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I Need You to Love Me

A penny for your thoughts… A picture so it lasts… Let's knock down the walls of immortality Your fingers on my skin… only you can hear my fear… only you can help me heal… i see forever with you here. It's never enough, no matter how many times I try to tell you this is love. If tomorrow never comes, I want you to know right now that I'm gonna love you until the day. I'm gonna love you like it's the last night on Earth. And though I'm undeserving, I need you to love me.

All of this belongs to the great stephenie meyer. I am just playing with her fun toys.

12. Chapter 12 - A Picture so it Lasts?

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Chapter Twelve- A Picture so it Lasts

Gia wore baggy clothes for the next two days. Anything that remotely touched her freshly inked skin hurt like hell, she explained. It was better to let the frigid painful air hit it rather than scratchy clothes. Alec could not comprehend that statement, but agreed with her out of politeness. It was slightly amusing to watch her step around, wincing every where she went. She politely declined his offers of piggy back rides, claiming that she was afraid of the possible pressure put on the sore spot. She’d rather take the barest minimum pain of walking.

They sat together on a couch, watching a local sitcom. Gia frowned at the television and slowly repeated everything over and over again, trying to understand. Alec had offered twice now to translate for her- he was indubitably faster and more accurate- but she would have none of it. She was determined to figure it out herself. It was adorable.

“That means wire,” he whispered in her ear.

“I don’t get it,”

“She’s saying that she would rather cut his hair off with wire than cut it. It’s not that funny,” he replied.

“Oh,” Gia sounded. Alec thought- the sound she made was not a groan but it was not a word, either. It was a noise. No. There had to be a term for it. But what? Moan? No. That was not quite right. It was most certainly not a grunt. If he remembered correctly, the word began with a ‘g’, the word proved to be quite elusive. Gia yawned, sidetracking his train of thought, not that he minded. “I’m tired,” she declared.

Alec grinned. “Shall we go to sleep?” he teased.

Gia glared. “That’s not funny. I truly pity you for not being able to sleep.”

Alec winked. “You do seem to make me rather drowsy, if that comforts you.”

She wrinkled her mouth. “Not really, old man. Come on.” She stood up and stretched, only to stop suddenly in the middle of arching her back. “Wait! I promised you a midnight swim!”

As much as that thought elated him, he was not sure if Gia was alert enough to handle herself in the ocean. Though not particularly rough this time of year, Gia was tired and not as alert as she normally was. He reasoned that if things got too out of hand, he could save her, despite the fact that he did not know how to swim. Alec shrugged, “We can go swimming if that’s what you want.”

Gia nodded her head. “Of course! I never break a promise! Remember that! Besides, Adrianna was sweet enough to go out and get us some suits! So come on!”

Gia started walking. Alec stayed where he was, just watching her. Just like he had become aware of her constant presence over the past two weeks, so had Gia become accustomed to his. She stopped not five feet from him to turn around so that she could glare at him.

“Are you coming?” she snapped, “Don’t make me have to drag you!”

Alec laughed. The preposterous notion that she could physically dictate him was hysterical. Shoving his hands in his pockets- what did he know, Heidi and Gia had been correct, he did find use for his modern apparel- he cockily dropped his head to the side, looking at her daringly. She had the guts to try, just not the strength to succeed.

Staunchly unable to admit the obvious, Gia marched over to him. Placing both of her hands around his elbow, she braced herself and pulled. She surprised herself and Alec by going… nowhere. He did not budge an inch. That was odd. He thought she might have been able to make him move forward and inch or two. He didn’t so much as teeter.

That was irking. Gia frowned and, steadying herself, pulled once more, only this time, it was as hard as she could. Much to her chagrin, Alec did not budge a centimeter.

“Come on, Alec,” she groaned, heaving and pulling, straining every muscle in her body, “work with me here,”

Alec chuckled. He arched an eyebrow, “You seemed quite confident not a moment ago that you could easily drag me. Where did it run off to?”

Gia glared. “That’s not funny.”

“Like the wire wasn’t?” he teased.

She giggled. “Exactly. No come on. I’m not gonna ask again.”

“Like you have a choice,” he quipped back.

Gia threw out her bottom lip, forming a pout that made Alec feel like he was melting. Still, he had to stay strong. This was a territorial battle, he had been in too many to count to not recognize the tension. Both wanted to be the dominant one in the relationship, and this little skirmish would help determine exactly who was. He had a feeling that they would probably never have a clear-cut winner, a fact that was fine by him. He enjoyed making her mad, of testing her physical and mental limits, teasing her, claiming her, making her his, playing with her. He had never experienced the constant torrential flux of emotions before he met Gia. At times, it felt like he never wanted to go back to how he used to be.

“This is boring,” Gia resigned, when her pout did not work. “Let’s go.” Not even looking to see if he was following, she walked out of the sitting room. Not wanting to be left behind, he dashed out after her, only to stop when he saw the smirk of triumph on her face. Damn… she nearly got him. Taking her hand, they both knew that it had been a draw…

They walked together to their room- yes, their room. After Master Aro had given Alec the order to not leave Gia’s side, some ethical and moral questions had arisen. When asked to clarify, the masters were adamant. Alec was to be within a few feet of Gia at all times, or at least, be able to clearly see her. The only privacy she had was when she bathed, and even then, Alec sat behind a screen so that he could see nothing- not that the steam allowed him to anyway. He had even been forced to move into her room so he could observe her while she slept. Originally, he sat in an armchair and watched her, giving her plenty of space for personal boundaries, and him enough to keep his head clear. But then Gia had to go and decide that the chair was uncomfortable, and order him to share the bed with her. He instantly refused. As stubborn as ever, Gia declared that if he was forced to be uncomfortable, then she could suffer as well. She made a pallet of blankets on the cold stone floor and lay down to sleep. Alec had watched her intently, acutely aware of each toss and turn that she normally did not make. A little after midnight, he scooped her up and put her in the soft, squishy bed, careful to cover her up as much as he could. Unfortunately- or perhaps fortunately, Gia, in creating her master plan, had forgotten to tell him that she was a cuddler. As such, as soon as he set her down, she wrapped herself tightly around him and snuggled close. He had held her ever since.

She won that battle, and gloated continuously about it, unbeknownst to her.

“You can change in the closet,” Gia instructed him as he pulled his navy set of trunks out of the Prada bag. Only vampires bout designer swimsuits on a whim to be used only once and then forgotten for a hundred years, Alec mused. “And I’ll change out here.” As he walked into the dark room, she yelled, “And none of that funky vampire speed thingy either!”

Alec chuckled. If only she knew the temptation… he groaned internally. Slowly but surely, the consistency of her presence intoxicated him. It was not her scent, that was tolerable, forgettable even, as much as it saddened him. No, it was her spunk and straight forward approach to life that made her so attractive. Slowly, counting to one hundred, he pulled up one leg of his trunks before repeating himself. She would never forgive him if he accidentally walked in on her changed. He chuckled dryly. There would be nothing accidental about it, but what she did not know would not kill her. There was a lot that he had kept hidden from her so far-

“What’s so funny?” Gia called from outside.

“Oh, nothing. I was just thinking to myself,” he replied.

“Oh,” she answered. She respected people’s privacy when it concerned memories as well. She certainly kept a lot to herself- or at least, tried to.

There. He was dressed. Picking up his clothes, he turned to call out, “Are you decent yet?”

“I am.” Gia responded as Alec walked out. “Thanks for asking. Most guys wouldn’t be courteously enough to do that.”

Alec shrugged. “It’s nothing. I-” He looked at Gia’s expression. She seemed to have stopped breathing. “What’s wrong?” he asked, worried. Her eyes widened, as she could only gape and point. Alec looked down, confused. As far as he could tell, there was nothing wrong with his appearance. He had on his swim trunks properly and a tee-shirt. Nothing should be wrong.

Shaking her head vigorously, she blinked her eyes several times. “Sorry about that,” she muttered, hitting herself on the forehead.

Alec took a step forward, afraid that she had hurt herself. “Are you all right?” he asked, looking down at her. He was right in front of her, centimeters separating them, and those few spaces were nothing but air. Gia nodded, wide eyed. What was going on?

Alec reached out. The skin on her cheek was even softer than it looked. Gia closed her eyes, leaning in to his touch. He absentmindedly played with a tendril of her red hair, wrapping it around his thumb. It was soft and fine, even more fragile that her bones. His barest touch pulled a little bit on her head- but he would never know that.

She tilted her head slightly. Her navy eyes opened a little bit and Alec got to stare at those navy eyes that he loved so much. They simply amazed him. He never even knew that it was possible to have that color iris. That was probably what he would miss most about her when she was changed. Those damn eyes… they made his heart flutter. He didn’t understand why they did, nor did he care to. All he knew was that every moment he got to see that rare color was a blessing.

He leaned forward. He placed his lips on her forehead. His eyes flew open when he felt the heat that radiated from her. He had always felt it but now, it was so much more intense. A soft, serene smile graced her lips. Alec marveled at how beautiful she was when she was happy.

Agonizingly slow, he lowered his head, not in control of his actions. It was like his body was on auto-pilot, doing whatever it wanted. His mind was disassociated from his body. For once, he told it to shut up. Now was not a time for thinking. He drew closer and closer to that serene smile. He had no idea what he was doing. He had never experienced this fire that coursed through him.

Closer and closer he drew. Damn… he had never felt such fire. Not since his transformation. He was almost convinced that this was hotter. Alec’s eyes fluttered shut. His body guided him down and down, each second longer than the last. His lips parted slightly. What was he doing? He had absolutely no idea.

“Alec…” Gia whispered. Obviously, he was taking to long for her liking. He tried to speed up but his muscles would not respond to his commands. It was almost like he enjoyed drawing it out. Masochistic, he reprimanded himself. It was painful, but he forced himself to move faster. Just centimeters separated them. And Adrianna burst into the room, carrying a bag.

“I’ve got presents!” she declared. The two jerked back. Gia was bright red and her heart beat erratically. Alec took a step nearer to her. It looked like she was having trouble breathing. Combined with an unsteady heartbeat, he was afraid that she was going to faint. He wanted to be ready to catch her.

“Really?” Gia asked. Her voice was rather high. Alec hoped it was not because she had cut off the oxygen supply to her brain somehow. Master Aro would not take kindly to the fact that his new pet was mentally handicapped because Alec had somehow halted her breathing.

“Yes,” Adrianna nodded. She pulled out a knee-length dress. It was made of black silk and lace, shimmery and see-through. It would leave little to the imagination.

It was Alec’s turn to stop breathing. “What’s that?” he choked out. He knew exactly who it was for. What he really wanted to know was if he was going to get to see her in it.

“This, young boy, is called a cover-up. You wear them over your swimsuits. Here you go, Gia.” Adrianna tossed it to Gia who caught it with nimble hands. She eyed the material greedily, relishing in the smooth texture. It would feel marvelously smooth against her skin.

“You needed something beautiful to wear over that suit, so I thought that that would do,” Adrianna explained. Alec nearly missed the calculating glance that she sent his way. Nearly.

“Come on, put it on so you can go!” Adrianna gestured with her hands. Alec whipped around. He had not had the chance to look at what Gia was wearing- apparently, it was just her swimsuit, but she pulled the cover-up on by the time his brain had processed the fact of her in nothing but a swimsuit.

Holding out her arms for Alec to pick her up was the command. He did not need to be ordered twice, dominance wars forgotten. Greedily, he picked her up and darted out of the room, thanking Adrianna who held out a bag of supplies that they might need. Though he enjoyed the seconds that he held her close, he was much more focused on getting to the beach and getting her to take the cover up off. That was the dumbest invention he had ever heard of. They were nothing but trouble as far as he and Gia were concerned.

He gently set Gia down on the ground, grinning as she winced in surprise of the sudden contact of her toes against the grainy sand. It turned out to be all for naught, for as soon as she realized what had happened, she bent backwards to stare out to the open ocean. Alec gawked for a moment, having never seen a person contort their body into such a position before. Her hair tumbled everywhere, fanning out on the sandy shore.

“It’s beautiful in the moonlight,”

“So beautiful,” Alec replied, knowingly talking about two different subjects.

Gia kicked up off the ground. Her legs gracefully were pulled over her body by her stomach muscles. As soon as her feet nimbly touched the ground, she lifted the upper half of her body off the ground, bringing her in a fully circle. She grinned goofily at Alec, who could just stare.

He winked at her before opening that water-proof but designer bag that Adrianna had handed him. Inside were towels, sunscreen, and water toys. Alec peered closer, wondering why the vampiress felt the need for sun protection. As far as he knew, the moon did not admit harmful rays. He mused that since it did reflect the light of the sun, it might reflect some of the UV and RV rays. Perhaps Gia should put it on…

She reached in and pulled out a towel. Spreading it on the ground, she sat on it and looked at Alec expectantly. He copied her. Soon, they sat in silence, watching the waves caress the surface of the ocean as it shone in the moonlight. Gia sighed in complete and perfect contentment. When she first heard that vampires lived in the world, she hated everything about them. Now, as she sat happily beside one, her opinion on the situation had reversed entirely.

“You wanna go for a walk?” Alec asked, breaking the comfortable silence. He grew restless from lack of movement. He noticed that Gia’s body’s temperature rose ever slow slightly whenever she moved. He loved the heat that radiated like light off her- warming him, pushing him closer to the edge- and he began to do things that would make her hotter. Like touching her seemed to raise her body temperature approximately two degrees, and when she walked, she grew even warmer. He loved her heat.

Gia grinned. “Sure,”

Standing simultaneously, they both turned to walk different directions. Laughing, Gia turned to face the right, like Alec had originally done, so that they could walk together. Both realized that they had nothing to say- nothing was needed. The silence was perfect, golden and pure. It was the kind that said everything without mucking it all up, twisting the words and changing their meanings. Slowly- hesitantly, Gia reached for his hand, remembering what Adrianna had told her. Her fingers brushed against the top of his fingers, trailing fire down his skin as she lowered her hand beneath his. It was he that locked her fingers in place.

Alec’s dead heart jumped and beat metaphorically in his chest. She moaned softly and leaned her head on his shoulder. Eyes closed, she gave him her complete trust for she allowed him to lead her. That simply gesture made Alec feel weak in the knees. He rested his head on hers, vowing to be worthy of her trust. Eyes half closed, they walked along the beach in the moonlight.

Eventually, he knew that they had gotten far away from their belongings. He regretfully had to turn them around so that the return journey could begin. Gia’s eyelids were very heavy by the time they reached the towels.

“Are you ready to go to bed yet?” Alec quietly asked.

Gia shook her head no. “I wanna swim first,” she said, then she yawned.

Afraid of her judgement when she was this tired, Alec found himself having to decline her offer to take off her cover up. Gia living the night out was unfortunately more important than him seeing her in a bathing suit. “I think it’s too late,” he whispered.

Gia collapsed onto her striped pink towel. “No, it’s not,” she grumbled, rubbing her eyes. “You’re not tired,”

“That’s because I haven’t slept in hundreds of years,” he reminded her softly.

“All the more reason for you to be exhausted,” Gia complained, lying down. She pulled him down beside her.

Wrapping her tightly in his arms, he held her close. He felt her breathe in and out, her chest pushing against his as strange and unusual but pleasant nonetheless impulses ran rapidly throughout his body. This human that he held always seemed to make him feel something new. Placing his lips cautiously on her forehead, he smiled as her breathing slowed down for she feel into a peaceful slumber. She snuggled down into the sand, molding herself against his body, not wanting to move an inch during the night. Alec was more than happy to comply with her silent requested. He wanted this night to never end, he was so happy. Just then, life was perfect. His eyes felt heavy and he thought that he might close them for just a moment. Her arms wrapped around him, holding him against her as if she was afraid that sometime during the night, he might vanish. That made him happy to think that. It was with that thought that he drifted off.