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I Need You to Love Me

A penny for your thoughts… A picture so it lasts… Let's knock down the walls of immortality Your fingers on my skin… only you can hear my fear… only you can help me heal… i see forever with you here. It's never enough, no matter how many times I try to tell you this is love. If tomorrow never comes, I want you to know right now that I'm gonna love you until the day. I'm gonna love you like it's the last night on Earth. And though I'm undeserving, I need you to love me.

All of this belongs to the great stephenie meyer. I am just playing with her fun toys.

17. Chapter 17 - It's Never Enough

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Chapter Seventeen - It’s Never Enough

Gia reluctantly stopped running as she left the road she'd been following. She'd been running-slash-walking hard for at least two hours now and it wouldn't do for the her to keel over from exertion when she still had far to go. After quickly realizing that she had absolutely no idea where the stream in question was, she began to wander the countryside. An hour in to her adventure, she realized that the stupid angel bitch had tricked her, most likely for her stupid amusement. And Gia was stupid enough to fall for it. Of course she was. She always had been gullible. Now, she was going to die in the middle of nowhere alone. Dammit!

Keeping her eyes peeled for anything that could provide her any sort of shelter from the elements, she thanked God that she had learned how to defend herself from possible attackers otherwise she would be really scared right about now. She'd even proven skilled enough to sneak and attack her daddy though Mom said that that wasn't a hard thing to do. Comforted by the thought Gia smiled sadly as she thought of all the good times she had lost because of the vampires. Despite everything she was going to miss her father and not just the teasing and the trouble she'd get him in but just him.

And Alec, Gia thought, her smile fading, she would miss him as one misses a piece of themselves. He had suddenly become everything to her and she foolishly left it all behind. It was tearing her apart. But she'd be fine, Gia thought as she lifted her chin proudly. She wouldn't act like some stupid girl, crying and whining because she was being forced to do something she'd rather die then do. The possibility that she could just return and try to sneak in- or if she was caught say that she fell out the window- but that would be weak. She would be strong, be worthy of any regard that Alec might maintain for her. Yes, it was dumb. Yes, she would most likely die from starvation or some grizzly murder, but that was preferable to admitting that she was wrong- that she needed Alec. Because she did, she loved him with her entire being. Or, loved him as deep as a fifteen year-old girl could love.

She walked along the high way, tired. Already, she felt dirty and was exhausted. But she would have to keep going. She knew that as soon as Alec realized that she was gone, he would come for her, and then, if he got to her, she was done for. No more alone times, no more friendliness with the rest of the Coven, Alec would keep her under lock and key because he would think that he could not trust. He couldn’t, but still- it was annoying to think of herself as untrustworthy.

Blinking, she had to hold up a hand to shield her eyes from the bright headlights that were fast approaching her. Weighing her options quickly, Gia thrust out her thumb, praying to God that this would not end with her pants down in some gas station somewhere. The car slowed to a stop. It was a rather nice looking red convertible- other than that, Gia had absolutely no clue as to how nice it actually was, but a convertible did seem like a nice car to her- that was driven by an old lady.

“Are you lost, darling?” she crooned in a cracked voice.

“I just need a lift to the gas station,” Gia lied easily enough.

“Well, hop in. The nearest station is in Venielle’s, just a little over an hour away,”

“Thank you so much,” Gia said as she climbed gracefully into the car.

“It’s not a problem, dear,” the woman said comfortingly as they sped off into the night.

Alec concentrated. He breathed in deeply, trying to fixate on her scent. He cursed her for smelling so normal, so able to get lost amongst the vile humans. It was pathetic. He had become so accustomed to her smell that he could scarcely remember what it had smelt like. No, he remembered her exact sensual scent. The way her skin was tainted with the aroma of lavender and sandalwood, the intoxicating scent of her breath as she leaned down to kiss him. All of this was permanently etched into his cerebral cortex. But her blood, the sweet allurement that drew all of his kind to hers, that was normal. Her beacon smelled just like any other ordinary human and that infuriated him to no end. How would he find her?

Wait. The wind blew a second time. He caught the faint scent of lavender mixed with human blood. Could that be her? How many humans smelled distinctly of lavender and sandalwood? A few, perhaps, but certainly not as strongly as his Gia did.

She was smart. Perhaps she would try to sneak back into Italy. She had no money and no map. It was likely that she was unsure where Ambrosia was even located in France. She would have to travel on foot to get there. Or hitchhike. Neither option was favorable. What if she was walking and a rogue vampire came upon her. It would drain her in a second, that much he knew. No. He had to get there before anyone else did. He would never allow harm to befall her. Not as long as he was alive.

So where would she go? He would have to follow her scent. That was his only option. Crouching low, he took off running. He quickly discovered that he scent was moving at a fast rate and had been going so for some time.

The old woman was as sweet as she could be. She kept the small talk up for the first thirty minutes of driving, but it quickly faded. Gia was unresponsive. Whenever they were ten minutes or so from Venielle, something caught her eye as they sped by. A river that she could wash up it. There was also some trees that she could sleep under for the night. If she had any money, she would stay in a cheap motel or a youth hostel. She did not want to draw any suspicion to herself, however and assume it best for her to avoid cities for a little while. If she ever made it back to Italy, she could decide to either go home or go to the Volturi and beg for their forgiveness. If she was as unique as they claimed, they should welcome her back with only a reprimand and a punishment. She could deal with those. She probably would have had worse by that point in time.

Gia smiled at the elderly woman. “Thank you very much for the ride,”

The woman smiled. “It is not a problem, dear,”

With the grace of a monkey, Gia swung the door open. Clutching her knees like her daddy taught her to, she rolled out of the car and darted off down the opposite way. She heard the woman slam on her breaks, but it was too late. Gia was already off the road and near the trees. The grass was much taller than she had guessed from the car. It was itchy and scratchy. She hoped that there was no critters or vermin laying in wait to snap at her ankles.

Carefully, she moved over to the trunk of a large tree. She lie down flat on her stomach for sometime, wanting to be sure that the old woman was gone. It would do her no good to be caught by her or any one else while she was in such a vulnerable situation. After a good twenty minutes, she sat up, rubbing her pounding head. Her head always hurt when she was dirty. Her entire body ached because she was dirty. That was one thing that she could not stand: being dirty. Anything else, just not dirt, grime or sweat. If she was any of those, she had to take a bath as soon as possible. Otherwise, her body would hurt and her mind would be shattered.

The gurgling rive caught her attention. It did not flow very fast at all. Gentle and light, nothing that would hope to overpower her. She could… No. That was ridiculous. She would be completely and utterly insane to strip down and bathe in a random river where anyone could happen upon her at any given moment. Yet the more her conscious recognized the idea, the more appealing it became. She would only be in there for a few minutes, she reasoned. She was never a longer showerer- if that was even a word. In and out, expedient. Logically, the threat of being discovered would not only give her added speed, but heighten her senses so that she would be aware of someone approaching. She could have sufficient enough time to hide or escape. Yes. It was foolproof.

Rolling her shoulders Gia winced at the kinks she'd developed from all this sudden activity. She was use to hard work but it had been a while since she'd had to use up so much strength in such a small period of time. Wishing for a hot bath Gia sighed at the thought and looked at the river flowing gently beside her. Well at least she could take a bath she thought with a slight grimace, but it wouldn't be a hot one. Another thought struck her. The bath would help her change her scent. Alec had mentioned in passing that vampires tracked humans based on scent. She would have to take one to change her scent. The bath was necessary, even if it was cold. She knew that despite his rough ways Alec did care about her and might possibly come after her. He'd try to follow her scent and so it was simple logic that she needed to change her scent. By pure chance, Gia had not brought her usual soap, but some that smelled like cherries. Hopefully it would help confuse her scent and his nose. Rooting around in her bag she found the soap and lotion that Arianna had given her randomly and headed for the river. Stripping down completely Gia dipped her bare foot into the water and shivering slightly forced her self to wade into the water that was close to being colder than Alec.

Alec came to a stop on the hill and raised his head to the air once more to double check. Her faint scent was growig even now and he could barely pick it up despite his senses superior capabilities. She had someone managed to travel in an automobile, an advantage that he had not originally anticipated. Yet, he recognized this land even in the darkness. He was near the city of Venielle, which was only an hour from the chateau. Had Gia retraced the last steps she remembered taking? Alec wondered and then grinned a very vampiric smile as he stood up more, not crouching or moving in his natural ways. She would. Walking quickly but quietly Alec made his way and was rewarded with the strengthening of Gia's scent. She was nearby and if he knew her at all she would stop at the river that ran nearby if only to get a sip of water. Minutes later he came a cluster of trees. Moving closer, his eye caught on a familiar backpack lying on the ground. Picking it up he saw that it had some of Gia's clothing and perishable food. Setting it back down Alec turned to face the river which was not more than ten feet away. He bet his talent that that was where he would find his Gia.

Gia quickly rubbed the shampoo into her long hair and tried to think warm thoughts in the hopes that it would warm up her body a bit. Her mother said that if you imagined you were warm then you could convince your body it was warm and then you'd feel warm. It wasn't working. Sighing Gia ducked her head under the freezing water and frantically shaking her head hoped that most of the suds were out cause she couldn't take anymore. Rising to the surface Gia pushed her hair out of her eyes and turning around quickly with long honed instincts her eyes were instantly drawn to Alec’s as he quietly stood on the bank staring at her as though he'd never seen her before.