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I Need You to Love Me

A penny for your thoughts… A picture so it lasts… Let's knock down the walls of immortality Your fingers on my skin… only you can hear my fear… only you can help me heal… i see forever with you here. It's never enough, no matter how many times I try to tell you this is love. If tomorrow never comes, I want you to know right now that I'm gonna love you until the day. I'm gonna love you like it's the last night on Earth. And though I'm undeserving, I need you to love me.

All of this belongs to the great stephenie meyer. I am just playing with her fun toys.

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter Two-

They all waited in apprehension. But the gasps of shock, the screams of pain, the pleas for stopping- they never came. The human had closed her eyes and braced herself. She was brave, Alec realized, brave enough to face death while silent. She would have failed, but, still, at least she would have tried. The moments passed. Slowly, she opened a navy eye to see what was happening.

Master Aro stood over her, patiently waiting for her to come to her senses. They all were.

“What’s wrong?” she asked in a soft voice.

“Well, my dear, I do not know what you think, but I am not going to drain you,” Master Aro said.

“That’s what you call eating people?” she whispered, her eyes still shut tight.

Aro chuckled dryly. “I suppose so, my dear,”

“What do you want with me, then, if you don’t want to drain me?” she continued to whisper.

“What do I want with you?” Aro laughed to himself. Caius pursed his lips and folded his arms. Clearly, he disapproved. Master Marcus looked as disinterested as ever. “My dear, I would think that rather obvious,”

“Maybe I’m just not as smart as you,” she said. Her voice was just a little bit louder.

“What he wants, is to turn you into a vampire. You are to become one of us,” Caius interjected. He was fed up with their banter. In his opinion, they needed to tell the girl and move on.

She blanched. “Well then why didn’t you do it when I was ready?” she asked, the barest hint of annoyance in her voice.

Alec smirked. The stupid girl did not realize the moments of agonizing pain she had been spared.

Aro grinned. “That is problem within itself, my dear.”

“Why?” she drawled.

“Because you are an anomaly of sorts,”

“Thanks,” she said in drawn out breath. There was scorn in her odd navy eyes.

Aro held up his hands. “I did not mean to offend you.” All the girl did was give Aro a look of pure evil. Any human would have turned and run. The leader of the Volturi did not have a privilege like that. He had to stand tall under that harsh gaze. He flinched oh so slightly that anyone lacking Alec’s keen eyes would have missed it. The boy glanced at his twin. She had seen it. She snarled in the back of her throat. Alec put a restraining hand on her shoulder. He did not understand why this girl being changed presented a problem to Aro, but he knew one thing. If the master wanted her to be a vampire, Jane could not have a personal grudge against her until she was one.

“Forgive me, then.” Aro apologized. Alec was once more surprised. He rarely heard the leader ask forgiveness- no matter what the slight. Obviously, this girl- this human, held a power over him. Alec was incredibly curious as to what it was. His master continued, “Look at me, please.”

The girl obeyed. “Yes, sir,”

“What do you see?” Aro asked.

“A man,” the girl replied, stating the most obvious fact in the world. Alec rolled his eyes.

“No no, my dear. What color are my eyes?”

The girl shrugged. “Hazel-y-ish,”

Alec’s mouth dropped. Everyone was stunned to say the least.

“Exactly, my dear,” Aro said. “You seem to negate our vampiric qualities. That is most unusual. In fact, before you, I would have said it was impossible.”

“That may have significance to everyone else in the room. But for me, I do not understand it at all.”

Aro let out a breath. “It means that somehow you are able to make us all ordinary humans when no one else in history has been able to do so. Especially a human,”

The girl looked at Aro shrewdly. “You are lying to me,”

“No, I am not,” Aro snarled softly.

“They’re glowing,” she pointed to Maria and Camille. They stood a ways off, fawning over Elicia, Caius’s mate. Actually, as humans, they were married. As such, their marriage had carried over into their next life. Alec supposed it was love. They often said so to each other. Personally, he tried to stay out of other people’s business. True enough to the human’s words, the three women were shining in the sunlight.

Aro looked thoughtful. “I suppose that there is a limit to your negating effect.”

“Swell,” the girl sighed. She stood up and dusted off her jeans. For a human, Alec knew that she was decent looking. If they let her grow a bit older before they changed her, there was a possibility that she could rival Heidi. “Can I go home, now?”

“You are home.” Aro stated.

The girl looked around. “No. I’m not,”

“Yes, you are.”

“No. I’m not,” she carefully enunciated each syllable. “This is your home. My home is that way,” she pointed out towards the lobby.

Aro chuckled. “Well, you will be decades of entertainment, that is for sure.”

The girl chocked her head to the side. “I don’t think so,”

“And why not?” Caius snarled. He hated when someone tried to supersede the Volturis authority.

The girl shrugged. “It seems to me- and I could be wrong, that if your ‘vampiric qualities’,” she quote Aro, skepticism written across her face, “don’t work around me, then you can’t make me one of you. Which means that I get to go home,”

Aro shook his head. “All of your arguments only bring forth one conclusion, my dear. And that is that we will simply conduct different tests on you until we discover exactly why and how you nullify our qualities. Until the reasons are pinpointed, you will stay human. After that, you shall join our ranks,”

The girl nodded. “So, as long as I keep coming back, can I go home?” She sounded so hopeful. Alec almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

Aro balefully shook his head. “I do not believe that that would be the wisest course of action. You shall remain here. Forever.”

The human nodded. She rubbed her navy eyes. Alec could not get over those eyes. She was vainly trying not to cry. He could not understand why she would shed tears over moving from one dwelling to another. He supposed that she would be missing her family and her friends. Possessions, perhaps. All could be replaced, he briskly decided.

“Don’t be sad,” Aro tried to be comforting. The girl gave him a warning look, a warning that was heeded. Though she made him more human, Alec knew that Master Aro would have no problem overpowering her if something were to go amiss.

“That’s easier said than done,” she replied but nodded her head in acquisition.

“Good, child,” Aro said soothingly. “Now come, let me show you to your room.”

“My room?” she asked, looking at the floor.

“Yes, my dear. You will have your own room. You are part of our family now and shall be treated as such.”

The human could only nod her head. Aro put his hand on her upper back. Slowly, he led her out of the main room to the first of many hallways that led to other rooms of the Volterra castle. He motioned for his court to follow. Alec reasoned that it was so if the human tried to escape, they all knew exactly where to put her once she was caught.

Aro lead her to a particularly large room. Alec had never been inside it before but he knew that Jane had lusted after it for some time. It was a bit nearer to Aro’s than hers was. “Here we are, my dear.”

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“Feel free to make whatever changes you need in order to make it more comfortable for you,”

The girl nodded. She went inside and closed the door. Alec waited to hear the sobs begin. They never did.

“Jane, Alec,” Master Aro turned to face the twins who stood a little taller when addressed. “Watch over her and keep her company,”

“Yes, sir,” Alec instantly replied. Jane scowled but nodded.

The other vampires present slowly walked away. Gabriel winked at the twins. “Good luck. She can pretty nasty. And, she’s stubborn as all hell.”

“Great,” Alec rolled his eyes. “Another typical human,”

“We wish,” Gabriel said, walking off with his hands behind his head. Alec watched his long time friend with curiosity. What had he meant by that?

“Well,” he turned to face his sister. He paused at the look of malice on her face. “Jane, what is it?”

“Master Aro favors her- this human- above me!” she seethed.

Alec rolled his eyes but, being the brother he was, comfortingly hugged her. “Now, you know that that is not true. He just wants to keep her close so she will be less tempted to escape.”

Jane pushed him away. “No. It is more than that. Just like with that damn Swan girl,”

“Jane, You know Aro is thinking about strengthening the Guard. Personality wise, Aro does not care at all for this girl.”

“I don’t believe you!” Jane hissed. Turning around, she fled to her the sanctuary of her room.

Alec let out a breath. His sister could be confusing at times. Alec attributed that to her love for the Master. She had never confessed that love to anyone- not even him. But, he knew. He wondered how many others knew. He never asked.

Sharply rapping twice on the door, he did not wait for her to invite him in. She lay face down on the bed. “Hello,” he said.

She didn’t answer. Alec looked at her suspiciously. If it could have, his heart would have skipped a beat. She wasn’t breathing. He was at her side in a less than a millisecond. Gruffly, she seized her shoulders and flipped over onto her back. He stared down at her, searching for signs of life. Her heart was still beating steadily-but she was a little pink in the face. Without warning, she slapped his face. Her navy eyes snapped open as she grabbed her offending hand.

“Ow!” she gasped.

Alec pursed his lips. “I would advise hitting any of us. We are as hard as stone.”

“Well, you could’ve told me,” she snapped.

“I will remind you next time if you promise to not suffocate yourself anymore,” he said as he folded his arms.

The girl glared. “Maybe,” She looked up at him, a question forming in her brain. Alec waited until he felt she had sufficient time to fully think it. He was unaccustomed to humans. As such, he was not sure of their speed and their limits.

“Go on,” he said with a hand gesture.

She shrugged. “How come you feel like stone? Hard and cold? Arrow, the other vampire- he was not as cold as you.”

Alec paused. That was a important question. “I suppose it has something to do with your uncanny ability,”

“Is it really that odd?” she asked, staring at her bed covers.

Alec emphatically nodded his head. “Most strange. It has never ever happened before.”

“Yeah. That’s was Arrow said.”

“Aro,” Alec corrected.

“Whatever,” she shrugged.

Alec leaned against the bedpost. “You should probably care.”

“I will whenever I feel like it.” She lay back down on the bed. “You haven’t even asked me my name,”

“You haven’t asked me mine,” he retorted.

“What is your name?” she asked dulcetly.

“Alec,” he answered reluctantly. “What is your name?”

“Gia,” the human responded.

Gia. That was actually a pretty name. He did not say that, though. “It is nice to meet you, Gia.” That was the polite response, he was fairly sure.

“I’m not gonna lie back to you, Alec,” Gia said firmly.

He nodded his head. “Very well. If you need anything, I shall be outside.”

Gia sat up, glaring. “So, your my prison keeper?”

“We’ll call it a baby-sitter,” Alec said, closing the door.