his human was lucky and didn’t die. You better make sure that yours doesn’t do the same.”

Alec opened his mouth to respond when Gia did something that surprised him yet again. She started stripping! With Alphonse and Gabriel- one of the most perverted men in the coven- less than a hundred miles away- in the same ocean that she was going to go bare nude into! The women had always yelled at Gabriel for suggesting that they undress with him around. Why Gia was doing it when he was so close and nothing separated them blew his mind.

Gabriel noticed what she was doing. He quickly elbowed Alphonse who turned to watch. The two had been in the water doing who knows what but they gave their full attention to the human a hundred feet down the beach. As Gia reached to the hem of her shirt, Alec reacted. He leapt up, racing towards her. He felt himself slow astronomically as he drew closer. Though it brought him comfort that he neared her, it made him angry that it gave the two perverts seconds more to observe Gia. His Gia.

Not even stopping, he kept going until he collided head on with her. Gia let out a surprise squeak as she began to fall. Alec wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her on top of him so that he positioned himself to hit the ground. Together, they landed with a small thud. Alec tightened his grip around her waist, enjoying the proximity they had. Gia still stared out to sea; still, she clasped his forearm in her hands. Alec thought she would have made him let go. He did not hear anything from down the beach, but he was sure that Gabriel had muttered something to effect of “spoil sport.”

They lay there for sometime, taking comfort in the other’s touch. Finally, Alec remembered the reason he tackled her in the first place.

“Why were you stripping down?” he asked.

“Oh,” she flushed. Her whole body turned bright pink and Alec basked in the warmth she let off. She might have made him warmer- more human, she did not return the normal body temperature of a human. That was fine with Alec- as long as he got to hold her.

Oh no. Shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit… Heidi was right. Adrianna was right. Oh shit. They were both right. He was very much attracted to Gia. His body responded to her in ways that it had never ever ever acted before. Her touch sent chills up his spine, her voice made his dead heart beat and the fragrance of her skin- lavender and sandalwood- oh gosh, he had never felt this way before. What was it?

“I wanted to go swimming,” Gia answered, snuggling in closer to him. Alec could not move, even if he wanted to, even if it was to save her life. As long as she was moving, he couldn’t. After an eternity, she found a comfortable position. “You’re comfy,” she informed him.

Alec had a machismo grin on his face. Why that made him so proud, he did not know. “Thank you, I suppose. You know, you are supposed to go swimming in swim suits.” Even he, the vampire who stayed locked up in the castle, knew that.

Gia shrugged. “I don’t have one. I figured that my underwear would have been enough. They cover just about the same amount,”

Alec froze. He had seen Heidi’s underwear… Why did he like the idea of seeing Gia’s so much? Hopefully, it was see-through. No. He banished those thoughts from his head. Heidi told Demitri that women like men who are respectful. Besides, Gia deserved better than to be leered at in that way. Mentally, he apologized for thinking those crass thoughts.

“We can go swimming if you want,” he heard himself offering in a strangled voice.

Gia sat up. Damn. Her beautiful eyes widened in excitement. “Really?”

Alec nodded, sitting up as well, hoping to hold her again. “If that is what you want,”

Gia bobbed her head furiously. “Yes! Yes! Yes! That is exactly what I want!”

She jumped up and Alec internally groaned. Standing as well, he looked down the beach. The three older vampires waved; his eyes narrowed. “First, you need to get a swim suit,” he told her. There was no way that greedy Alphonse and perverted Gabriel. “We both do,” Just to be on the safe side.

Gia nodded her head. Grabbing Alec’s hand, she pulled him forward. “Well, come on, then! Let’s go get some and come back for a midnight swim!”

Alec grinned. He liked that idea. Checking to make sure that he had his wallet- he knew he did, it was just an instinctive move- he allowed her to drag him. Walking on the beach was slow for the human, not that he minded, though it did take longer than he intended it to. Exasperation growing, he moved swiftly in front of her, pulling out of her grasp.

Gia squeaked again. “How do you keep doing that?”

Alec goofily grinned. “It’s a vampire thing. We move outrageously fast. Normally, I’m even faster.”

“What makes you- oh,” she blushed, “Sorry,”

Alec touched her shoulder, “Don’t worry.”

She grew even hotter at the contact. Pausing, he quieted everything. Was that her heart beating so rapidly? Was that natural? Was it healthy? He pulled away. Moving so fast that she could not see, he scooped her up in his arms, bridal style. She squealed loudly. Alec laughed, the rumblings in his chest vibrating against her. Gia made the most adorable noises! He took off running.

“How fast are you going?” Gia gasped. She grabbed ahold of his neck and held on tightly.

“Don’t worry. This isn’t as fast as I can go,” he soothed. In reality, he was not going too fast, he could go much faster, but he did not want to scare her. He slightly increased his speed to test a theory- sure enough, his results were positive. She held on even tighter.

“Faster, Alec! Faster!” Gia screamed. Eyes wide, she faced the front, still holding on to him, her mouth slack like a dog’s. Alec obeyed her order. She laughed as he ran as fast as he could. She held on so tightly that Alec was afraid she would break her hands. He had taken her to a doctor. No, her hand was not broken- just badly bruised.

“Here we go,” Alec sat her down in the middle of the street. They had arrived in the small town of Ambrosia, France. Gia grinned. Taking his hand, they walked along the side walk.

“Do you know where a good bathing suit store is?” she asked.

Alec shook his head. “I never had a need for one until now,” he truthfully replied.

Gia’s mouth dropped. “You’ve never been swimming before?”

He shook his head no. “Nah, it’s never really interested me before.”

“You have really missed out on a lot, Alec. Let me tell you,” Gia grinned up at him, “But don’t worry, tonight, I’ll give you the crash course.”

Alec stopped, looking at the sign to his right. Gia kept on going. She stopped when the jerk of his arm prevented her moving forward. “What is it, Alec?” she asked, returning to her rightful place at his side.

He squeezed her hand. “Do you still want that piercing?”

Gia speculatively eyed the store beside her. “Yeah…”

“Not now, though?” He raised an eyebrow. Perhaps it was a maturity thing-

“Can I squeeze your hand?” Gia interrupted his thoughts.

Alec blinked. “Uhh…” Squeezing another’s hand somehow helped alleviate pain? “Yeah. If you want to,”

“Then come on!” she lunged into the tattoo parlor.

Inside the parlor was dirty. The vampire eyed it speculatively, afraid that somehow, it would harm his human. He heard about infections running rampant in places like that. The walls were covered with the body art, going from cute and subtle to outrageously flamboyant and crude. Gia looked at them all with interest and he had to wonder.

“Comment peux-je vous aider?” (How can I help you?) a tall, burly man asked. He walked out from a room, holding an instrument that looked particularly painful.

“Euh… je voudrais une pénétration de langue, sil vous plait.” (Um… I would like to get my tongue pierced, please.) Gia responded. She wrinkled her nose as she slowly spoke, concentrating on each word. So much for fluency, Alec chucked.

“Je suis desole. Mais, vous avez besoin de la permission d'un parent avant que je peux le faire.” (I am sorry. But I will need a parent’s permission before I can do that,)

Gia pouted prettily. On a teenaged boy, it would have worked. On the elderly gentleman, it had little effect. She was too young for him. Alec intervened. “Un moment, alors monsieur.” (One moment, then sir)

Pulling out his cellphone, he punched Adrianna’s number in. It rang twice before she answered. “Hello, Alec.”

“Hey. Listen, we are in a tattoo parlor- the only one in town- and Gia needs a parent’s permission to get her tongue pierced.” Alec explained quickly, in Italian.

“Why would she want to do something like that?” Adrianna gasped in horror. Like Alec, the thought of permanently punching a hole in part of her body was abhorring to Adrianna.

Alec shrugged, even if Adrianna could not see him. “It is just something she wants to do,”

“If that’s what she wants…” Adrianna did not sound sure that this was the wisest choice. “We will be there in a second,”

“Thanks, Adrianna,” Alec answered.

“No problem, kiddo.” Adrianna merrily laughed into the phone. Alec scowled. He was not a kiddo. He was above childish nicknames.

Still scowling, he addressed the man behind the counter. “Nos parents seront ici dans juste quelques moments.” (Our parents will be here in just a few moments,)

He shrugged. Really, Alec knew, he did not care. It was just a legal formality. “Très bien,” (Very well,)

Twelve seconds and counting later, Adrianna burst into the parlor, Gabriel and Alphonse flanking behind her like body guards. Which they were, just not for her. “Sorry it took so long. We walked past it like… twice,” Adrianna’s lips twitched as she watched the human. He had been startled by their sudden appearance as well as their unearthly beauty.

“Elle veut faire percer sa langue,” (She wants to get her tongue pierced,) Adrianna motioned towards Gia who flushed. Was she honestly surprised that she was not the only one who spoke French well enough to survive in the country? Alec shook his head in mirth; Gia could be so naive.

The man crossed his arms and arched an eyebrow. “Etes-vous un parent?” (Are you a parent?)

“Oui,” Adrianna snapped crisply. “Je suis,” (Yes, I am)

“D’accord. Suivez-moi,” he told Gia. (Okay. Follow me,)

Gia gripped Alec’s hand tightly. Lips pressed into a thin line, she resolutely walked like the lamb to the slaughter to the room where it would be done. The man told her to sit and stick out her tongue. She complied. Taking a marker, he looked at her tongue for a moment before marking in the center. “Que pensez-vous à la position?” he asked her. (What do you think of the position?)

Gia looked in the mirror that he held out. She cocked her head to the side, studying it intently. She finally nodded. “Oui, c’est bon,” (Yes, it is good,)

“Très bien. Ne bouger pas,” he told her. “Cela pourrait faire mal. Non, je le sais ira faire. Désolé.” (Very well. Do not move. This might hurt. No, I know that it will. Sorry,)

Gia went stock still. The man- Alec desperately hoped that he was a professional- pulled on blue latex gloves. He took a pair of tong-like out of sterilizing container and clipped it on the tip of her tongue, pulling it out so he could pierce it. Gia’s eyes widened as her grip tightened around his hand. He pulled out a ball and stud- she did not have a choice for the original piercing- so could position the stud correctly. Her beautiful eyes snapped shut when the man threaded the stud through a pincher. He positioned it on the dot and closed it with a deafening snap. Gia’s eyes jumped open wide as tears welled up in them.

“Ouuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,” she groaned, the tears flowing unhindered out of her navy eyes.

Alec squeezed her hand reassuringly. “That parts over,” he reminded her. “You said that it would not hurt much,”

That was apparently the wrong thing to say. Gia glared at him, her eyes glassy and red from the tears. Her irises changed to a pale blue when she cried, he noted. “I vas vong,” she said. “Iw huwt, awot.”

“Oh,” he winced for her.

The man told her how to clean and to clean it frequently. When he finished, Gia blinked, “Peux-je recevoir un tatouage d'une lune cresent sur mon gratte-cul aussi? Sil vous plait?” she asked, looking at the two men in the room.

Alec groaned. She said that she had a low threshold for pain. The man just nodded. The tongue piecing took three minutes. The tattoo took over an hour. When it was finished, Alec had to admit the thing was attractive.

“Soixante euros” the man declared. Alec paid and carried a wincing Gia out of the shop.

“I’m in paiwn,” she moaned.

“You brought it all on yourself,” he chided.

“Buw I always vawnted one!” she protested.

“Well now you have both,”

“Danka, Awec,” she grinned.

He laughed. She sounded Romanian! “Do you still want to buy swimsuits?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

She bobbed her head furiously. “I pwomished you a midnighd svim!”

“Did you not hear that man tell you not to get your tattoo wet for forty-eight hours?”

“Vell, you can svim!” she grinned.

“How about we just wait those two days, hmm?” Alec asked.

“Fine,” she groaned, but snuggled closer to him. There really was no need for him to carry her back to the house owned by the Volturi, save the shorter commute. But just then, Alec would not have minded it if it had taken them a long time to get back. Gia’s rumbling stomach had another agenda however, since it started grumbling loudly. Laughing, Alec rushed the human back so she could feed. His brows crossed. He and the others would need to soon, as well. Brushing those thoughts away for another day, he focused on the happy present.