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I Need You to Love Me

A penny for your thoughts… A picture so it lasts… Let's knock down the walls of immortality Your fingers on my skin… only you can hear my fear… only you can help me heal… i see forever with you here. It's never enough, no matter how many times I try to tell you this is love. If tomorrow never comes, I want you to know right now that I'm gonna love you until the day. I'm gonna love you like it's the last night on Earth. And though I'm undeserving, I need you to love me.

All of this belongs to the great stephenie meyer. I am just playing with her fun toys.

16. Chapter 16 - I See Forever With You Near

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Chapter Sixteen - I See Forever With You Near

Alec looked suspiciously at the three vampires who now sat across from him: Hannibal, Cornelius and Victoire. All three looked ragged and weary, certainly not wealthy or in a position to barter.

“No,” Alec said, arms folded across his chest. “You cannot have her. She belongs to the Masters,”

He had sent Gia to her room. He did not want to run the risk of one of them grabbing her and running away. There was no way in the world that he was letting anyone taking her away from him. Not even the Masters. Not now. He left Adrianna there to guard her as well. He trusted her above else- well, he trusted Gabriel more than his sometimes mate- what he trusted was her power. All members of the Guard were talented, and Adrianna was particularly adept in offense: telekinesis. Though it was a limited power as the young vampire was yet to master her talent.

“How quickly you are to turn down our offer, young Alec,” Hannibal said oily. Hannibal was tall, mountainous but lean and sinewy. His ebony hair was long, hanging nearly to his waist and his dark ruby eyes were piercing. He hated the Volturi with his entirety and most likely he saw Gia as an opportunity to get one up on the Masters. Hannibal was far older than Alec- nearly fifteen hundred years, he had walked the earth. For part of his long life, he had served in the Guard. Cunning and manipulative, the lore said that he befriended a werewolf, and, with several friends within the Guard, tried to overthrow Caius. Even the vampires outside the Guard knew of his wicked ways. Caius barely managed to walk away from it. Six of the Guard were lost and only Hannibal escaped from the carnage. “That is very interesting.”

“She is not mine to barter with,” Alec responded cooly, careful to not let the fear and resentment that he felt raging inside of him show. Hannibal was conniving enough to let him know that he cared deeply for Gia. He was use that to his advantage somehow.

“Why not? It is nothing but a pathetic human, is it not?” Hannibal placed his fingertips together, calculatingly Alec.

Alec glared. “It does not matter how I view her. She still belongs to Master Marcus and Masters Aro and Caius,”

“I hate to say this, but, it sounds like you have particular fond leaning towards the human. More than is appropriate,”

How the hell had he gathered that from Alec’s words? “I don’t know why you would have that impression. There is nothing between us,” For once the mutinous Alphonse and love-struck Gabriel did not scoff or protest in any way. They realized that protecting Gia was of utmost importance, that, for once, all squabbles and power plays had to be put on hold for the wishes of the Masters.

It was all for the Masters. That’s what Alec told himself, his mantra. It was all for that Masters that they all gathered around Gia to protect her. But he knew that it was more than that. Everyone, even Alphonse- no, especially Alphonse- adored Gia. Alphonse thought that Alec did not see him watching, always watching, but he did. It alarmed Alec with the continuous watching, she rarely strayed from Alphonse’s sight. He did not know what to make of it.

“So the might have fallen,” Hannibal sadistically, grinned.

“What are you implying, Hannibal?” Alec snarled.

The traitor shrugged, “Nothing personal. It is just that I did not expect to witness the renowned Alec in such a state of disarray over a miniscule human. She must be quite the little vixen to not only you but the entire esteemed Volturi topsy-turvy.”

“Is she beautiful?” Victoire, the only female of the coven, asked.

“He certainly seems to think so,” interjected Cornelius, sneering at Gabriel who flexed his arms provocatively. “All of this Guard seems to have been reduced to a pathetic, quivering mass. They are all concerned for this human girl,”

Alphonse gave Cornelius a glare. “And how, pray tell, do you infer this? We have not displayed any form of talent as of yet.”

“Cornelius is gifted,” Hannibal interrupted before the slightly vampire revealed something he should not.

“You determine the threat that another presents and then react to it,” Gabriel mused.

“You are gifted as well,” Hannibal looked like he had been double crossed.

“What member of the Guard is not?” Alphonse countered.

“I can name one or two,”

“Not those who have long survived you,” Alphonse replied to Hannibal.

“Are you sure that you are not willing to trade for the human?” Hannibal tried to sound mildly disinterested. Alec knew differently. Hannibal only wanted Gia because the Masters did, and he told him that.

“You know that I do not have the authority to do such a thing. Besides, you only covet her because the Masters do.”

Hannibal had to force down a snarl and Alec was relieved. Even Hannibal could not control his emotions all the time. He would have to e careful to keep playing Hannibal’s unruly emotions against him. “Perhaps,” He recovered a little too quickly for Alec’s liking, putting a perfect mask of indifference on once more.

“If you want her, you must speak to the Masters in Voturi.” That was his decision and he was sticking to it, dammit.

“Oh, we don’t want her, dear one,” Victoire purred, much to her coven members’ delight. Gabriel could not help but be mesmerized by her for she truly was beautiful. Alec was only glad that Adrianna was absent for this meeting. Victoire had icy white hair that nearly touched the floor. She stood tall- over six feet and her ruby red eyes seemed to dominate half of her face. “We are more curious in you, dear one. As is the entire world, Alec. We all have heard the rumors.”

That was a place that he was unprepared to go. The rumors had begun during the winter when he accompanied the Masters to the United States to visit the Cullens. Word had spread that his power was much more than simply cutting off an opponent’s senses- and it was- but the Maters preferred to keep others unaware of that. If other covens understood the depth of the manipulation Alec could inflect, they might come to the correct conclusion that several of the Guard had come to be so because of false memories and circumstances Alec had concocted. There were other ways into forcing someone to join- he had been with the Guard several hundred more years than Chelsea.

“All of which are incorrect,” he immediately answered.

“So you have heard of them?” Hannibal watched- curious.

“How could we have not? They were rather boisterously spread,” Alphonse muttered, watching Cornelius suspiciously. What the human magnet was thinking, he was afraid to even imagine.

“They are all false?” Victoire sprawled all over Alphonse who looked incredibly annoyed and uncomfortable. She was a seductress, then, Alec deduced. If not one by talent, she had bee born one was a human.

“But of course,” Alphonse hissed through his teeth. Victoire laughed beautifully, rubbing her hand on his shoulder. If it was not such a serious situation, Alec would have laughed.

“How disappointing,” Hannibal concluded the conversation.

Gia sat in her room, listening to Adrianna repeat the conversation that Alec was having with Cornelius Robespierre. She sat twisting the sheets on her bed, nervously. Why did they keep saying Alec was weak? What had she done to make them think that? Alec was no such thing!

Though wary of the Robespierre coven, the Volturi were magnificent hosts. They took their guests on a hunting trip- far away from the chateau. He would allow no harm to come to any human near his Gia. That meant a threat to her and that was unacceptable. While hunting, they had become separated. He should have seen it coming. Victoire was missing. No doubt, she tried to take his Gia.

Flying back to the chateau, he had never been more relieved to see Gia sitting at the kitchen table with Adrianna munching on some type of popped vegetable. She grined and asked him how his take out was. He did not understand it, but he smiled for her sake. She seemed tense- no doubt worried by the threat of the Robespierre coven. That night, he stayed with her, and fought sleep once more. He had to stay alert. Hannibal was tenacious. If he truly wanted Gia, he would get her.

Perhaps saying that he wanted her was the incorrect term. The Robespierre coven- before Hannibal had executed the former leader, Viktor- was legendary for toying with humans before leading them to cruel, terrifying deaths. That would not happen to her. He vowed it.

The next morning, he was disheartened to see that the Robespierre coven had yet to leave the chateau. Once more, Gia was locked in her room as Alec watched the threat with beady eyes. He had to protect her. Not just for himself, but for the Masters as well. It was only near eleven, when Gia told Alec she was going to sleep, did he return to her room. He would keep watch over her once more, almost like a dog over’s its pup. She was all he could think about during the day, and he craved to see her, to make sure that she was all right. It was like part of him was missing when she was gone.

What Alec did not know- did not suspect even- was that Victoire did in fact get to Gia. The sun shone bright at nearly three in the afternoon when Gia heard a soft rap on her balcony door. Looking up from her book, her mouth literally dropped open. Standing on her balcony was an angel, clothed in flowing white, a crown of flowers in her hair. Never in her life, had she seen something so magnificent, so ethereal. She looked at this creature in front of her and saw only one thing: perfection.

The angel waved at her in a friendly manner and motioned her to come to her. All common sense left her as she walked towards the serene being. There was no way someone so pure looking could mean her ill. No way at all.

The brilliant sparkle that she glowed slowly dimmed as she walked forward. So even angels were effected by her defense mechanism. Gia was sorry to bring even the slightest bit of humanism to the holy creature in front of her.

“Hello, my dear one,” the angel said in a soft, soothing voice.

Gia closed her eyes and listened to its melody. Softy and slightly husky, it was the voice of a siren leading a sailor to his doom. Gia willingly would follow her anywhere.

“He…hello,” the insignificant human barely managed to wheeze out. Her voice, normally melodious and light, sounded gruff and harsh.

“My dear one, I am Victoire, sister of Hannibal and Cornelius,”

Those names sent off alarms bells in the human’s head. Gia squinted, trying to clear her head from the gaze of the seductress. She knew that Victoire was a member of the Robespierre coven. They were evil, she reminded herself. They were mean to Alec. But none of it seemed to matter as she stared transfixed into the oddly comforting eyes of Victoire Robespierre.

“You are so beautiful,” Victoire said as she gently caressed Gia’s face. “You will make a mighty vampire,”

“Are you a vampire?” Gia heard herself asking. Why would she trouble such an angel with such a minute question? What did it matter? The sweet being that stood before her meant her no harm.

The angel laughed. It sounded like a young Mozart playing his piano. “Yes, dear one. I am,”

“You are beautiful,” Gia breathed.

“Not nearly as beautiful as you are, my sweet. Not nearly as beautiful as you will be,” Victoire cooed.

“I don’t understand.” And she didn’t. Her slow, human brain could not process anything the angel said. All she knew was that she should fear and hate the magical being, but, somehow, she could not. She only found adoration for her in her heart.

“You do not deserve to be here, my dear. You are far too special for the Volturi,” Victoire continued, speaking as if she had not heard Gia. Gia would not be surprised if that was the case.

“I want to be here,” Gia feebly protested.

Victoire fingered her hair. Those beautiful ruby eyes were locked on the icy blue that tipped the auburn hair. No doubt the perfect angel had never seen something so ugly as the blue clashing with the red. “That is only because Chelsea has changed your ties to your family. You don’t even think about them very much any more, do you?”

Gia tried to think of her family. For some reason, she could not conjure an image of them. But… Chelsea? Who was Chelsea? Gia had never met a vampire with that name.

“Who is Chelsea?” Gia could only get that question out. There were so many more important questions to ask, but her simple mind could not get them out. She had to settle for trivial words.

The angel scowled, turning from a beautiful creature to an ugly harpy. “You would not know an important member of the Guard, you miniscule human!”

Gia flinched, involuntarily taking a step backwards. Instantly, Victoire regained her composure. She stroked Gia’s face once more, comforting her and slowing her pounding heart. “Fear not, my dear one. I shall not harm you,”

“Please leave,” Gia could not believe that the words had come from her mouth. As soon as she said them, her navy eyes widened as she clamped her hand over her mouth. Victoire scowled and hissed so lowly that Gia could barely hear her.

“You pathetic, trivial human! You think that you are so valuable! You have destroyed the Guard! Alec, once an esteemed member is now the laughing stock of our entire race! You are ruining his reputation!

“Don’t you see,” Victoire’s voice suddenly turned gentle and soothing as she cupped Gia’s face to stare her in the eyes. “I am trying to protect your dear Alec. I want what is best for him- as do you. As long as you are near him, you are destroying him.” She pleaded with Gia, begging her to understand. And she did.

Gia bobbed her head emphatically. “Yes, yes. You’re right.”

“I am, my dear. Yes yes, I am. You are so beautiful, Gia. So smart. You are not only beautiful but wise and caring as well. You are truly wondrous woman,”

“What do I need to do to keep Alec safe?” Gia asked, breathless. She tried to think, but she could not. Her mind was heavy and hazy. It was so tired that it made her eyes droop.

“You must leave your dear Alec for a time, my sweet,” Victoire informed her sweetly.

“I don’t want to leave!” Gia protested vehemently.

Victoire sighed regretfully. “I know, my dear, that it will pain you. But you must understand, that the separation will not be for long. Just long enough to turn you into one of us, and make you fit to be the mate of Alec,”

“You can make me an angel like you?” Gia breathed out.

Victoire chuckled. “Yes, my dear. It is very simple,”

“Caius said-”

“I know what Caius believes, my sweet, and for once, the brilliant man is wrong. I can turn you, make you perfect, immortal forever.”

“Immortal?” The idea suddenly sounded very appealing. She could be with Alec and her friends forever. She liked that idea. Beautiful, young, forever.

“Yes, my sweet. Immortal. You shall be among us forever.”

“With Alec?”

“Yes, darling. With Alec. Forever,”

“But… I can’t leave Alec,” she feebly protested. “I need him.”

“Why, my pet?” There was the slightest edge in Victoire’s voice. Gia flinched just slightly.

“I… I need him. He makes the nightmares go away.” She sounded just like a sniveling child, she was perfectly aware of that. Still, she spoke the truth. Alec did make the nightmares go away. He kept her safe. He made her feel protected and secure. When he was around, nothing bad could happen. “He is helping me move on,”

“Is it not something that I could help you with, sweet Gia?” Victoire looked saddened.

Gia blanched. “I don’t know,”

“When you are like us, you will not sleep. Will that not solve your issues with nightmares?” Victoire pressed.

“I know…” Gia trailed off. She sounded like she was lying.

“I promise, my sweet one, that I shall remedy all of that. You will only be away from your precious Alec for a few days, a week at most,” Victoire promised.

Gia sighed in relief, “Really?”

“Yes, sweet one. Really.”

“What must I do?” She was willing to do anything for forever with Alec. It was suddenly her only wish in life, her dream, all she wanted and more.

“Meet me at the river in two nights, my dear. And we shall make you a companion fit for our dear Alec,” Victoire promised.

“Thank you,” Gia whispered.

“I do adore you, my darling. I do, I do,”

In a flash, Victoire was gone, leaving Gia to think if she should in fact meet the angel, or if she should let Alec suffer. For the next two days, it was all she could think about. She knew deep down- perhaps subconsciously even- that she should not leave Alec. Somehow, that was imperative. Yet, when the time came, it was as if she was called by a siren’s song off her balcony and into the night.

Unlocking the door, he slowly opened the bedroom door and stepped inside. He began to breath again whenever he saw the figure prone beneath the sheets. He hadn’t wanted to face the fear that something had happened to his Gia- that Hannibal or Cornelius had gotten to her before he could. He closed the door firmly behind him, not wanting anyone to think that they could just amble on in. His gaze zeroed in on a lump in the bed that he assumed was Gia. But it wasn’t, he realized as his sense went on red alert. He couldn’t sense her presence. Turning towards the balcony, Alec calmly walked out to only fin that she was not there either. Where could she be, Alec wondered as he felt a trickle of something that he had not felt sense he was a human. Fear. Something was wrong, he knew it like he knew himself. Turning back to the bedroom he ripped the covers off the bed to reveal clothing piled to look like the shape of a human body.

“Gia,” he called futilely. He knew that she wasn’t there. His sense were as sharp as ever and a quick glance at the mirror revealed his ghostly pale skin and ruby red eyes. She most definitely was gone. He scanned the room, looking for some sign. Was she playing some game? No. She was too smart to do that with strange vampires in the chateau. She was the first one he warned about the dangers and she would never have deliberately put him into a situation like this. It was then that his searching eyes hit up the note lying on the dresser, secured by a familiar bracelet. With a hand that shook slightly, he lifted the letter from its resting place and moving closer to the balcony, began to read. In his other hand, he clutched her bracelet.

When he had finished reading, Alec carefully set the letter down beside him. His Gia had runaway because she thought she was a burden and did not want to trouble him any longer. He’d been aware of the critics of his relationship with Gia. He was unaware that word had reached Gia. She thought if she left that the scar on his name for falling in love with a human would be magically removed, that his actions could be somehow absolved. But she was wrong, Alec thought, feeling as if somehow had shredded him. If he had wanted to salvage his pride, he would have long ago- he would have treated her as indifferently as he should have, as the others tried to do. All attempts failed to treat her like a pathetic being for it was impossible for anyone to view her like that. She was so much more. And now, his Gia was out there somewhere alone and probably scared without him to protect her She had sacrificed her own well-being for his thinking that she had done the right thing. But it wasn’t the right thing, Gia, he thought, staring off into space. And you will not leave me, you are mine and mine alone.